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What is a MyAlberta Digital ID?

What is a MyAlberta Digital ID
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Digital identification has been possible for Alberta consumers and business owners for the past years. Chiefly, we do it by using the MyAlberta Digital ID. 

If you’re not sure what this is, don’t worry. We’ll go through its uses, how to obtain it, and all the frequently asked questions about it. 

What is MyAlberta Digital ID? 

What is MyAlberta Digital ID
Image Source: YourAlberta (Government of Alberta)

The MyAlberta Digital ID is an online collection of information that connects the account owner’s digital identity to their actual identity. This digital identity is issued for free by the Alberta Government. 

Through this, Albertans can access and verify their identity on a range of government sites and services without compromising their privacy and personal information. 

Where can I use MyAlberta Digital ID? 

Where can I use MyAlberta Digital ID
Image Source: Government of Alberta 

You can use the MyAlberta Digital ID to access various online government services. This includes MyAlberta eServices, My Service Canada Account, Apply Alberta, MyHealth Records, and other government sites and services. 

What can I do with a MyAlberta Digital ID account?

What can I do with a MyAlberta Digital ID account
Image Source: Pexels 

You can use MyAlberta Digital ID to interact with and avail of public services in a variety of ways, including filing an application for inflation relief payments and checking your personal income tax.

The table below shows some of the key participating online government services in Alberta and the ways you can use your MyAlberta Digital ID. 

Government Sites / ServicesWays to Use MyAlberta Digital ID
Affordability Application Portal• File an online application for monthly inflation relief payments
MyHealth Records• Access health records, including immunizations you've had in Alberta, medications administered from community pharmacies, and lab results from common laboratory results
My Service Canada Account• Access, view, and update Employment Insurance
My Account for Individuals• View and manage personal income tax and benefit information
MyAlberta eServices• Pay online services, including fine payments, birth certificates, MyAlberta Fine Searches, Alberta Parks passes, and other payments for events, permits, and licenses.
Alberta Student Aid• Apply and check application details for student loans, grants, and scholarships

• Submit documents electronically

Apply Alberta• Apply to one or more programs at different post-secondary institutions in Alberta
My TradeSecrets• Apply, access, and view program information (for apprenticeship and industry training clients only)
My Alberta Supports• Find and apply online for benefits and services
Fire Permit System• Get a free fire permit for burning activities (excluding campfires)
Employment Standards Complaint System• File an online complaint for employers that are not meeting the minimum employment standards
Occupational Health and Safety Complaint System• File online complaints or report unhealthy or unsafe conditions at a workplace
Service Dog Information System• Get information about Alberta's training standard for service dogs and how to qualify or apply for a service dog identification card.
MyAlberta Seniors Account• Access, apply, and submit documents for various financial and health support programs for seniors
Disaster Financial Assistance Online• Access and apply for financial assistance for residential property damages caused by eligible disaster events

How to get a MyAlberta Digital ID? 

How to get a MyAlberta Digital ID
Image Source: Government of Alberta 

Listed below is the step-by-step process on how to obtain a MyAlberta Digital ID.

  1. Go to
  2. Next, fill in the information requested on the page. For a basic account, you need to provide your first name, last name, and email address. 

You’ll also need to set your username and password. On the other hand, a verified account requires a valid Alberta driver’s license or identification card in addition to the required information stated for the basic account. 

  1. After filling in the information required, click submit. Wait for the registration confirmation that will be sent to the email address you provided. 
  2. When you receive the registration confirmation, click on the “Confirm and continue” link to complete the registration process. Note that the link is only valid for 96 hours upon receiving it, so make sure to click it before it expires.
  3. Activate your ID. If you opt for a verified MyAlberta Digital ID, a letter with the activation code will be mailed to your address. Once you receive it, you need to enter the activation code on the “Manage Account” page to complete the verification process. 

How can I manage a MyAlberta Digital ID account?

How can I manage a MyAlberta Digital ID account
Image Source: Pexels 

Having trouble signing in or managing your account? We listed the ways you can troubleshoot some of the most common issues with MyAlberta Digital ID.

Common IssuesWays to Fix Them
Forgotten Username• Click the "Forgot your username or password?" button on the signup page.

• Next, enter the email address you used when you signed up for a MyAlberta Digital ID.

• You will receive your username through your email.

Forgotten Password• Click the "Forgot your username or password?" button on the signup page.

• Next, enter the email address you used when you signed up for a MyAlberta Digital ID.

• Instructions will be sent to your email so you can reset your password.

Forgotten Email Address• Without an email address, you will not be able to sign in to your account. The only thing you can do is create a new account to continue using the sites and services.
Closing or Disabling Account• If your spouse or family member passes away, their account will be automatically disabled if the account is not opened for over two years and 60 days.
Forgot to Sign Out• If the account is open but inactive for 20 minutes, it will be automatically signed out.
Can't Access the Website• Technical difficulties can happen when logging in to your account. If this happens, just wait for 15 minutes and access the website again.

• If the problem persists, reach out to the contact center (1-844-643-2789).

Unsuccessful Attempts to Verify Account• The system will lock you out after five unsuccessful attempts. This is to protect you from potential fraudulent activities.

• If you're locked out, you can verify your account again after one hour. However, if you're still unsuccessful, you will be locked out again, and you can only try again after 24 hours.

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FAQs About MyAlberta Digital ID