Best Tutoring in Edmonton

The 15 Best Tutoring in Edmonton

By Emma Fraser

If your kid’s grades have plummeted, it would be a good time to consider getting a tutor. Of course, the best tutoring in Edmonton can provide great services to help your kids study for subjects that they may have difficulty in.

We’ve hopped from place to place around Edmonton to seek the services best for your kid. In any case, we’re happy to now present this list of the best tutoring in Edmonton.

Let’s go take a look:

1.  A&D Tutoring

A&D Tutoring's Logo
(Source:A&D Tutoring)
BEST FOR  Tutoring
ADDRESS 16408 100 Ave NW,Edmonton, AB, T5P 4Y2
CONTACT DETAILS 780-444-9349 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday-Friday: 9am to 9pm

A&DTutoring strives to create a learning environment for students of all ages.

Earning the top spot amongst the best tutoring services in Edmonton, A&D Tutoring should be the first pick for anyone having difficulty with a specific subject or is interested in learning something completely new.

They offer a wide range of programs. For students in K-12, they have staff qualified to help students struggling with any of the core subjects (English, Math, Science, and Social Studies) in the curriculum. Additionally, younger students with an interest in science and technology can take advantage of their STEM program.

Adults who need to achieve certain qualifications for employment can sign up for classes to earn their GED and/or ESL proficiency. Those who are interested in changing careers are welcome to join A&D’s Customer Service or Computer Training courses.


  • Free consultation
  • Provides one-on-one instruction
  • Variety of educational support services

2.  Oxford Learning

Oxford Learning's Logo
(Source: Oxford Learning)
BEST FOR  Tutoring
ADDRESS 3840 Gateway Boulevard Edmonton, Alberta T6J 7A9
CONTACT DETAILS 780.809.9747

Second in our list of the best tutoring in Edmonton is Oxford Learning.  Their way of tutoring is more on building up skills and less about memorization.

With learning programs that are personalized to fit the learning style and address the issues the student is facing, their tutoring leads to better school confidence, which leads to better grades. The student’s study skills will improve immensely after consistent tutoring with them.


  • Cognitive-learning-based
  • Flexible pricing
  • Assessment available

3. Mobile Tutors

BEST FOR  Tutoring
ADDRESS 21848 95a Ave NW, Edmonton, Alberta, T5T 3Y6
CONTACT DETAILS 780-710-5868 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday 8a.m.–10p.m.
Tuesday 8a.m.–10p.m
Wednesday 8a.m.–10p.m.
Thursday 8a.m.–10p.m.
Friday 8a.m.–10p.m.
Saturday 8a.m.–10p.m.
Sunday 8a.m.–10p.m.

As one of the services for the best tutoring in Edmonton, Mobile Tutors offers personalized in-home and online tutoring services. They cater to all ages, grade levels, and subjects including English, Math, Sciences, Social Studies, French, and Spanish from kindergarten to university.

They have a free trial on the first lesson and help find the correct plan for your kid’s curriculum and learning style. They’ve helped thousands of students across Edmonton achieve good grades.


  • Free trial
  • Great Tutor Fit or Your First Lesson is free
  • 60-day Money-back guarantee
  • Free 15-minutes meet and greet online session with a tutor


4. Alliance Francaise of Edmonton

Alliance Francaise of Edmonton's Homepage

(Source: Alliance Francaise of Edmonton)

BEST FOR Classes for kids, teens, and adults
ADDRESS 10424 123 St, T5N 1N7
CONTACT DETAILS  780-469-0399

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURS Contact for more details

With Alliance Francaise of Edmonton, you will be able to learn French with ease. whether you are a kid, teen, or even an adult, you will find a class to match your needs!

Aside from this, what’s great about them is that they also offer private and corporate classes. If you are someone who prefers tailor-made courses to suit your availability and goals, they can arrange private or semi-private lessons with you and one of their qualified teachers.

Regarding their coporate classes, it cover all the aspects of business French, from common formulas to specific vocabulary. If you are trading with Quebec, France or any other French-speaking country, command of the French language is the key to your team’s success.

Additionally, they also conduct summer camps. They combine Frecnh classes and fun activities for kids aged 6 to 17 to enjoy practicing French in daily use!


  • Members of the organization Canadian Parents for French Alberta get a $25 discount on the kids Summer Camps
  • Has their own student portal
  • Offers exams

5.  Kumon

Kumon's Logo
(Source: Kumon)
BEST FOR  Tutoring
ADDRESS 100 St NW UNIT 16743 Edmonton, AB T5X 3Z9
CONTACT DETAILS 780.413.6299 | [email protected]

Kumon has been one of the longstanding names in the tutoring field. It’s only natural that it made this list.

If your child is having difficulties with math and reading, this is an ideal place to help boost their skills. It provides a strong academic foundation as well as support for the child to improve themselves.

They have strong emphasis on individualized learning that helps your child become focused, motivated and self-reliant. Several students who have gotten their services can attest to Kumon being one of the reasons for their academic success.

Their reputation earned them a spot here as one of services for the best tutoring in Edmonton.


  • Industry veteran
  • High success rate
  • Strong academic foundation


6.  Sylvan Learning

Sylvan Learning's Logo
(Source: Sylvan Learning)
BEST FOR  Tutoring
ADDRESS 6715 177 St NW Edmonton, AB T5T 4K3
CONTACT DETAILS (780)495-9500

Next in our list of the best tutoring in Edmonton Sylvan Learning. They offer personalized tutoring, academic coaching, advancement & test prep, as well as live, online tutoring to suit the needs of the learner.

They have their own methods of personalized teaching that are guaranteed to train the student into harnessing better skills for learning. With a proven methodology and plenty of successful results, they’ve proven themselves to be one of the more reliable options in the market.


  • Flexible payment plans
  • Personalized teaching method
  • Certified teachers

7. Toon Tutors

(Source: Toon Tutors)

BEST FOR Struggling K-12 students
CONTACT DETAILS 780- 974-6481 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Mon – Sun 5:00 am – 11:00 pm

Toon Tutors is a Canadian tutoring company that matches every student with an experienced tutor who best fits the individual student’s needs. They understand that making a difference in a student’s life takes individual attention, time, and effort and so their tutors are trained to help students build self-confidence and self-esteem while learning academic subjects.

They believe that learning should be a fun process and they achieve this by having the tutors close in age to the students. Furthermore, this also makes their tutors more effective since they have recent knowledge and experience with the school curriculum.


  • Affordable
  • Experienced
  • Personalized Tutoring

8. Itutor Academy Center for Math And Science

(Source: Itutor Academy Center for Math And Science)

BEST FOR Struggling students
ADDRESS Downtown location

9700 105 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 2L3

Southside location

9653 45th Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 5Z8

CONTACT DETAILS 780-708-2535 | [email protected] 
OPERATING HOURS Downtown location
Tues: 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Thurs: 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Sat: 10:00AM to 12:00pm
Sunday: 1:30pm to 5:30pmSouthside location

Wed: 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Sat: 10:30am to 12:30pm and 1:30pm to 3:30pm.

As technology continues to dynamically shape our lives, the way in which students learn has changed too. Itutor offers optimal tools that students can use to interact with challenging concepts, work at their own pace, and enrich their learning experience.

Itutor caters to students in grades 3-12 in Edmonton and offers well-rounded, engaged and dedicated tutors who also serve as mentors and role-models. Itutor firmly believes that a meaningful connection between the educator and student enriches the student’s learning process while using technology and creativity to deliver the most productive and effective teaching.


  • Affordable
  • World-class support
  • Accessible
  • Interactive learning experience

9. Tutor Hour

(Source: Tutor Hour)

BEST FOR Tutoring for children and teens
SERVICES Elementary, Junior High, and Senior High Tutoring
ADDRESS Calgary and Edmonton
CONTACT DETAILS (780) 868-7518 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Mon – Fri 4:00pm – 9:00pm

Sat-Sun 09:00am – 9:00pm

All of Tutor Hour’s tutors are handpicked based on their educational background and teaching experience. With TutorHour, you can rest assured that your child is learning from the best. 

100% of their tutors attended the best educational institutions in Alberta. Namely, Old Scona Academic High School or the University of Alberta. Their rigorous screening process eliminates 90% of our applicants, so that TutorHour consistently offers the best value for your dollar.


  • Convenient location
  • One-on-one tutoring
  • Flexible payment

10. Fundamentals 1st Learning Centre

(Source: Fundamentals 1st Learning Centre )

BEST FOR Individualized Attention for Students
SERVICES Tutoring Services
ADDRESS 4959 55 Ave NW Edmonton T6X 1J7
CONTACT DETAILS +1-587-937-7475 | [email protected]
Monday 3-8
Tuesday 3-8
Wednesday 3-8
Thursday 3-8
Friday 3-8
Saturday 10:30-4:30

Fundamentals 1st Learning Centre believes that every child has potential. From day one, they assess what kids already know and build on their knowledge from the ground up. With personalized learning for each person, students can flourish and grow in the way they need to most.

Like their name suggests, building a solid foundation is crucial to student success. Too often, students lacking in prerequisite skills get caught in a cycle of confusion, disinterest, and disengagement.

By going over key concepts and emphasizing fundamental skills, their students are better prepared to learn advanced material.


  • Individual Focus
  • Fundamentals First
  • Technology Friendly

11. My Tutor Time

(Source: My Tutor Time)

BEST FOR Professional and patient tutors
ADDRESS Edmonton
CONTACT DETAILS 780.904.1069 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Contact for more details

The team at My Tutor Time believes that each child holds a profound amount of potential along with a desire to learn new things and go new places. So, when your child is ready to take on their goals they’ll be right there, ready to help. ​

They aim to use the most current educational programs and resources to ensure that your child stays interested and engaged while receiving quality assistance in their educational journey. Through exploration-driven lessons, they ensure your child will be excited to learn.

Their tutors create intentional connections between content and the real world so that your child feels they can apply their learned knowledge to everyday life!


  • Building Authentic Connections
  • Innovative & Individualized Pedagogy
  • Fostering Global Learners & Leaders

12. TutorTeach

(Source: TutorTeach)

BEST FOR Word-class tutoring for K-12
ADDRESS Edmonton, serving all of North America
OPERATING HOURS Open 7 days a week

Tutor Teach’s instructors are vetted to have qualities that far exceed a typical tutor. Their instructors are accredited, subject-matter experts who get to know their students for exactly who they are and what their goals are.

Furthermore, Tutor Teach customizes their lessons depending on each child’s learning style, level and personality. Tutor Teach offers a large inventory of extracurricular programming ranging from, but not limited to: art, theater and cooking, to sewing, science and empowerment programs.

Unlike some establishments, Tutor Teach has exceptional retention rates. Their students choose to stay with their instructors and become instantly engaged, yearning for more from their hand-picked instructors.


  • Affordable and personally tailored sessions
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Word-class tutors
  • Propriety lesson style

13. Learning Disabilities Association of Alberta – Edmonton Chapter

(Source: Learning Disabilities Association of Alberta – Edmonton Chapter)

BEST FOR Support for children with learning disorders
ADDRESS Box 213 Edmonton Main
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 2J1
CONTACT DETAILS 780-466-1011 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Contact for more details

Learning Disabilities Association of Alberta supports and empowers individuals with learning disabilities and/or ADHD to reach their full potential through access to equitable opportunities in achieving their educational, social, emotional, and career goals.

They work hard to develop community awareness and provide education about the nature and impact of learning disabilities, advocacy, and collaborative efforts.

They also provide a safe environment for individuals with learning disorders and/or ADHD to learn how to better interpret and more effectively maneuver social interactions. In doing so, they endeavor to promote increased self-knowledge, self-acceptance, and confidence.

Through their programs, they hope to help children and youth also build a support network and make friends who understand the challenges they face as well as the strengths they share


  • Offers parent support groups
  • Has child social skills programs
  • Day camps and information sessions

14. Lu’s Tutoring & Virtual Classroom

(Source: Lu’s Tutoring & Virtual Classroom)

BEST FOR Tutoring
ADDRESS Box 213 Edmonton Main
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 2J1
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected]
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Contact for more details

Luija recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics from the University of Alberta. She is experienced in tutoring children and peer-support mentoring.

People like her because of how affordable her services is. Due to COVID-19, in-person tutoring is not available as of now. However, her online tutoring starts at $28 per hour.

In comparison to other tutors, she focuses on one tutee at a time. She also has flexible hours and is open in using Google Hangouts, Skype, Zoom, and other online calling applications.

People have a big trust on Luija and her skills because her resume and qualifications are readily available to read on the bottom part of her website.


  • Use a convertible laptop-tablet so writing and screen-sharing are efficient and easy
  • One-on-one studying session
  • Have a personal Bramble link to my online room (tutees do not need to have an account to access Bramble)

15. Grade Doctor Tutoring

(Source: Grade Doctor Tutoring)

BEST FOR Tutors who have PhDs and extensive teaching experience
SERVICES Tutoring Services
ADDRESS Edmonton
CONTACT DETAILS (514) 660 4778 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Depends on your preference

Grade Doctor Tutoring is unique in that all of our tutors have university teaching experience and PhDs. Since all of their tutors have taught at university level themselves, they know exactly what professors are looking for from your essays.

Online tutoring is an excellent way to improve your grades, whether you’re consistently getting Bs or you’re struggling to pass a course. They have years of experience teaching and grading in their areas of expertise and they’re confident that they can teach you how to write great papers.

You’ll see the difference on your transcript.


  • Essay writing
  • One-to-one online tutoring with an expert

The best tutoring in Edmonton can help your child not just learn the appropriate skills for school, but also gain the confidence to do better at it.

Are there any other great services that we missed, though? Send us a message and we’ll update the article promptly.

And if what your kid needs is a little pick-me-up or the problem runs deeper than you thought, try having them see one of the best life coaches in Edmonton. Because sometimes, the problem may be more about self-esteem or their perspective.