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Top Acting Schools in Edmonton

Where to Get the Best Acting Lessons in Edmonton

If you’re thinking of getting into acting or just want to hone the skills you already have, we’ve got great news for you! We’ve rounded up a list of the best acting schools in Edmonton to help get you started! 

The following schools offer acting classes for all ages and skill levels. Be sure to read through to the end of the article, as we answer some FAQs about the top acting schools in Edmonton as well.

How much are acting classes in Edmonton?

The institutions we reviewed offer acting classes and workshops for students of all ages. They are usually divided amongst kids, teens, and adult classes.

Other than by age bracket, rates for acting classes also differ based on whether they are for film, stage, or musical. Some classes are also tiered depending on skill level.

Check out these course fees for various acting classes from the companies and organizations we’ve reviewed:

Company/organizationCourse lengthCourse feesAge bracket
Great West Canadian Talent8 to 10 classes, depending on age group$440-$4904 to 14 years old
16 classes (8 weekly classes, 7 2-hour classes, one videotaping class)$490 (plus $190 for registration)15 to 65 years old
Acting and Musical Theater Intensive (Visionary Center for the Performing Arts)9-month course with 3 terms$9,950 (domestic)

$19,500 (international)

All ages
The Grindstone Comedy Theatre & Bistro3 months$27518 and above
3 months$230Grades 1-6, 7-9
Foote Theater School (The Citadel Theater)3 months$355 (plus GST)Adult
3 months$280 (plus GST)Teen
3 months$235-$250 (plus GST)Youth
Edmonton Musical Theater23 weeks (2 semesters)$62017 and above
22 weeks (2 semesters)$50013 to 16 years old
22 weeks (2 semesters)$470 ($250 per semester)8 to 12 years old
20 weeks (2 semesters)$370 ($200 per semester)5 to 7 years old

The Best Acting Schools in Edmonton

The following acting schools have been chosen based on:

Course offerings – From introductory courses to more intensive workshops, these schools will give you the right education to improve your skills.
Inclusivity – These schools encourage and value inclusivity among their classes. Some offer acting classes for those with special needs as well.
Instructors – Workshop instructors are professionals and have proven experience within their fields of expertise.

No matter your skill set or background, we are positive you’ll find the right program and class from our list!

1. Great West Canadian Talent

Great West Canadian Talent's Homepage
COURSES OFFEREDIntensive film acting classes for children and adults
ADDRESS9903 104 St NW #305, Edmonton, AB T5K 0E4, Canada
CONTACT NUMBER780-944-1591

Aside from being a full-service talent agency, Great West Canadian Talent also offers multiple levels of film acting courses for both kids and adults. 

What we like about this agency is the rigorous structure of their course offerings, which are designed to be taken in a sequence, starting from the basic Level 1 Film Acting to Level 7 for adults and Level 1 to 4 for children. 

We think this is the perfect place to start for those who want to pursue a career in acting and wish to build experience before auditioning or looking for an agency. 

All the courses are taught by William Davidson, who is a former professional actor. He has over 10 years of work experience as a member of the Association of Canadian Television and Radio Artists, and 12 in the Canadian Actors Equity Association.

It’s also worth noting that classes are limited to a small group only, with 8-12 for adults and 6-10 for kids. This ensures that each student is given the attention and direction they need.

Now, it’s important to note that classes here are designed to be taken in a sequence. The school escalates technique this way.

For the adult courses, students are expected to begin at Level 1, which introduces all the basic techniques that actors use. At $490 per student, the course is composed of 16 classes in total, with 8 weekly classes, 7 two-hour classes, and one longer scene videotaping class.

At Level 2, students are introduced to improvisation and how best to use it, while introducing them to training for on-camera auditions for commercials. It costs $440, with the same class size as Level 1.

Level 3 focuses on improvisation as well, but this time discusses its various types in detail, and introduces harder scripts for commercial auditions and on-camera hosting. It costs the same as Level 2.

Limited to 8-10 students per class, Level 4 is meant to prepare the student for auditioning for smaller film roles, costing the same as Level 2. With the same fees and class size, Level 5 is more focused on text work, or the various ways of breaking down a scene. 

Level 6 is focused on character studies, meant to challenge the student in developing a role that is outside their comfort zone. Finally, Level 7 is dedicated to preparing the student in auditioning for large film or TV roles. 

The courses for children are separated according to age. Beginning at the introductory course for kids 4-6, students are taught the basics like taking direction, focusing on the camera, and preparing to work on a set to name a few.

This new course is $490, with a class size of 6 students in 10 one-hour weekly classes. We think this is great for kids who would like to be exposed to acting.

Level 1 is for the 7-14 age group, with a similar curriculum to the introductory course for younger kids, only this time with 9 90-minute classes over 9 weeks. The fees come up to $490 as well, and class size is 8-10 students.

Level 2 is for the 7-14 age group as well, and teaches improvisation techniques while preparing students for auditioning for small roles in film and TV. There are 10 90-minute classes for the course, which costs $440 per student.

At Level 3, 7-14-year old students are expected to review previous material from Levels 1 and 2, while working on small to medium film and TV roles. The class is now limited to 6-8 students, but with the same class duration and fees as Level 2.

Finally, at Level 4, students in the 8-14 age group are now expected to work on medium to large film or TV roles. Class size is back up to 8-10 students, but with the same class duration and fees as Level 3. 

The agency also offers payment plans for all course fees as well.

We appreciate the clear outline of the trajectory that both adult and child students are expected to follow. Through this, they can build the amount of experience expected by agencies that may potentially represent them in the future.


  • Acting courses designed to be taken in a sequence
  • Payment plans are available for courses
  • Classes and agency are led by experienced actor
  • Great for those wanting to pursue acting as a profession


  • No options for musical theater or stage acting
  • Courses for comedy and film monologues are offered separately

Client Testimonials

Opened up possibilities

“I have been with Great West Canadian Talent now for a year and I have taken 3 courses. Initially it was for personal development, but they have opened me up to possibilities that were not there before. Bill is an instructor that gives strong instruction and always gives an honest evaluation of your performance, no fluff. He has knowledge and experience in the industry that I appreciate. His expectations are that you give 100% and are receptive to direction. Bill has helped me push myself beyond what I thought I was capable of.”––James Miranda, Google Reviews

Prepared me for the real thing

“When I joined Great West Talent, I enrolled in the acting classes and because Bill really made an effort to film scenes the way they are done on a set it prepared me for the real thing. I especially appreciated Bill’s ability to break down scenes and ask questions that helped us the actors to understand the scene and build characters.

I have now been an ACTRA member for over 20 years and have an extensive resume in both TV and Film projects.”––Brian Copping, Google Reviews

2.  Acting & Musical Theater Intensive (Visionary Center for the Performing Arts)

Acting & Musical Theater Intensive (Visionary Center for the Performing Arts)'s Homepage
COURSES OFFEREDActing for Stage, Acting for Screen, Voice, Dance & Movement, Pedagogy, Professional Preparation
ADDRESS2804 Calgary Trail NW, Edmonton AB
CONTACT NUMBER780-757-4433

[email protected]


From Visionary Center for the Performing Arts, Acting & Musical Theater Intensive offers training in the performing arts for students of all ages. It’s on our list because it offers a fast-track full time program suitable for individuals who wish to get into the industry quicker and with a great foundation. 

While it offers the foundational concepts in performing arts, the programs are delivered in such a way that students may choose to directly enter the industry or continue their studies with a degree.

We think this aspect of their program is ideal because it opens up the students to a lot of opportunities faster than other programs. On top of that, their faculty are working professionals, and will surely impart valuable knowledge when it comes to training and employment.

They offer four courses, namely Acting for Stage, Acting for Screen, Voice, and Dance and Movement. Other than these core courses, additional modules are offered that center on teaching performing arts and preparing the student for the professional setting.

Tuition for domestic students comes up to $9,950, and $19,500 for international students. There are also additional fees such as $25 for the application fee, $500 for the acceptance deposit, $900 for the demo reel, and an additional $925 for books and supplies.

The full course lasts 9 months, and is divided into 3 terms. The Student Aid Alberta Loan application is also available for students.


  • Fast-track and full-time program
  • Focused on employability
  • Module on teaching performing arts also offered
  • Accepts international students
  • Accepts applications for student loans


  • Total program fees may be too expensive for some
  • A lot of additional fees

Client Testimonials

Exceeded my own expectations

“I was blown away by the passion and dedication of the faculty. I have exceeded my own expectations as a performer and will forever hold onto what I have learned at AMTI in my heart.”––Rikki-Lyn Ward, Class of 2020

Developed real industry connections

“AMTI was an amazing experience. I developed as an artist, made lasting friendships, and developed real industry connections.”––Nazareth Soichuk, Class of 2020

3. Foote Theatre School (The Citadel Theatre)

Foote Theatre School (The Citadel Theatre)'s Homepage
COURSES OFFEREDActing, Musical Theater, Improvisation, Playwriting, I Can Pretend Too! Program
ADDRESS9828 101 A Avenue, Edmonton, ABT5J 3C6
CONTACT NUMBER780-425-1820

[email protected]


Being the largest theatre education program in Edmonton, Foote Theatre School has established its reputation with its volume of annual enrollees and over 50 years of experience.

FTS provides training for all ages and skill levels through their faculty, which is composed of 25 theatre professionals. With that said, it’s easy to see why they’re included in our list. 

They offer a wide selection of courses dedicated to Acting, Musical Theatre, Improvisation, and Playwriting. These courses are offered to all ages, arranged into Adult, Teens, and Youth categories, offered through terms that follow the seasons. 

Adults are offered two Fundamentals of Acting classes, with one meant to be taken prior to the other as a prerequisite course. Both are worth $355 per term, excluding GST.

They also have Adult Musical Theatre on offer, also costing $355 plus GST. The course combines singing and dancing, and focuses on group performances.

We think the classes for teens will ensure that the student is well-rounded, as they offer not only Acting and Musical Theatre classes, but also Improvisation and Playwriting.

There are 3 Acting classes, each class progressing from the previous in order to challenge the student. All the acting classes for teens come at $280 per term, plus GST.

Musical Theatre is also $280 plus GST, and it provides the basics in singing, dancing, and acting on-stage. The improv class, titled Teenprovisors, gives the basics in improv, namely, scene work, narration, and character, and is also $280 a term.

What we appreciate is the inclusion of a Playwriting class, which ensures that students are not only capable of performing on-stage, but can also produce a short play as output. At $280 plus GST, students can also explore this side of theatre, and may discover that they also have talent in writing scenes.

The kids’ classes are just as varied as the teens’ classes. We believe they offer just the right level of exposure to challenge the students’ young minds.

With 3 classes in Acting, one in Acting and Music Discovery, one in Musical Theatre, students are given the basic tools that are sure to spark interest in them while being involved in something serious. The term fees range from $230 to $250, excluding GST.

Kids are also taught improv through the two course offerings titled Kidprovisation, which aims to help kids harness their imagination through scene work, character, and narration. The term costs $240, plus GST.

On top of these intensive courses, we really like Foote Theatre School’s I Can Pretend! and I Can Pretend Too! programs, which are for children on the spectrum. These programs aim to provide a learning and social environment for kids with autism.

Based on research, the program is dedicated to honing the kids’ social skills, practiced through drama and playing. The program is limited to 8 students, and is worth $235 and $240 depending on age group. 


  • More than 50 years of experience
  • Provides classes in playwriting
  • Instructors are certified theatre professionals
  • Holds classes for kids on the autism spectrum


  • No improv classes for adults
  • Playwriting classes only available for teens

4.  Edmonton Musical Theatre

Edmonton Musical Theatre's Homepage
COURSES OFFEREDMusical theatre (Singing, Movement, Choral, Dance, Acting)
ADDRESSWoodcroft Community Hall 13915 - 115 Avenue, Edmonton, AB T5M 4B6
CONTACT NUMBER780-452-8046

[email protected]


Founded in 1977 by Dr. Dasha Goody, the Edmonton Musical Theatre has a long history of musical theatre instruction. The organization continues the work started by its founder, which is to deliver the highest quality of musical theatre performance techniques.

These techniques in singing, movement, choral and dance are taught by a faculty of experts in their own fields, namely, vocal instruction, choreography, music direction and drama. The instructor for the Rising Stars and Junior categories are even taught by an alumnus of the program. 

The programs are arranged by age group, starting from Rising Stars for ages 5-7, the Junior Program with two groups for ages 8-10 and 10-12, the Teen Program for ages 13-16, and the Adult Program for ages 17 and above. 

Each program lasts around 20-23 weeks with one weekly class. Programs are separated into two semesters and culminate into a final performance to demonstrate what students have learned.

On the whole, we think the Rising Stars Program is a good way to expose young children to musical theatre. The course costs $370 for the full year, and $200 per semester. 

The Junior Program also provides students the basics of the techniques in musical theatre. The fee for the full year is $470, and comes up to $250 for one semester.

Meanwhile, the Teen Program is dedicated to budding theatre enthusiasts, and serves as the preparation for the more challenging Adult program. Here, vocal abilities, basic dance movement, and acting skills are developed.

The program costs $500 for the full year. There are no options to pay for one semester alone, and we think this is because the classes are more advanced than the Rising Stars or the Junior Program, and should thus be taken in its entirety.

The Adult Program teaches students all the aspects of musical theatre, and towards the end, gives students the opportunity to perform in a major show produced by the Edmonton Musical Theatre.

With all the knowledge and experience from the classes, we think it makes sense that students are given the chance to showcase them through auditioning for the major show. We also like that it offers exposure to working with a professional crew.

Scholarships are also offered through the Dr. Dasha Goody Memorial Foundation, and are given to vocal performing arts students who wish to further their musical theatre training. EMT also develops Community and Specialty Programs for various organizations, such as those they’ve pioneered for young adults with down syndrome.


  • Courses taught by experienced professionals and alumni
  • Offers scholarships for vocal performing arts students
  • Also offers half a term for younger students
  • Develops specialty programs for special needs groups


  • Focus is on musical theatre only
  • Website is currently under maintenance

Client Testimonials

Run by amazing and dedicated instructors

“This non-profit organization has been serving Edmonton for the past 35 years. Founded in 1977 by Dr. Dasha Goody, the program provides top-notch instruction in all aspects of musical theatre including singing, dancing, acting, and performance technique. The students leave the program with their lives enriched even if they decide not to pursue a life in the theatre. It is a great program run by amazing, dedicated instructors!”––James Toupin, Google Reviews

A place for people of every size, age, and skill level

“This organization is so fun to work with. There truly is a place for people of every size, age, and skill level. Love being a part of this amazing company.”––Emily Barnaschone, Google Reviews

5. The Grindstone Comedy Theater & Bistro

The Grindstone Comedy Theater & Bistro's Homepage
COURSES OFFEREDDance Combo, Intro to Improv, Musical Improv, Stand Up, Sketch Writing, Burlesque, Introduction to Acting, Drama Discovery (kids and teens)
ADDRESS10019 81 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 1W7, Canada
CONTACT NUMBER780-244-9076

[email protected]


The Grindstone Comedy Theatre & Bistro not only offers entertainment, but is also a home of theater professionals who offer lessons in various areas. From comedy to acting, we’re sure you’ll be able to find the best course that suits your interests.

What we like about Grindstone is that they offer an inclusive space that encourages all identities and backgrounds. They assure that everyone is welcome to enroll in any of their classes.

They offer an Intro to Acting course for adults 18 and up, among other things. The course is dedicated to help anyone get comfortable with being on stage, and provides scene studies.

It’s worth noting that Grindstone only offers a beginner’s course in acting for adults. However, the course’s 3 months will be able to cover all necessary information and is taught by theater professionals.

The course is worth $275 per student, by the way. This is at the low end of pricing in the city for such classes. 

Courses for younger students are separated into Drama Discovery Divisions I and II. Division I is for students in grades 1 to 6, and Division II is for students in grades 7 to 9.

These courses are open to all skill levels. We think they are perfect for kids, as the courses serve as their initial exposure to stage awareness, character development, and working alongside other actors.

The final output for every term is an original production. Both Divisions cost $230 per term, lasting 3 months.

Other than the acting classes, they also offer a variety of lessons that cover an entire three-month term for adults, such as dance combo, intro to improv, musical improv, stand up, sketch writing, burlesque.

As part of their inclusivity program, they offer scholarships for BIPOC individuals, and interested applicants may get a 50% discount on course fees.


  • Course fees are lower than others on the list
  • Encourages inclusivity
  • Offers scholarships to BIPOC
  • Variety of courses not limited to acting


  • Only offers beginner’s courses for acting
  • Choices may be limited

Client Testimonials

Instructor knew how to bring out the best

“Improv 1 was really fun! Our instructor knew how to bring out the best of everyone, and the group became (surprisingly) close and supportive. The CoVid guidelines were carefully observed, I felt safe and comfortable at all times. I’m looking forward to the next session!”––Theresa Zip, Google Reviews

High calibre lessons

“I’ll probably echo many other positive comments. I’ve taken improv lessons there and they were really high calibre. Thank you Byron for your work with me and my son…”––Catherine Voisin, Google Reviews

FAQs about Acting Schools in Edmonton

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