Best Blood Tests in Edmonton

5 Places for the Best Blood Tests in Edmonton

By Noah Murray

Sometimes we need to get our blood tested for detection of any possible diseases or viruses. When you need to get tested, here are the clinics for the best blood test in Edmonton that can help you find accurate results.

We’ve looked around for the clinics that deliver the most accurate and reliable results. Plenty of locals rely on their services, and we’ve rounded up the ones that are affordable as well as top of the line.

1.  Dynalife

Dynalife's Logo
(Source: Dynalife)
BEST FOR  Medical Testing
ADDRESS Multiple locations:
CONTACT DETAILS (780) 451-3702

First in our list of the places with the best blood tests in Edmonton is Dynalife. Given the importance of blood tests in assessing your overall health, they provide collection services for patients all over Edmonton.

Along with their services, they also do referral testing as well as offer consulting and management services to a wide range of healthcare organizations. You can guarantee that the results of your exam will be accurate if they come from here.


  • 30 branches all over Edmonton
  • Community patient care centres
  • Central laboratories


2.  Optimum Wellness Integrated Clinic

Optimum Wellness Integrated's Logo
(Source:Optimum Wellness Integrated Clinic)
BEST FOR  Medical Care Testing
ADDRESS Orchards Gate, #201 – 9080 25 Ave SW Edmonton, AB T6X 2H4
CONTACT DETAILS 780 – 439-1200 | [email protected]

Aside from delivering healthcare and naturopathic wellness towards locals, Optimum Wellness Integrated Clinic also provides lab testing. The scope of testing and assessments here includes everything from micronutrient testing to neurotransmitter testing.

This puts them squarely in a position as one of the places with the best blood tests in Edmonton. They employ high standards for accurate and appropriate testing.


  • Naturopathic treatments available
  • Comprehensive testing
  • Consumer Choice Award for Business Excellence

3.  Alberta Health Services

Alberta Health Services' Logo
(Source:Alberta Health Services)
BEST FOR  Medical Care, Testing
ADDRESS 11936 104 Avenue NW Edmonton, Alberta T5K 0G6
10405 Jasper Avenue Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3N4
CONTACT DETAILS (NW) 780-702-4486 (Appointment Line), 587-782-7127 (Lab)| (Jasper Ave) 780-702-4486 (Appointment Line), 780-413-0983

Next in our list of the labs doing the best blood tests in Edmonton is Alberta Health Services. They have been providing health care to Albertans for a number of illnesses for many years.

They’re a province-wide, fully integrated health system. Their labs can provide services for the collection of blood and other fluids as ordered by your physician or any healthcare provider.

They have a wide range of specialized lab testing options as well as consultations, making them one of the clinics you should visit for the best blood tests in Edmonton.


  • Sample drop off available
  • Community-involved doctors
  • Several locations

4.  Kaye Edmonton Clinic

Kaye Edmonton Clinic's Building
(Source: Yelp)
BEST FOR  Medical Care, Testing
ADDRESS 11400 University Avenue Edmonton, AB T6G 1Z1
CONTACT DETAILS (780) 407-5000
OPERATING HOURS 7:00 am – 5:00 pm

Kaye Edmonton Clinic is one of the facilities under Alberta Health Services. They do a wide range of assessments, which includes hematology.

You can get prompt blood testing at this clinic, and with their great patient care, they’re one of the places that have the best blood tests in Edmonton.


  • Under AHS system
  • Accepts insurance
  • Barrier-free parking available


5.  Canadian Blood Services

Canadian Blood Services' Logo
BEST FOR  Blood Testing
ADDRESS 8249 114 St Edmonton, AB T6G 2R8
CONTACT DETAILS 780-431-8765
OPERATING HOURS Monday to Friday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. MT

The laboratory for Immunohematology Reference and Diagnostic services located in Edmonton specializes in the identification and resolution of complex patient red cell antibody problems.

With a team of expert technologists and a large inventory, they’ll help with transfusion-related problems as well as help with hospital consultations when it comes to assessments.

Their services provide patient access to accurate testing. Conditions are assessed and diagnosed at this place. With this kind of efficiency, they’re in this list of the best blood tests in Edmonton.


  • Immunohematology-focused
  • Serves Alberta, North West Territories and Lloydminster, Saskatchewan


And with that, this list of the places with the best blood tests in Edmonton comes to an end. We hope you found a good clinic in this list that will fill your need for blood work.

Are there services that we missed? Send us a message and we’ll update the article promptly.

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