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The 5 Best Colour Analysis in Edmonton That Rescued Me from Fashion Faux Pas

Best Colour Analysis in Edmonton
We extensively test and research all services we review. Here's why you can trust us.

Looking through my closet one day, I realized that I actually have an unbelievable level of audacity to judge the celebs yearly at the Met Gala. Some of my ownstuff didn’t even match my skin tone!

Obviously, we can’t have that. To at least make me feel good about judging high-fashion outfits in my PJs, I decided I would get my style in order – starting with a colour analysis. Thankfully, the rest of our team was also very game to help me find the best consultant for this.   

Our insights here come from both visiting as individuals and teams to test the services ourselves. If you’re curious about the places that made the cut, check them out below!

The cost of colour analysis in Edmonton ranges from $50 to $400 per person. This depends on how in-depth each session is and whether it’s done online or in person. In general, the total cost will be lower for pairs or groups of 3 and above. 

Range of Analysis: We chose services that cover a comprehensive range of colour analysis, from clothing, makeup, and related accessories. 
Individualized Approach: We chose services that consider unique features (skin tone, hair shade, eye colour, etc.) to give personalized recommendations. 
Reputation and Accessibility: We chose services that have a solid track record of satisfied clients. We also looked into years of experience in color analysis and other relevant expertise and fashion, design, or image consulting.
Additional Styling Services: We chose services that offer supplementary styling assistance or any service that allows clients to implement colour recommendations effectively.
Value for Money: We chose services that provide accurate results at a cost that meets city benchmarks. 

1. Marie Zydek Styling 

Marie Zydek Styling

Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Contact: [email protected]


If your goal for a colour analysis is a complete style revamp, we believe you’ll love Marie Zydek Styling. She offers both online and in-person services, so the convenience and flexibility are already a plus.

The main draw, of course, is her major service, which is The Complete Style Revamp for 1 Year. This service is dedicated to overhauling your style completely, mostly focused on your wardrobe for all four seasons.

This package comes with a virtual colour analysis where you can find the right colours that suit you best. And after finding your best colours, you’ll be treated to the rest of the complementary styling services – for instance, seasonal shopping sessions and digital lookbooks.

While everything feels complete and comprehensive here, we see how it may not be for everybody. For instance, the colour analysis here is only part of a package that will easily cost you $6,800 to $7,000.

Fortunately, those rates can be paid in two installments. Plus, the commitment is good for an entire year, so there’s plenty of wiggle room to adjust and slowly find the right colour and style for you.


  • Comprehensive styling services
  • Online and in-person sessions available
  • Accepts installments
  • Easy to book
  • Wide range of styling guides and services


  • Not specialized in colour analysis
  • Requires package commitment for colour analysis
  • Expensive

Saves time and money for years

I highly recommend Marie’s services!! It’s been a few years since we initially met, but I still am using the tips she’s given me when I am out shopping to how I organize my closet (serious time saver in the morning!) and still so much more! If you’re considering hiring her, just do it! Whether you’re a busy professional or stay at home parent, her services will save you time & money for years to come.

Shahira Bury | Facebook

Makes you look more elevated

Awesome! She pays attention to all details including cut and color that suits your skin tone and body type. Lots of tips to make it look more elevated. Will definitely hire Marie again in the Spring.

Katie Thompson | Facebook 

2. Ash Styles

Ash Styles

Contact: [email protected]

Opening hours:

  • Monday – Friday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM


Being a colour analyst, Ash Styles definitely has the expertise we’re looking for. It’s currently her most popular service, although she offers a lot more related to fashion and styling.

Speaking of which, we love how you can pair her colour analysis with other services. This gives you an option to fully go all the way in with styling while still having the flexibility to only choose what you need.

On top of that, her rates are fair at $450 per person and $800 for twos. You can even book her for a group colour party for up to 6 people, which is perfect for small groups of friends or team events.

Like most options, her service involves a 12-seasonal colour analysis. You even get a clothing colour mood board plus a complimentary colour fan that you can use when shopping for clothes.

Ash Styles is typically booked for in-person services at her office in Edmonton, though you can easily request an online analysis. 

However, since her services are pretty popular in the area, the waiting list can be quite long. Plus, she’s usually fully booked for months on end for discovery calls so you really have to snag that spot once it opens. 


  • Specializes in colour analysis
  • Favorable rates and discounts for two
  • Can be combined with other services
  • Available for group colour party up to 6
  • Online color analysis upon request
  • Complimentary color fan


  • Long waitlist
  • Usually fully booked for discovery calls

Highly recommended for personalized styling

Just did my color analysis + style review. Saba is so engaging and thoughtful when conversing about personal style. Her prompt questions are straightforward and relevant to her analyzing our color analysis + style. I had an amazing time with Saba and would recommend her to anyone who want to start personalizing their style.

Salsabila Natasha | Google Reviews

Create the wardrobe of your dreams

Highly recommend booking a colour analysis session with Saba. She makes you feel so comfortable and calm. My session was filled with so much info and she provided me with everything I needed to go out and create the wardrobe of my dreams!

Amelia Gillett | Google Reviews 

3. Ivory & Marnier

Ivory & Marnier


Opening hours: Monday – Sunday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Similar to other entries in our picks, Ivory & Marnier offers a comprehensive package designed to elevate your personal style. Part of this is a personal colour analysis that allows you to revamp your wardrobe and styling based on your best colours. 

But what made this place stand out was the costs. It’s actually, one of the cheapest we’ve encountered at $155 for a virtual session and $255 for an in-person session. You can even bring a BFF or a partner for a discounted rate of $410.

Our favourite part, however, is their Confidence Boost Party. With this, you can invite up to 10 guests for only $100 per person (the first four guests will cost $200 per person). 

Perfect for private parties, this offering comes with a bottle of prosecco and a dessert charcuterie board. The host even gets a 2-hour one-on-one shopping to keep or gift to a guest.

So, if you want a colour analysis with a group at more affordable rates, this is definitely an attractive option. Just take note that the colour analysis is just a portion of the package as it’s not a specialty service here.

Finally, the place earns an extra point for its gender-affirming wardrobe styling. It’s a safe space and a proud ally which is always a comforting thing.


  • Comprehensive styling packages available
  • Affordable rates for individuals and groups
  • Accommodates 10+ guests for parties
  • Complimentary offerings in some packages
  • Supports gender-affirming wardrobe
  • Easy to book online
  • Available for in-person and online services


  • Not specialized in color analysis

Makes me feel confident 

Chelsea’s styling services were AMAZING! I reached out thinking I wanted a simple color analysis, but ended up getting so much more. I am feeling so much more confident in my clothing and shopping choices. I’d highly recommend her if you’re looking to revamp your wardrobe/style.

Cassandra Agate | Google Reviews 

Finds the best style for you

I really enjoyed the service I got from Chelsea, having my colour done and explaining what styles work best for your body type was just what I needed to help improve my wardrobe. Able to come to you and providing a digital look book was very convenient! Thanks Chelsea!

Hannah Lind | Google Reviews

4. Gold Standard Style

Gold Standard Style

Location: 698 Howatt Drive SW, Edmonton, AB

Contact: [email protected]

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Gold Standard Style offers different types of styling packages including comprehensive color analyses. We like that they offer both individual and couples colour analysis, which can also be booked for online or in-person sessions.

While they’re not the cheapest in the market, their rates are actually favourable. Per person, color analysis starts at $400 but it’s only $600 for pairs.

The most exciting thing for us is the fact that they offer this service to groups. In this option, each person only has to pay $250 and you only need at least 3 people to push through with the analysis.

Additionally, group analyses are fully customizable and are flexible enough for any type of event. When we interviewed past clients, some of them used this service for bachelorette parties while others used this for corporate events.

But if you’re really keen on going solo, we think you’ll love how in-depth they are with the process. To give you an idea, after each session, you get a PDF dossier and a digital colour palette – both of which makes shopping easier.

On the flip side, Gold Standard has relatively less experience than others on our list. But it’s reassuring to know that its creator, Jennifer Gold, is in the medical field, which just adds that layer of reassurance we want.


  • Easy booking for sessions
  • Favorable rates
  • Discounted rates for couples and groups
  • Customizable options for groups
  • Can accommodate various types of events
  • In-depth colour analysis
  • Provides PDF dossier and digital colour palette
  • Consultant is a medical professional 


  • Less experienced than others 

Highly recommended

Jennifer is absolutely fantastic all around! She knows her stuff, she is professional and so personable. HIGHLY recommend!!

Angeline DeCicco | Google Reviews 

5. Unique To You Colour

Unique To You Colour

Location: Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada



Unique To You Colour’s studio is based in Ontario but everybody in Canada can basically enjoy their services. This is thanks to their popular advanced colour analysis consultation which can be done purely online.

However, unlike most online sessions, this analysis is done only via photos and a colour questionnaire. This means you don’t get to interact in real time with a colour analyst or ask questions immediately if you need to.

Still, we found this to be advantageous for those who are more “introverted” and don’t feel comfortable being “analyzed” in that space. It’s also beneficial for those who are extremely busy and just want a written report once the analysis is done. 

On top of that, this service is only $50, making it the cheapest option on our list. Clients can even get a $10 discount if they buy a seasonal colour swatch book. 

It’s also worth noting that Unique To You Colour also offers group colour analyses for pairs ($160 per person) and groups of 3 ($150 per person). They even have an upcoming service that’s specifically tailored for men’s colour analysis needs.

The downside though is that it’s not they’re not the most flexible option when it comes to in-person sessions. You’d have to leave Edmonton for that if you’re willing to take the extra costs it’ll come with. 


  • Generous discounts 
  • Affordable online colour analysis
  • Low rates for groups of 2 and 3
  • Provides a detailed written report


  • Physical studio is not based in Edmonton 

A pleasure to work with

Jelena was a pleasure to work with, and she really went above and beyond to help find the right colour match. Her fan colours are very lovely. The custom fan she made for me is so nice, I am really enjoying it. I recommend her. She will work with you to get you what you need. Thanks again Jelena.

Deb | Client Testimonials

Professional and helpful

Jelena was very professional and helpful with our colour session. She has many colours available in a massively detailed and selected colour wheel. The room’s atmosphere was very relaxing with proper lighting and open space. I would recommend.

Jacqueline | Client Testimonials