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A Beginner’s Guide to Graphic Design Services

A Beginner’s Guide to Graphic Design Services

A Beginner’s Guide to Graphic Design Services

When you think of graphic design, what sort of image comes to mind? 

Posters, logos, advertisements? Eye-catching website graphics or stunningly beautiful magazine spreads?

These examples are some of the well-known products of graphic design. However, the term itself encompasses a larger industry that deals with several other fields including digital marketing, advertising, web design, software development, and many more.

So, what exactly is graphic design? Learn all that and more in the article below.

What is graphic design?

Graphic design is a way of taking graphical and textual elements and implementing them into multiple types of media. It’s often used by companies to connect with their audiences or consumer by conveying the message of a specific product, event, or campaign.

Nowadays, it’s an indispensable tool for businesses to promote their brands or products. However, graphic design can also be used for pure artistic expression.

Common Types of Graphic Design 

Graphic design is vital in many industries. If you plan to hire a graphic designer, you should know that they have plenty of different specializations that they focus on.

Below are the common types of graphic design:

  • Visual identity graphic design – deals with businesses and creates branding resources to promote a brand
  • Environmental graphic design – combines basic design principles with architecture and landscaping to create maps and visual elements used for navigation
  • User interface graphic design – creates designs that balance the aesthetic appeal of a website or an app with technical functionality to make the user experience seamless
  • Publication graphic design – long-form pieces that have traditionally used the print medium but have grown into an online market as well to produce newsletters, magazines, and other printed content
  • Motion and animation graphic design – uses moving graphics meant for video content such as films, TV shows, and social media content
  • Packaging graphic design – a type of graphic design that creates mockups and print-ready files that communicates a brand’s message to consumers using the packaging
  • Marketing & advertising graphic design – creates material to promote or market a brand in the form of posters, banners, billboards and more

How to Find a Good Graphic Designer

If you need graphic design services, you need a good designer. Fortunately, there are plenty of people who dabble in this field.

Many graphic designers are freelancers, but there are also graphic design agencies that employ designers full-time and can likely provide the services you need. 

A quick search on the internet should give you a lot of resources, but it can be overwhelming. If you want to find the best for you, you should do your research by reading reviews and testimonials.

Most graphic designers have a portfolio, so if you find candidates to your liking be sure to ask them for their portfolio. Graphic design is an art form like painting or drawing, so each designer will have different styles or proficiencies in which they excel.

Check if their skills and rates fit your needs and budget, and make sure to communicate what your expected timeframe is. Make sure to get a contract as well.

This will protect you and the designer in case something goes wrong.

More Resources

Graphic design is a large industry that encompasses so many different fields including construction, healthcare, media, and more. Hiring the best graphic designers can help make your brand and business stand out.

If you need more help making your business successful, check out the services below for the best in Edmonton.