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The Average Cost of Living in Edmonton 2022 

Average Cost of Living

If you plan to relocate, retire, or study in Edmonton, it’s good to know if you can afford to live comfortably in this city. To that end, you may be wondering what the cost of living in Edmonton is.

The current cost of living in Edmonton is C$ 1,275 for singles and C$ 4,526 for a family of four if we exclude rent. Rent adds anywhere from C$ 980 to C$ 1,400 per month to the cost, which still makes Edmonton the fourth-cheapest place to live in Alberta, behind Red Deer, Medicine Hat, and Airdrie. 

Of course, this is based on estimates. Your actual cost of living depends largely on the lifestyle you choose to lead. 

If you want to be financially prepared before you lounge in your new home, this one’s for you! In this article, we’ll walk you through the aspects and details of the average cost of living in Edmonton. 

How expensive is living in Edmonton compared to other cities in Alberta? 

Is Edmonton an affordable city to live in? The table below shows the biggest cities (based on population) in the province of Alberta. 

We also compared the area, population, and average monthly cost of living of a single person and a family of four. 

Through this, you can see the difference between the demographics and the average cost of living in each city. 

CityPopulationLand AreaAverage Monthly Cost of Living (single w/o rent)Average Monthly Cost of Living (family of four w/o rent)
Calgary1,305,550621.72 sq. kmC$ 1,300C$ 4,631
Edmonton1,151,635627.2 sq. kmC$ 1,275C$ 4,526
Red Deer99, 84665.93 sq. kmC$ 1,167C$ 4,044
Lethbridge92,56364 sq. kmC$ 1,343C$ 4,725
Airdrie73,57833.03 sq. kmC$ 2,087C$ 4,372
Fort McMurray68,00252.17 sq. kmC$ 2,363C$ 5,542
Medicine Hat63,38253.2 sq. kmC$ 1,934C$ 4,484
Grande Prairie63,17249.74 sq. kmC$ 2,330C$ 5,020
Spruce Grove39,34829.76 sq. kmC$ 2,340C$ 5,424
Leduc33,50567.43 sq. kmC$ 2,284C$ 5,312

Based on the data we gathered from Numbeo, we can conclude that Edmonton comes in the 4th place as the cheapest city to live in in the province of Alberta. 

While life in Edmonton still comes with a price tag, we can say that living here is still affordable compared to bigger cities in Alberta and Canada.

What are the general living expenses in Edmonton?

What are the general living expenses in Edmonton

Image Source: Freepik 

In this part, we’ll discuss the elements that determine the average living expenditures in Edmonton. 

These are the variables you must consider to understand how much you need to live comfortably in the city. 

Here are the average costs for housing, basic utilities, food, grocery, transportation, medical services, education, and entertainment in Edmonton. 

Average Cost of Housing/Rent in Edmonton

Average Cost of HousingRent in Edmonton

Image Source: Pexels 

Housing or accommodation is a vital factor to consider when moving because it takes a large part of the budget. Whether you’re a young professional, an international student, or a family, it’s best to set a budget for your housing or rent before you move. 

The table below shows the average cost of properties and rents for housing around Edmonton. This will give you a glimpse of how much you’ll expect to pay for your new home. 

Type of AccommodationAverage Rent per Month
1-Bedroom Apartment$980
2-Bedroom Apartment$1,274
3-Bedroom Apartment$1,409
Apartment (outside the city center)$2,329.05 per sq. meter
Type of AccommodationAverage Cost
Studio-Type Condo$235,000
Single-Family Home$450,000
Row House$375,920
Apartment (city center)$3,654.15 per sq. meter
Apartment (outside the city center)$2,329.05 per sq. meter

Just note that other costs are still associated with renting or owning a property. For example, if you plan to rent an apartment, the landlord may ask you to pay for the security or the damage deposit that’s worth one month’s rent.

Alternatively, if you buy a property, you need to pay for home insurance, annual property maintenance, and property tax. 

Average Cost of Basic Utilities in Edmonton

Average Cost of Basic Utilities in Edmonton

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Basic utilities are essential expenses that you should factor in when assessing the cost of living in any city. These usually include electricity, water, heating, cooling, internet, cable, and phone bills.

Below are the average costs for basic utilities in Edmonton. 

Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage (for 85 sq. meter apartment)$167.34 per month
1 minute of prepaid mobile tariff (no discount or plan)$0.26
Internet (60 Mbps or more, unlimited data/cable)$56.9 per month
Landline$45 per month
Electricity Rate$0.1666 per kilowatt hour
Water (for up to 10 cubic meter consumption)$2.0487
Home Insurance$100 per month

For most parts of Edmonton, the water on properties is metered, so you need to pay the basic service charge and the amount of water you use. Besides that, you also have to cover the charge for wastewater and drainage as well as waste and recycling. 

Of course, larger households or those with bigger properties will likely spend more on electricity and water. Moreover, you can expect to pay more for heating during winter and cooling during summer. 

Average Cost of Grocery and Clothing in Edmonton

Average Cost of Grocery and Clothing in Edmonton

Image Source: Pexels 

Edmonton is packed with grocery stores, public markets, farmers’ markets, shops, malls, and boutiques, so you’ll have a myriad of options when it comes to food and clothing. 

To give you a view of how much you’ll likely spend on groceries and clothing, here’s the data we gathered from Numbeo

Grocery Items
Regular Milk (1 liter)C$2.55
Loaf of Fesh White BreadC$2.93
White Rice (1 kilogram)C$4.24
Eggs (1 dozen)C$3.62
Local Cheese (1 kilogram)C$14.51
Chicken Fillet (1 kilogram)C$15.13
Beef Round (1 kilogram)C$17.75
Apples (1 kilogram)C$4.97
Banana (1 kilogram)C$1.84
Oranges (1 kilogram)C$4.39
Tomato (1 kilogram)C$4.65
Potato (1 kilogram)C$2.76
Onion (1 kilogram)C$2.41
Lettuce (1 head)C$2.98
Water (1.5 liters)C$2.43
1 Pair of Jeans (Levi 501 or similar retailers)C$70.87
1 Summer Dress (from chain stores like Zara and H&M)C$44.94
1 Pair of Nike Running ShoesC$106.91
1 Pair of Men Leather Business ShoesC$133.89

Average Cost of Leisure and Entertainment in Edmonton 

Average Cost of Leisure and Entertainment in Edmonton

Image Source: Pexels 

Edmonton features a wide array of recreations, attractions, and festivals, so the city has something in store for you, no matter what type of leisure and entertainment you enjoy. 

Here are some of the leisure and entertainment you can try around the city. 

Movie Ticket$15
Theater Ticket$100
Indoor Swimming Pool$20 -$50 (entrance fee)
Amusement Park / Zoo$75 - $100 (entrance fee)
Golf Membership$3,000 - $4,000 per year
Gym Membership$78 per month $732 per year
Fitness Club Membership$45 per month
Tennis Court Rental$15 per hour
Mael in Inexpensive Restaurant$20
Meal for 2 People in Mid-range Restaurant (three-course)$80
Cocktail Drink$11
Domestic Beer (0.5-liter draught)$6

Obviously, the prices people pay for leisure and entertainment depend on their personal preferences and budgets. 

For example, if you plan to see a movie twice a month, sign up for a fitness club, and enjoy a date night in a mid-range restaurant, you can expect to spend around $155 per month for entertainment. 

Nonetheless, if you want to save, we recommend visiting parks and museums that offer free admission. Apart from that, there are also various free activities you can enjoy with your family and friends. 

Average Transportation Costs in Edmonton 

Average Transportation Costs in Edmonton

Image Source: Pexels 

Whether you are a student or part of the workforce, knowing the cost of transportation in the area you’re living in is essential. 

In this part, we’ll give you the average cost of public transportation as well as the average cost of car insurance and parking fees. 

Public Transportation Costs

A great number of people in Edmonton get around the city in their own cars. However, even if you have a car, there’s still a chance that you or a family member will use forms of public transportation. 

Well, once you get used to the public transit system, you’ll be able to travel efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Edmonton has an extensive transport system and operates both buses and light rail transit throughout the city. Here are the current fares for Edmonton’s public transit services. 

Youth Fares (24 years old and below)
Ticket (book of 10)$19.75
Monthly Pass$73
Adult Fares (25 years old to 64 years old)
Ticket (book of 10)$27.75
Monthly Pass$100
Senior Fares (65 years old and above)
Ticket (book of 10)$19.75
Monthly Pass$35

All Edmonton Transit Service (ETS) customers have to pay via cash fare, transit ticket, valid transfer, or bus pass. On the other hand, with the Light Rail Transit (LRT), you can use a transit ticket or pass. 

You can buy a pass or fare ticket on fare vending machines in LRT stations. Alternatively, ETS passes and tickets are sold at ETS Online Stores, Edmonton Service Centers, and ETS Sales Outlets located throughout the city. 

Average Cost of Car Insurance and Parking 

If you have a car, you can take advantage of the city roads and freeways. Moreover, the city’s low fuel cost is also a great deal because even if you frequently fill up your tank, it’s not that heavy on the budget. 

However, it’s best to note that all cars used or parked on public roads or property in Edmonton must be registered and insured. If you decide to travel using your car, here are the expenses you should know about. 

Regular Gas$0.91 per liter
Premium Gas$1.02 per liter
Diesel$0.93 per liter
Registration Fee$84.45 per year
Car InsuranceAround $114 per month/ $1,368 per year

Remember that car insurance costs depend on several factors, including the driver’s history, type of car, location, mileage, and insurance coverage. 

Since it’s specifically tailored to meet the requirements and preferences of the car owner, we recommend speaking to several agents to get the best deal. 

Here are several parking locations in Edmonton, along with their respective operating hours and parking rates. 

On-Street Pay Machines (24/7 Parking)
Monday - Friday$1 to $3 per hour
Saturday$1 per hour (for zones 5061, 5062, 5063, and 5064 on Saskatchewan Drive)
SundayFree (except zones 5061, 5062, 5063, 5064)
Canada Place Parkade (24/7 Parking)
Monday - Friday$5 per hour
Saturday - Sunday$2 per hour
Monthly Parking$315 +GST
City Hall Parkade (8 AM - 6 PM)
Monday - Friday$4 per hour
Saturday - Sunday$2 per hour
Library Parkade (24/7 Parking)
Monday - Friday$5 per hour
Saturday - Sunday$2 per hour
Monthly Parking$315 +GST

Note that parking fees on statutory holidays are free on these parking spots. 

Average Cost of Healthcare In Edmonton

Average Cost of Healthcare In Edmonton

Image Source: Pexels 

Edmonton is covered by the publicly funded healthcare system of Alberta – Alberta Healthcare Insurance Plan (AHCIP). Due to that, the permanent residents of Edmonton can receive free access to medically necessary healthcare services. 

However, if you’re not eligible for this, your best option is to get a private health insurance plan which costs around $100 per year. Of course, the cost of your health insurance plan still depends on various factors, including the following. 

  • Health services covered in the plan
  • Percentage of coverage 
  • Number of individuals covered/dependents
  • Age
  • Health history and pre-existing medical conditions 

Note that the coverage you can receive is still subject to protocols. This means that there are specific rules and guidelines to follow before your bills get covered. 

For example, the cost of routine dental care is not covered by the AHCIP. Here are the approximate costs of the dental care services not covered by the publicly funded health plan.

  • Dental check-up (with scaling and polishing) – $190
  • X-rays (both sides) – $40 
  • Amalgam filling (back tooth) – $130
  • Composite filling (back tooth) – $180
  • Porcelain crown – $800

Average Cost of Education in Edmonton 

Average Cost of Education in Edmonton

Image Source: Pixabay 

Permanent residents of Edmonton and Alberta Province can attend public schools for free until Grades 11 and Grade 12. However, international students are required to pay the full tuition. 

Moreover, public schools can still impose extra fees for extracurricular activities, school supplies, and school field trips.

If you’re a parent, it’s only natural to aim for the best education for your children. In this section, we’ll cover the average tuition fees for primary, secondary, and post-secondary education in Edmonton. 

Primary School

The table below shows the usual cost of tuition fees for private primary schools. 

Childcare$30 - $42 per day
Private Preschool$335 - $968 per month
Montessori Preschool$558 - $745 per month
Catholic Preschool$335 - $819 per month

Secondary School 

Here is the usual cost of tuition fees for junior and senior high school in Edmonton. 

Private Junior and Senior High Schools$8,550 - $16,8000 per school year
Public Junior and Senior High School (for international students)$12,500 per school year

Post-Secondary Education 

The table below shows the tuition fees for two undergraduate semesters in colleges, technical institutes, and universities. Each semester includes a total of eight months of instruction. 

College$9,750 - $26,560 per semester
Technical Institutes$11,100 - $18,750 per semester
Universities$11,780 - $45,208 per semester

All the data above are just estimates from Alberta Canada. That’s why it’s best to check with your institution if you want to know the exact tuition fee for the course or program you want.