Preparing Your Home for Edmonton Winters

Preparing Your Home for Edmonton Winters

Winter brings sub-zero temperatures, driving winds, and lots of snow. While this is an exciting time, it is also important to keep up on home maintenance tasks to ensure your home is protected from these harsh elements. 

Here are a few simple and effective steps that will help you maintain the lifespan of your property and save money in the long run. 

1. Prevent Pipe Freezing 

Frozen pipes bursting could be a big problem during the winters. Even a tiny crack in your pipes can cause serious water damage further leading to potential mold damage

Take simple precautionary measures like cutting off water connection to outdoor faucets, hoses and sprinklers. It is also a great idea to insulate exposed pipes outdoors. 

2. Seal Your House 

The most important part about preparing your house for the winter is to be able to keep outside air out and indoor air in. Make sure there are no air leaks in your home. 

The most common culprit for air leaks are usually doors and windows. Installing storm windows or adding a floor sweep is a great way to prevent this. 

Don’t miss on sealing and insulating your ducts too! 

3. Inspect Your Furnace 

Your heating system will be functioning all throughout the winter season. Therefore, before the temperature starts dropping, make sure to inspect your furnace for damages and repair it if needed. 

It’s also a good idea to repair your furnace filter every few months. This will ensure that your furnace is working at optimal condition.

Make sure to keep an eye for other heating systems that you will be using throughout the winter such as your water heater, boilers, and even your fireplace

4. Protect Your Roof 

Your roof plays a major role in protecting you from the winter. Check for loose shingles and clean the gutters of debris and leaves. 

With the constant freezing and thawing that winter will bring, you want to make sure your roof is stable enough so that water won’t leak into your home. 

5. Prepare for a Snow Storm 

Blackouts and snowstorms are common during the winter months. Make sure you are prepared in case an emergency hits. 

Have battery-powered flashlights, a full pantry stocked with non-perishable food items, bottled water, and portable chargers ready at all times. It’s also a good idea to keep a shovel handy for all the snowfall. 

Contact numbers of your handyman, snow removal companies, and emergency plumbers should also be on your speed dial in case the situation calls for it.