How do you clear deep snow

How do you clear deep snow?

When snow and ice are making your life harder, you need a quick and easy way to remove them. 

Here’s how you can clear deep snow safely and easily.

Try Ergonomic Snow Shovels

There are plenty of fun things to do in Edmonton during winter but digging snow is rarely one of them. However, if it’s completely unavoidable, you can try using a snow shovel to help ease the process.

We recommend using a smaller-sized shovel because bigger ones tend to be heavier, and thus more difficult to work with. If you’re worried about your back, you should get the ergonomic ones with the correct curve and length.

With this, you can easily scoop out snow without bending down too far. Ergonomically functional items are always a great investment because they have a good amount of health benefits.

If you don’t have them yet, we also recommend getting ergonomic office chairs or gaming chairs

Use Snow Blower

If you don’t want to be physically shovelling heavy snow, using a snow blower is a good alternative. 

You do, however, want to make sure you’re using your device safely. Thousands of people get snow blower-related injuries every year ranging from back and shoulder strains, finger sprains and broken bones to amputations.

Keep away from your doctor by observing safety practices. Make sure you read the manual thoroughly before using your snow blower, turn off the engine when not in use, and avoid wearing loose clothing when using the device.

Melt the Ice

If you leave the snow for too long, it may be harder to physically dig out or shovel. In this case, you can try different methods to melt the snow.

If you have ice-hardened walkways, driveways, car parts or windows, door locks or steps, pouring lukewarm water can help you out. Make sure to follow it with a squeegee or a shovel to avoid forming more ice. 

Never use hot water even if you want to speed up the process because abrupt temperature changes can damage windows, glass, or plastic.

Instead, you can use a mixture of dish soap, rubbing alcohol, and water to use as a DIY ice melter. You only need about a teaspoon of dish soap and a tablespoon of alcohol for every half gallon of water.

Hire a Snow Removal Service

After a blizzard, it may be difficult to dig out your yard from under the deep snow. 

In case you don’t have appropriate tools or have no time to use them, another way to keep your driveways snow-free is by hiring a snow removal service.

A snow removal company will guarantee efficient snow removal with the best tools and experienced staff. Additionally, snow removal companies will be faster and more accurate at the job so you won’t miss an area or spend the whole day just shovelling snow.

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Removing deep snow is often physically taxing, sometimes dangerous, and a lot inconvenient. Hiring snow removal services can help you get the best results in the safest way possible.

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