5 Bathroom Storage Ideas to Prevent Clutter

5 Bathroom Storage Ideas to Prevent Clutter 

Keeping the clutter out of your bathroom can be tiring since it’s a high-traffic area. However, maximizing your storage space is vital to achieving an organized and functional space. 

To help you with your renovation plans, we curated a list of bathroom storage ideas you can try. 

Maximize the use of wire baskets. 

If you want a simple and easy DIY project to work on, a wire basket can be your best friend. It’s a versatile organization tool you can put on shelves or hang on walls. 

To save more space, you can opt for floating wire baskets instead of placing regular baskets on your bathroom floor. Wire baskets also come in a range of styles and dimensions, so you can easily fit them in your bathroom. 

You can use screws or drywall anchors to create a floating shelf made of wire baskets. This floating shelf can be a storage space for your toiletries and towels. 

Install a towel rack. 

If you already have customized cabinets or closets and want to maximize the vertical space in your bathroom, you can opt for wall-mounted towel racks. 

We recommend picking a towel rack with hooks. Aside from towels and washcloths, you can also use these hooks for hangers and caddies to store more bathroom items. 

Nonetheless, if you want to refinish your existing bathroom cabinets, you can look into our article about the best cabinet painting contractors in Edmonton

Create an open bathroom storage space. 

Creating open bathroom storage is essential because it’s more convenient to store things in a spot where you can easily access them. 

Think of the items that you usually use. You can also purchase baskets and trays instead of directly storing them in the open storage space. 

With this strategy, you can label each tray or basket and organize them on each shelf. For example, you can designate a pull-out tray for shower supplies, hairstyling tools, toiletries, makeup, and other bathroom items. 

You can hire an interior designer and woodworking team to customize this storage unit. Alternatively, you can also opt for open cabinets in your local depot and just hire a handyman to do the installations. 

Add over-the-door racks. 

Did you run out of free space in your bathroom walls? Maximize the use of your shower door and install over-the-door racks. 

Since there is a usable space behind your door, using a multi-purpose rack can be an advantage. It comes with various hooks or small pockets that you can use for storing various trinkets and items. 

You can also use the rack for your clothes, towels, bathrobes, or socks. Furthermore, there are racks with foldable organizers that you can use for storing makeup tools, hair styling tools, and toiletries. 

Try slim bathroom storage units. 

If you already have cabinets in your bathroom, adding bulky storage units will just make the space look cramped. For this reason, investing in tall or slim storage units can be your best option. 

Pick a freestanding cabinet that does not take a lot of square footage in your bathroom. 

This cabinet type is specifically designed to fit into narrow gaps or spaces. That’s why even if you have a small bathroom, you can still find one that will fit your requirements. 

Slim storage units may look tiny, but since it’s tall and has many levels, you can still use them for various bathroom items. 

Moreover, freestanding cabinets come in various designs, colors, and finishes, so you can match them with your flooring, countertop, window blinds, or other bathroom fixtures.