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Top 5 Farmers’ Markets to Explore in Edmonton

Top 5 Farmers’ Markets to Explore in Edmonton

A majority of people prefer to do their grocery shopping in supermarkets, wholesale clubs, and grocery stores. In this article, we’ll showcase the top farmers’ market to explore in Edmonton. 

Farmers’ markets in Edmonton offer local and seasonal produce directly supplied by the farmers. 

This market allows customers to access more sustainable and fresher food and product options. Moreover, it’s also a way to support small farms and stimulate the local economy. 

Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market 

Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market is one of the pioneers of indoor farmers’ markets in Edmonton. It was established in 1983, and until now, it’s thriving to support the city’s food chain. 

With 185 stalls, this farmers’ market rotates a roster of around 300 vendors. 

If you love vegan dishes and fruits, this place can be a haven for you. You can expect over 130 vendors with their locally produced crops and handmade crafts every Saturday.  

Edmonton Downtown Farmers’ Market 

Edmonton Downtown Farmers’ Market is a year-round market offering food and horticultural products directly supplied by local farmers and artisans. 

Aside from fresh and seasonal produce, this farmers’ market is also a rendezvous point for buskers, food trucks, artists, and pop-up shows. 

Another advantage of shopping here is that the market offers free parking for customers on Saturday and Sunday. Of course, this is only available during market hours. 

Nonetheless, if you’re in isolation or don’t have time to shop, you can opt for vendors and groups that offer home delivery services

Southwest Edmonton Farmers’ Market 

Southwest Edmonton Farmers’ Market is a community gathering spot for local farmers, bakers, and artisans. 

Every Wednesday, you can shop for seasonal produce, ready-made and to-go meals, cakes, baked goods, and craftsmen. 

Although there are many fine dining restaurants and cafes around the city, it’s still best to enjoy home-cooked meals and test your cooking skills whenever possible. 

The market also features various programs such as Sprouts Kids Program and Young Vendors Program to support and teach children to make healthy food and lifestyle choices. 

Bountiful Farmers’ Market 

Bountiful Farmers’ Market is in south central Edmonton and features more than 100 local vendors. It aims to promote local businesses, appreciate multiculturalism, and support sustainable food options. 

It runs every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday throughout the year. Besides that, it’s a one-stop shop for people who prefer to stock up on groceries weekly. 

You can find fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, and coffee. If you love visiting coffee shops and want to try brewing your own coffee, check out the local coffee roasters in the market. 

124 Street Grand Market 

124 Street Grand Market is a popular mid-size farmers’ market in Edmonton. It features quality-driven products, including local produce, fresh meals, food trucks, and handmade items. 

It opened in 2012 and now operates in three locations and three days per week, so you’ll have more time to schedule your grocery shopping. 

You can also witness live music and performances from local artists every Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.