What Do Dietitians Do

What Do Dietitians Do?

Dietitians are qualified professionals who provide expert nutrition and dietary advice, but they also do more than that. 

Here are some of the things that dietitians do as healthcare professionals.

Give Dietary Advice

As mentioned, dietitians and nutritionists give people dietary advice based on the latest nutrition science. In essence, dietitians counsel clients on nutrition issues and healthy eating habits.

However, they don’t merely look at you and slap a meal plan into your hands. They first conduct examinations to assess your overall nutritional and health needs.

After a careful assessment, that’s when they will help you create a meal and nutrition plan that fits your preferences and needs. 

Along the way they will educate you on healthy food choices and lifestyle.

Promote Healthy Eating Habits

Dietitians as a whole promote healthy eating habits by teaching the principles of healthy diet to their patients. They do this not only for the sole purpose of helping people lose weight, but to promote health and reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases.

Our health is tied intricately to how we eat and what we eat, so nutritionists encourage their clients or patients to maintain healthy lifestyles and weight.

Conduct Research and Teach

Not all dietitians go into patient care. Some dive deeper into nutrition research, investigating the links between food and health. 

Nutrition research studies metabolism, specific function of each food, and how food affects diseases. Nutrition education, meanwhile, is when nutritionists teach or reinforce practices or behaviors to change habits that contribute to poor health.

For example, if a person has a bad relationship with food and deals with it by not eating or overeating, they are putting their physical and mental health at risk due to an imbalance of nutrition. Nutritionists and dietitians will teach how to manage and change those habits. 

Sports Nutrition

Dietitians are also a huge part of the sports industry. Many sports teams and athletes hire dietitians to help athletes, sporting clubs, children, and people who are interested in fitness eat better.

They may give them advice on how to achieve peak performance and improve their energy and activity levels. This helps them achieve their sporting and fitness goals.

Food Industry

Dietitians are also a huge part of the food industry. They are often consulted to improve the nutritional quality of foods.

Some restaurants even hire nutritionists as consultants to ensure that their menu is not only delicious but healthy.  Dietitians also help develop nutrition education campaigns to further educate the masses.

They also promote food safety and work with food and law regulations to assess and determine products that are detrimental to public health.

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