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Best Dance Classes in Edmonton

The 14 Best Dance Classes in Edmonton

By Oliver Tremblay

If you’ve always wanted to master dancing but are too shy to try it out, then maybe taking some lessons isn’t such a bad idea. So we’ve listed down an extensive list of the best dance classes in Edmonton in case you want to chase your passion.

We’ve looked around for dance lessons that will help you get active, and that are kind to beginners. We also asked a few fitness enthusiasts whose preferred exercise is dancing if there are places in particular they’ll recommend, and some of their picks can be found here.

Come and check out our list of the best dance classes in Edmonton! You might find the ones that are your speed!

1.  Etudes Dance Studio

Etudes Dance Studio's Logo
(Source:Etudes Dance Studio)
BEST FOR  Ballet
ADDRESS4608 148 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6H 5N5
CONTACT DETAILS(780) 893 – 7799 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURShttp://www.etudesdancestudio.com/152488/schedule/

Etudes Dance Studio mostly caters to children, offering dance classes for ballet, hiphop, creative dancing and jazz. But don’t fret, they have some options for adults as well.

They also have a variety of schedules and pricing options that can fit your budget and availability.

With stellar services and good commitment to teaching children the art of dance, they’re a good choice for some of the best dance lessons in Edmonton.


  • Children-centered lessons
  • Adult lessons available
  • Jazz dancing available

Customer Reviews 

Tracy King has this to say about the environment in this school when her daughter was taking dance lessons from them:

“My daughter has danced at Etudes for a number of years now and has enjoyed every moment. It’s a supportive, non-competitive environment where dancing for the love of dance is the message. Instructors are top notch and the kids progress through the different levels of the different styles of dance, but without the grade levels being at the forefront. The recital at the end of the year is a wonderful production giving the kids a terrific opportunity to showcase what they have learned throughout the year!”

Paige Tyrlik talks about her experiences in this dance class, citing good lessons:

“I’ve been dancing for Etudes dance studio for about 8 years, through these years I’ve been able to make many friends and enjoy my passion for dance. The teachers at this studio are very welcoming and they share there amazing and outstanding work with us. Etudes offers many dance styles and I’ve had the experience of most of them and they are very fun.”

2.  Foot Notes Dance Studio

Foot Notes Dance Studio's Logo
(Source:Foot Notes Dance Studio)
BEST FOR  Wedding and Group Lessons
ADDRESS9708 45th Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 5C5
CONTACT DETAILS(780) 469-3281 | [email protected]

First on our list of the places with the best dance classes in Edmonton is Foot Notes Dance Studio.

They offer great deals for wedding dance tutorials and group classes, so if you’re planning to do a cotillion at your wedding, this is a great place to practice. Another great perk about them is that they teach a variety of dances.

With great picks such as ballroom, salsa, country swing, hiphop, reggaeton, and more, you’ll be able to pick out the ones that you’re interested in learning.

Their amazing rates, easy to learn steps, and sought-out services make them one of the places with the best dance classes in Edmonton.


  • Adult hip hop available
  • Wedding packages available
  • Private, individual sessions available

Customer Reviews

Check out what Keith Aveyard has to say about this place as an inexperienced dancer learning the ropes at this place:

“I found the instruction at Foot Notes, which was provided by Johnathan, to be effective and enjoyable.  Well worth the hour fee.

My perspective is from that of a very inexperienced dancer with two left feet.  The private lesson with my spouse was low stress yet effective and I am now looking to getting out there if or when the gathering restrictions are reduced.”

Raymond Boulette talks about his experience in acquiring their wedding dance lessons:

“Positive: Communication, Professionalism

We took private lessons for the first dance at our wedding and I cannot say enough good things about this studio!  We are so happy with the progress we have made!  Excellent customer service, instructors, practice space and south side location!

Highly recommend for couples looking for lessons!”

3.  Elite Dance Studio

Elite Dance Studio's Logo
(Source:Elite Dance Studio)
BEST FOR  Creative Body Movement
ADDRESS11756 95 St, Edmonton, AB T5G 1L9
OPERATING HOURSOffice Hours: Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 5:30-7:30pm
Operating Hours: Monday-Friday: 4:30-9:30pmSaturday: 11:00am-2:00pm

If you want to get your kids started on a lifelong passion for dancing, then enrolling them in Elite Dance Studio is one of the best things you can do for their development.

They have 4 locations in Edmonton, one downtown, one in the South Side, and two in the West Area. However, their main location is downtown, and is one of the more popular dance studios there.

They have such offers like ballet lessons, hiphop for all ages, competitive ballroom, salsa, merengue, and for children who are getting started, creative body movement to further their developing minds and bodies.

Of course, aside from those, they offer private lessons and wedding dancing lessons as well. With their beginner-friendly courses, you’ll be able to dance in no time, even if you’ve got two left feet!

This makes them one of the places that offer the best dance classes in Edmonton


  • Online lessons available
  • Beginner friendly
  • Kid-friendly

Customer Reviews 

Check out what Allison Nowolselsky has to say about this place and their private dance lessons:

“Our instructor Jim at Elite Dance Studio was amazing!!  My husband and I took 6 private lessons with him prior to our wedding and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience.  Jim was a great teacher, very easy to learn from and a lot of fun.  He also was great at accommodating for our busy schedule leading up to the wedding.  We would recommend anyone new to dance or wanting to expand their dance knowledge go see Jim.

Thank you again for the exceptional service.  We plan to continue with lessons in the new year!”

Eric Gravel talks about how accommodating his dance instructor in this studio:

“Elena was wonderful! She’s very knowledgeable and supportive! We left the lessons learning what we had wanted, but also wanting to possibly reach out to her in the future to learn more dance moves!”

4.  ETOWN SALSA Latin Dance Studios

ETOWN SALSA Latin Dance Studios' Logo
(Source: ETOWN SALSA Latin Dance Studios)
BEST FOR  Salsa lessons
ADDRESS#201, 10923 – 101 st.
CONTACT DETAILS(780) 906-7939 | [email protected]

If you’re looking specifically for salsa dancing lessons or purveyors of Latin dancing, then ETOWN is the best pick for the best dance classes in Edmonton. Specifically Latin dances such as salsa, bachata and others.

Their reputation of great lessons has earned them a position in ThreeBestRated’s Best Dance Schools 2017. They have varied timetables for those who have a more rigid schedule, and even offer private lessons.

Their efficient methods and great way of helping you learn Latin dancing make them one of the places that offer the best dance classes in Edmonton.


  • Varied Latin dancing lessons
  • Multiple options for level and schedule
  • Group classes for corporate available

Customer Reviews 

Banja Luka shares his transformative experience when he tried out ETOWN’s dancing lessons years ago:

“having forgotten almost everything except the love for the music and the basics, I met Alex, with whom I took salsa  level1.5. I immediately felt transformed, and when Alex invited me to his performing salsa and bachata teams, I didn’t think twice. It’s been several amazing months of learning not just about the dance steps, but the roots of the music, and how to really feel the music in order to bring it to life in dance. I recommend E-Town Salsa to everyone who is just beginning to learn Latin dance as Alex breaks down everything in great and patient detail, really enabling you to learn with a lot of 1-on-1 instruction. I have also made a lot of new friends, and it’s made me feel ten years younger within a few weeks! You’re going to love it, enrol today!”

Mariya Lefebvre talks about how this place presents such great lessons in Bachata:

“Today I have experienced that taking lessons with Alex is simply enjoyable and I have learned beyond what I have imagined! Alex is professional, able to answers any question you might have about a given style of dance or music you will dance to! Taking my first lesson today made my day and I don’t remember laughing  as much as I did while learning how to dance Bachata! Thank you Alex!”

5.  Desert Rose Dance Studios Inc.

Desert Rose Dance Studios Inc.'s Logo
(Source: Desert Rose Dance Studios Inc.)
BEST FOR  Belly dancing lessons
ADDRESS10575 115 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 3K4
CONTACT DETAILS+1 780-604-2685 | [email protected]

Next on our list of the studios offering the best dance lessons in Edmonton is Desert Rose Dance Studios. If hip hop or salsa isn’t your thing, belly dancing is an amazing alternative to that.

They offer personalized programs and group classes as well. Other than that, they also offer wedding choreography.

Their services are a great go-to if you want quality education in belly dancing. They’ve been recognized as one of Vue Weekly’s Best Dance Studio and Best Dance Lessons in Edmonton in 2016, and ThreeBestRated’s Best Dance Schools in Edmonton in 2015.


  • Group classes available
  • Wedding choreography available
  • Workshops available

Customer Reviews 

Here’s what some of their past clients say about them:

Desert Rose is a wonderful place to learn dance of all levels. Whether you’re a complete beginner or well seasoned this is a great place to build your skills and have a chance to perform. Performance isn’t mandatory but there’s the option for it, which I appreciate. I love that you can take drop in classes or you can registered for a term and learn a specific chereograph. I find the cost very affordable and reasonable.

It’s a very supportive environment, flexible and encouraging. The open teaching style has helped me improve and I always find the classes a lot of fun and motivational. I have even found the other participants friendly and outgoing.

This dance studio had done a great job of creating community around their teaching. I especially like the dance troop classes that bring together participants who want to perform at festivals. I highly recommend this studio. It’s adorable and it’s a great place to learn.”

Here’s another one:

“I took a free drop in class to try something new and fell in love with belly dancing! Zahra is an amazing teacher, she makes it easy to learn the moves and choreography. I drive 25 mins to get there from the far south end of Edmonton, to downtown. Totally worth it!”

6. J’Adore Dance

BEST FOR  Dance Lessons
ADDRESS5708 111 ST


Edmonton, Alberta

T6H 3G1

CONTACT DETAILS(780) 701-4942 


[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSSaturday 9am–5pm


Sunday 9am–5pm

Monday 9am–9pm

Tuesday 10am–2:30pm, 4–9pm

Wednesday 10am–9pm

(Armistice Day) Hours might differ

Thursday 9am–9pm

Friday 10am–5:30pm

J’Adore Dance believes that everyone can dance, and encourages their customers to learn and have fun while doing so. They value the belief that dance could improve the wellness of children holistically. It addresses their: physical, mental, and emotional well being.

They offer numerous programs for people of all ages: parented dance, adult dance and kids dance. There are a variety of genres to choose from, but for sure, you’ll find the right one that will harness your talents in their safe and non-competitive environment.


  • You don’t have to be an expert or have a background in dance! All you need is confidence and the goal to learn and have fun
  • They offer field trips, workshops, and special events for schools and community groups to enhance their creativity and expression

7. FiestaCubana Dance School

BEST FOR  Cuban dance lessons
ADDRESS7511 104 St NW
Edmonton, AB T6E 4C1
CONTACT DETAILSOrlando Martinez (780) 288-9463
Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSWednesday 4:30–9:30pm
Thursday 5:30–9:30pm
Friday 4:30–9:30pm
Saturday 5:30–9:30pm
Sunday Closed
Monday 5:30–9:30pm
Tuesday 4:30–9:30pm

Learn the beautiful dancing culture of Cuba in FiestaCubana Dance School. Casino Salsa, Salsa Suelta, Cha Cha Chá and Reggaeton are just a few of the fun-filled dances that will be taught to you.

Online classes are being offered this COVID-19 pandemic, so you can still dance and party in the safety of your homes. Enroll to FiestaCubana Dance School and get your body and spirits moving!


  • Authentic Cuban dances taught by Cuban instructors such as Casino Salsa, Salsa Suelta, Cha Cha Chá, Reggaeton, Rueda de Casino, Afro-Cuban Movement and etc
  • It starts with basic dances until it strategically includes more complex movements as the class progresses
  • Basic refreshers would still be taught if you happen to need one

8. Mattierin Studios

BEST FOR  High-level competitive programs and adult recreational classes
ADDRESS7925 158 Street, Edmonton AB
CONTACT DETAILSEmail: [email protected]
Tel: 780-467-7358

Skills gained in Irish dance go beyond competitive success. Mattierin instills discipline, dedication, work ethic, confidence, teamwork, commitment, and a high level of fitness while encouraging life-long friendships and a love of Irish dance.

All the teachers at Mattierin have completed the Canadian Child Protection Course and cleared a Vulnerable Persons Check through local police authorities.

For brand new beginners, Mattierin offers the option for students to attend a 4-Class Trial (1 class/week consecutively) without further obligation or commitment ($95). No special attire or shoes required.


  • Mattierin dancers have achieved incredible success winning numerous titles and awards at local, national, and international competitions
  • Edmonton’s most successful Irish dance studio

Customer Reviews 

Here’s what some of their past clients say about them:

“The teachers encourage you to keep dancing and keep yourself fit.”

9. Casa Tango Edmonton

Casa Tango's Logo
BEST FOR  Argentin Tango Classes and Milongas
ADDRESS4308 Whitemud Rd. NW Edmonton, AB T6H 5S3
CONTACT DETAILS(780) 439-7771

Casa Tango Edmonton is a not-for-profit association registered in Edmonton. They bring awareness and promote the development of Argentine Tango and its culture.

They truly believe that Argentine Tango can be learned and loved by anyone. They also host outstanding visiting teachers who conduct valuable workshops several times per year.


  • Teachers with experience
  • Online Classes

Customer Reviews 

Here’s what some of their past clients say about them:

“Great experience, relaxed atmosphere and super fun! Would definitely recommend to try!”

Here is another one:

“This bootcamp was incredible. The teachers were fantastic and so professional. The lessons were easy to follow and learn, the history of the dance was interesting and the studio was very nice and clean. An absolute pleasure!”

10. Marr-Mac Dance & Theatre Arts

BEST FOR  Dance & Theatre Arts
ADDRESS8627-109 Street Edmonton, Alberta T6G 1E7
CONTACT DETAILSOffice Phone: (780) 434-9281


Email: [email protected]

OPERATING HOURSMonday-Thursday: 4:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.


Saturdays: 9:15 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Marr-Mac Dance & Theatre Arts was established in 1968 initiated by mother Jaqeline Macdonald and her daughter Deane Marr. The institution evolved through time offering a wide range of lessons and training in the present-day thus, creating competitive dancers. 

They believe that they are more than just teachers, but also builders of a welcoming environment for students who wish to learn the art.


  • Friendly staff & teachers
  • Quality instructions
  • Numerous levels and genres

Customer Reviews 

Here’s a review from one of Marr-Mac Dance & Theatre Arts’ clients:

“Wonderful dance studio; they have many varieties of dance such such as highland, bollywood, and contemporary. They offer adult classes as well. The year end show is always an enjoyable time. I’m not sure about other levels/genres, but at least for the higher levels of ballet, there are numerous occasions for the ballerinas to compete and dance at many functions.” – Lujia Cai

Here’s another one:

“We Love this place… I took the parented class with my Daughter, 2 months later she Still remembers the songs and Moves  … for sure we will be taking more classes there :)” – Yuly Fernanda Toro

11. Mc Elhatton School-Irish

BEST FOR  Irish dance
ADDRESSEdmonton, Alberta
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: (780) 488-4919


Email: [email protected]

OPERATING HOURSContact for more details

The McElhatton School of Irish Dancing in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada was established in 2002. Their students range in age from preschool to adult. They believe that Irish Dancing is both an individual and a team sport.

Their primary focus is building supportive relationships and community connections to foster resiliency in their students and to encourage their lifelong physical activity through dance.


  • Registered with C.L.R.G., Dublin; W.C.I.D.T.A., Western Canada; I.D.T.A.N.A., North America
  • Students participate in competititons (“feisanna”) year round throughout Western Canada and North America, including qualifiers for the World Championships

12. Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Edmonton

BEST FOR  Beginner’s dance lessons
ADDRESS200-10505 107 St
NW Edmonton, AB, T5H 2Y5
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: (780) 488-7722
OPERATING HOURSTuesday-Friday: 12 PM – 10 PM


Saturday: 11 AM – 5 PM

At Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Edmonton, their talented instructors and proven teaching methods will have you on the floor in no time. Experience the grace and excitement of this timeless social activity with programs that are customized to fit your unique goals and schedule.

They believe that learning to dance opens doors to improved health, closer relationships with loved ones and produces a greater passion and joy for life.

Furthermore, they offer convenient appointment times and personalized lesson plans to help you learn what you want, at your own pace, so you never have to miss out on the joy dancing can bring!


  • Online classes are available
  • Patient instructors who are also professional dancers
  • New student offers
  • They offer gift certificates

13. Dancefusion

BEST FOR  Ballet, lyrical, contemporary, modern, tap, jazz, hip-hop, breakdance, cheer, musical theater, aero, aerial, hammock
ADDRESS#225, 65 Chippewa Road


Sherwood Park, AB T8A 6J7

CONTACT DETAILSCall 780.464.6963  


[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSMonday, Thursday, and Friday: 4PM-8PMTuesday and Wed: 9AM-8PM


Saturday: : 9AM – 3PM

Dancefusion trains dancers in a friendly and family-oriented atmosphere.

As opposed to others, Dancefusion offers Al Gilbert Tap syllabus and Cecchetti Ballet exams.

Dancefusion has some of the most sought-after teachers in Alberta. They always do their best to inspire their students to become better dancers!

According to some of their clients, the teachers at Dancefusion are very good at their job and friendly to all ages. They give attention to everyone equally.


  • Wide range of services
  • Professional dance teachers
  • Alumni have gone on to have professional careers

14. Emerge Dance Academy

BEST FOR  Teaching young dancers
ADDRESS10104 121st, Edmonton, AB, T5N-1K4
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSContact for more information

Emerge Dance Academy offers competitive and recreational classes. Some of their classes are Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Lyrical, Hip-Hop, Musical Theatre, and so much more.

They offer their classes for literally anyone! They accept students ages from three years old to adult.

From the feedback people have left them, it is clear that they really provide high-quality instruction in all areas of dances. That they are really committed to offering their students the best curriculum anyone could ask for!

They value dancing because they believe that dance stimulates the imagination, teaches poise, promotes good posture, body alignment, musical awareness, and develops rhythm and coordination. It also increases strength, flexibility and exercises cognitive abilities.


  • Have summer classes
  • Diverse services
  • Professional dance educators

These studios for the best dance classes in Edmonton can help you achieve your dream in learning how to move your body to music. Whatever dancing style you want, you’re sure to learn them at any of these places.

Are there any other great services that we missed, though? Send us a message and we’ll update the article promptly.

And if you want to get fitness lessons instead of dancing, here’s the list of the best personal trainers in Edmonton for that as well.