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How Dumpster Rental Companies Help the Environment

How Dumpster Rental Companies Help the Environment

How Dumpster Rental Companies Help the Environment

Renting dumpsters may not sound eco-friendly, but it’s actually one of the better options for waste management. Find out the many ways dumpster rental companies help the environment through proper waste disposal.

More Recycling Opportunities

People are getting better at recycling these days, but we’re not quite to the point where everyone does it. So much waste still ends up in oceans, beaches, and other places it shouldn’t be.

Even if they are properly disposed of, the majority of wastes still end up in landfills where they can take a long time to decompose. 

Landfills also emit tons of harmful gases like carbon dioxide and methane which not only negatively affects the environment but also harms humans, animals and plant life.

Dumpster rentals increase the opportunities for recycling waste. This is because professionals will help you sort through your garbage and determine whether there are materials that can be sent to recycling facilities.

Less Fuel

If you have just finished house cleaning or office cleaning, you may have a big pile of waste that needs disposal. Transporting a large amount of garbage using a small car may take a few trips.

If you have upholstery or large furniture to dispose of, they may not fit your vehicle at all. Dumpsters can hold a surprising amount of waste, including large waste. 

This makes it so that even though a single trip with a dumpster truck usually requires more fuel, you can still save up on fuel costs because you will likely only need one trip after all.

Less Waste Burning

Burning waste was a common practice for waste disposal in the old days, but it has proven to have harmful effects on health and the environment. Even though the prevalence of waste burning has now lessened, a small percentage of garbage still gets burned.

Dumpster rental will help reduce waste burning by giving you a way to get rid of your waste without resorting to burning. 

Avoid Water Contamination

Businesses and homeowners don’t often know how to handle chemicals, so more often than not they flush them down the toilet or pour them down a drain. These practices allow possible contaminants to seep into the ground and make their way into the municipal water systems.

Sometimes, they can also create a breeding ground for disease-bearing insects and dangerous bacteria.

If you have paint, asbestos, or motor oil that you want to get rid of, trash disposal experts can help you determine the best course of action to take. 

While dumpster rental companies don’t allow hazardous materials to mix in your dumpster rental, they can still help you get some insight on how to deal with hazardous waste.

All in all, dumpster rental companies can help you reduce your carbon footprint and be kinder to the environment.