All you need to know about the 100 Street Funicular

All you need to know about the 100 Street Funicular

If you’ve always wanted to explore the Saskatchewan River Valley, you’ve probably heard of the 100 Street Funicular. Other than its main function, let’s see why it attracts a lot of people from all over Edmonton!

How It Came to Be

The 100 Street Funicular, including the surrounding areas, opened to the public on December, 7, 2017. It was all done through the joint efforts of the River Valley Alliance and the local and federal governments.

Other than the funicular itself, other structures have been added such as a number of walkways, stairs, seating areas, viewing areas, a grassy expanse, and even an art installation.

Why It’s There

The primary function of the 100 Street funicular is to transport pedestrians down to the Saskatchewan River Valley. It serves as a link from Downtown Edmonton down to the bank and the attractions there.

The 100 Street Funicular is actually part of a larger set of walkways and view decks perched on the riverbank. 

At the very top, before the entrance to the funicular itself, is a promontory with some seating areas overlooking the entire North Saskatchewan River. 

It leads downward to a set of urban stairs running parallel to the funicular. These stairs offer various levels of seating areas too as it moves downward toward the promenade.

The promenade is a sprawling space that welcomes people getting off the funicular. It is flanked by a grassy area with art installations that double as chairs, and a wooded area.

A trail runs through these trees and leads to the existing staircase that connects Grierson Hill Road to the promenade.

Further along the promenade is the pedestrian crossing that spans Grierson Hill. 

Then, pedestrians arrive at the river lookout, with an elevator that transports people down to the trail system through the wooded areas along the bank.

The 100 Street Funicular doesn’t just ferry people down the slope of the bank. While it does so, the all-glass enclosure allows the people onboard to take in the views during the 48-second ride.

This is part of the reason the number of locals and tourists visiting the bank has increased. It offers a similar refuge from the city just as the famous gardens in Edmonton do.

Visitors can unleash their inner photographer by taking advantage of the panoramic views of the river and the city beyond.

With the ride serving as a main attraction as well, the mechanized transport system has facilitated access to the river, allowing more people to enjoy the views and the river trail.

If you’re looking for the perfect date idea, taking the scenic route down the funicular and having a picnic by the promenade watching the river flow by is a great idea.

The area is also close to cafes and restaurants such as Bistro Praha, so you and your family can grab a bite after enjoying the view. 

Speaking of families, taking a ride down the funicular would also be a great activity for kids. And once down, there’s plenty of space to frolic and enjoy the fresh air.

There’s also parking close by, so if you plan to visit by car, it shouldn’t be a problem. But since the attraction just happens to be by a major road, booking a ride from a taxi service would get you there in no time.