Questions to Ask When You're Vetting a Tax Lawyer

Questions to Ask When You’re Vetting a Tax Lawyer

You don’t have to be in trouble with the law to hire a lawyer. Dealing with taxation is often reason enough to hire a tax lawyer, whether it’s for tax planning or tax controversies.

Entrusting a lawyer with your legal issues is a big commitment, so it’s important to filter through candidates to find the right fit for the job.

Here are some questions you should ask when vetting a tax lawyer.

Which area of tax law do you specialize in?

Asking this question will give you a pretty good idea of whether the lawyer will be able to help you. Tax law is a broad field and not every tax attorney will be well-equipped to handle every kind of case.

For example, if you’re looking for someone to help you with corporate tax, hiring a corporate lawyer will benefit you more than hiring a tax lawyer specializing in personal tax.

How long has your firm been in business?

Experience matters when it comes to the law, so you should definitely ask your lawyer how long they have been practicing. 

It’s particularly important if you need to go to trial. To prepare and win your case, you need to hire someone who has had years of experience to become an expert in their field.

This applies to other fields of law as well. 

Whether you need a criminal defense lawyer, an immigration lawyer, or a bankruptcy lawyer, figuring out how long they have been working in their respective fields will give you a better idea of how good they will be at handling your case. 

What are your legal fees?

Another important consideration when vetting a tax lawyer is their legal fees. Clarify how much they expect to be paid for their services and see if that fits your budget. 

To avoid confusion, ask them if they charge by the hour or if their fees are fixed. This will avoid any issues or confusion down the line.

Who else in the firm would work on my case?

When you hire a law firm, this usually means you’re entrusting your case to a group of legal experts. This includes other lawyers, paralegals, and junior attorneys. 

If they are assigned to handle your case, you should confirm their fees as well. Less experienced members are typically paid less than your main lawyer.

Have you handled a similar situation before?

The legal system encompasses a wide variety of industries and subject matter. Even if the tax attorney does specialize in your case, there’s no telling if they have handled a case similar to yours before.

If they have experience handling similar cases, it’s a good sign that they will know how to help you.

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