Best Edmonton Elementary Schools

The 7 Best Edmonton Elementary Schools

By Emma Fraser

If your kid is making the leap from kindergarten to elementary schools, then let our list of the best elementary schools in Edmonton help you out. These places are elementary schools, both public and private, that have been recommended by locals.

Many of the locals we talked to have kids who graduated from these places. They say the education their tots got from these institutions greatly benefited their children.

Lets see the choices for the best Edmonton elementary schools now, so you can see what we mean.

1.  Rio Terrace School

Rio Terrace School's Logo
(Source:Rio Terrace School)
BEST FOR  French Immersion and Bilingual Programs
ADDRESS 7608 154 St, Edmonton, AB T5R 1R7
CONTACT DETAILS 780-481-6866 | [email protected]
OFFICE HOURS Monday – Friday: Office Hours  8:00am – 4:00pm

First on our list of best Edmonton elementary schools is Rio Terrace School. Many parents enroll their children in this school due to their good academic programs.

They have alternative learning programs that include French Immersion, as well as special education programs that emphasize the individual needs of the students.

This focuses on academic areas of language arts (reading, writing, and spelling) and mathematics, and specialized literacy.

Aside from their great academic programs, they make sure every child gets good opportunities and gets chances to make effective personal decisions and develop their interpersonal skills.


  • Special education programs
  • Bilingual programs
  • Involved student leadership 

Customer Reviews 

Take a look at what Scotiasplace have to say about their experience in this school:

“Our daughter is in Grade 4 German Bilingual.  ***note we DO NOT speak German at home***

We love this school.  The teachers all care so much about the kids and work with you to ensure your child is getting the best education possible.

The music program is second to none, an amazing teacher who instills a love of music and drama into the kids!”

2.  Holyrood School

Holyrood School's Logo
(Source:Holyrood School)
BEST FOR  Bilingual Programs
ADDRESS 7920 94 Avenue NW Edmonton, Alberta T6C 1W4
CONTACT DETAILS 780-466-2292 | [email protected]
OFFICE HOURS Monday – Friday: Office Hours  8:00am – 4:00pm

Holyrood  is one of the most well-known elementary schools downtown. They’ve been around since 1955, making them one of the oldest schools around.

They focus on promoting the intellectual, social, and emotional growth of each student, as well as providing a safe, nurturing environment where kids can learn. They have French Immersion programs for those who want their children to learn more in French.

With teachers who guide children and a good atmosphere where kids can just explore ideas and the world at their leisure, students can develop their minds and personalities comfortably.

Their good track record with parents and kids alike makes them one of the best Edmonton elementary schools.


  • Different programs
  • Early recess
  • French immersion available

Customer Reviews 

Take a look at what Dawn Budney has to say about her child’s experience in this school:

“Excellent school! My kid knows who to go to get help. She loves the principal. We are excited for the next year of school. She loves all the staff and everything the parent council is doing. Great work!”

Burke Smith talks about this school’s teachers and programs and what it has done for their son:

“Great school, great teachers, great programs.  Madame Danielle Kasimer has been a positive and motivational teacher that has helped my son continue his love for learning. Thank you!”


3.  Meadowlark Christian School

Meadowlark Christian School's Logo
(Source: Meadowlark Christian School)
BEST FOR  Christian-based curriculum
ADDRESS 9825 158 Street NW Edmonton, Alberta T5P 2X4
CONTACT DETAILS 780-483-6476 | [email protected]
OFFICE HOURS Monday to Friday: 8:45am – 3:20pm

Meadowlark Christian School offers a Christian-based curriculum for parents who favor a more Christian upbringing for their children. Through academics, leadership activities, and a focus on faith-based instructions, students are taught to be great leaders within a God-fearing foundation.

They offer quality and hands-on learning, and encourage parents to be heavily involved in the program. They also provide athletics programs, chances at student leadership, and more to help develop the child’s skills.

By providing quality and well-rounded educational experiences, they’ve become one of the best Edmonton elementary schools you can enroll your kid in.


  • Athletics available
  • Student leadership available
  • Faith-based curriculum

Customer Reviews 

Check out what Ruth Chalk has to say about this place being an alumni:

“It’s been a long time since I went here but it was an incredible school. Grandpa hands was my favourite person. Mr regier never taught me but he was an incredible teacher. The staff at this school was incredible. They did bake sales frequently I liked Monday assembly.”

Bryan Huang talks about his child’s experience in this school:

“Super good school.My son transfer to this school for kindergarten,the teacher was so nice So patient to them,it is christian school,the children were nice too.Now my son is grade 2 and we went other school as we moved,he still missing the teachers very much.

the only bad thing is the school charge few hundred dollars tuition fees per year for kindergarten and 12 hundred for grade one when I was there”


4.  Homesteader School

Homesteader School's Logo
(Source:Homesteader School)
BEST FOR  Collaborative learning
ADDRESS 4455 128 Avenue NW Edmonton, Alberta T5A 3M9
CONTACT DETAILS 780-478-1139 | [email protected]
OFFICE HOURS 8:40 am-3:33 am

Homesteader School offers great collaborative learning so students can develop interpersonal skills along with their academics. They have a variety of clubs students can join as well as student leadership programs.

They also have special education programs for those with mild cognitive disabilities and significant academic delays. They help foster numerical and literacy skills at a young age at any skill level.

This makes them one of the best Edmonton elementary schools for parents who want to educate their children in an environment that heavily encourages socializing and leadership.


  • Different programs available
  • Focused on fostering academic skills
  • Parental volunteering available

Customer Reviews

Jonathan Harwood., a proud alumnus of this school, shares his experience in this review:

“I went to the school when it first opened and it was a great education and stepping stone.  I am particularly grateful for Mrs Charette who helped changed my work habits today….this was 1980 and I remember her today…Thank you so much!”

BrightLight talks about their experience in this school providing learning to their children:

“Great Staff! They go above and beyond there jobs daily. As a parent it is a joy to send my children into an environment thay promotes learning and community.”

5.  Callingwood Elementary School

Callingwood Elementary School's Logo
(Source: Callingwood Elementary School)
BEST FOR  Multi-faceted interest approach
ADDRESS 17335 76 Avenue NW Edmonton Alberta T5T 2B1
CONTACT DETAILS 780-487-0727 | [email protected]
OFFICE HOURS 8:30 am-3:33 am

Next on our list of the best Edmonton elementary schools is Callingwood School. They understand children have different interests and thus provide a variety of programs that range from athletic to artistic pursuits — you know your kid can develop their interests in this place!

They have plenty of clubs and activities, from running clubs to library clubs. Their special education program is one of the highlights of this place, they provide tools to help children with their social, emotional, and academic difficulties.

They also have a breakfast program for those who want to take part in it, supported by the Home Economists Association of Alberta.

With hands-on learning and a commitment to supporting children as they learn how to function socially, emotionally, and academically, they’re a top pick.


  • Student-focused
  • Breakfast program available
  • Hands-on teaching

Customer Reviews 

Read this review to know why Jayme Cassidy recommends this place:

“I went there for grades 4, 5, &6 and made some really nice friends and met really kind teachers and staff alike. – Jayme Cassidy, Grade 7 @ Westminster Junior High/Senior High”

Hiba Yussuf talks about their experience learning here:

“I have been here for only grade 5 and i think the teachers are super nice. I got a lot of education at this place. My favorite subject is L.A and Writing. I am really gonna miss this school”

6. St. Stanislaus Catholic Elementary School

BEST FOR  Catholic Elementary School
ADDRESS 3855-114 Street Edmonton, AB T6J 1M3
CONTACT DETAILS Phone: 7804340295
Fax: 7804340334
Email: [email protected]
OFFICE HOURS Contact for details

If you want your child to be functionally fluent in French, St. Stanislaus Catholic Elementary School is the school to pick.

Their French Immersion program also works well in understanding the French culture.

Their supportive Catholic system brings out the best in their students. Thus, apply the core values they implement.

Inspired by their patron saint, Saint Stanislaus, they strive to embody his values in their community. Their yearly commemoration of his feast also includes a full day for their students to progress with their faith and knowledge.


  • Safe and caring environment
  • Detailed website page

Customer Reviews 

Here’s a review from one of St. Stanislaus Catholic Elementary School’s clients:

“Dis place is pretty nice dont hate pls just need some fixes and better stuff or lockers ree so yeah” -Sean Joshua Coso

7. Edmonton Catholic School

BEST FOR Christ-centered, competency-based learning experience for all learners
ADDRESS 9807 106 St. Edmonton, AB T5K 1C2, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS Phone: 780-441-6000
Toll-Free: 1-888-441-6010
Fax: 780-425-8759
Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Contact them for more information

Since 1888, Edmonton Catholic School has opened its doors to parents and childer who would like to have a Christ-centered, competency-based learning experience.

It is impressive that the students and staff in this school are committed to 21st-century learning but of course in accordance with their Foundation Statement. Of course, in a society transformed by globalization, technological innovation, and human beings, this school supports hopeful Christ-centered living.

They offer a lot of programs which you may be interested in: Alternative Education, Assessment, Bilingual/Language & Culture Programs, Curriculum, Digital Citizenship, Dual Credit Program, Online Learning, Focus Schools and Alternate Programs, French Immersion, Inclusive Education, Indigenous Learning Services, Information For New Immigrants, Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC), International Student Program, Mental Health, Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten,  Supporting Inclusive Learning at Home and Summer School.


  • Different Programs Available
  • Safe and caring environment
  • Detailed website page

Customer Reviews

And that’s the end of our list of the best Edmonton elementary schools. We hope this helped you look for a great school for your kid to develop skills growing up and find their own strengths.

Are there any elementary schools in Edmonton that we missed? Send us a message and we’ll update the article promptly.

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