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The 5 Best Dental Schools in Edmonton

Best Dental School in Edmonton
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Are you thinking about entering dentistry or the oral healthcare field? If you are, then this list that we’ve put together today is exactly what you need to decide.

After careful research, we’ve put together this list of dental schools around the city based on their reputations, fees, and programs offered.

Before you take a look at our list of the best dental schools in Edmonton, let’s take a look at how much tuition fees cost first.

How Much Does Dental Schools Cost in Edmonton?

The average tuition fee for a Canadian resident taking a basic diploma course in the field of dentistry is about $20,000 per year. This may or may not include other miscellaneous or mandatory fees such as textbooks or laboratory fees, just to name a few.

To make it simpler to visualize, we’ve compiled the tuition fees for the dental schools on our list and have outlined the corresponding courses as well.

Learning InstitutionProgramTuition CostOther Mandatory Fees
University of AlbertaDDS (Domestic Student)$22,545.00$21,041.00
DDS (International Student)$89,262.00$12,625.00
DDS Advanced Placement Program$51,615.32$26,100.00
Northern Alberta Institute of TechnologyDental Technology$19,113.00$2,000.00
CDI CollegeDental Assisting$19,685.40$1,697.00
KDM Dental CollegeDental Assisting$19,773.00$620.00
Norquest CollegeDental Office Assistant Certificate$3,421.00$1,061.00

The Best Dental Schools in Edmonton

Now that you know what to expect in terms of tuition fees and other school related costs, we can now take a look at our picks for the top dental schools in Edmonton.

1.   University of Alberta

University of Alberta's Homepage
PROGRAMSDentistry, Dental Hygiene, Graduate Studies, Dental Residency Programs, Continuing Education for Dental Professionals
ADDRESSEdmonton Clinic Health Academy 11405 – 87 Avenue NW, 5th Floor, Edmonton, AB T6G 1C9
CONTACT DETAILSDentistry Admissions
Phone: (780) 492-1319
Fax: (780) 492-7536
Email: [email protected]
Graduate Studies
Phone: (780) 492-8041
Email: [email protected]

For those interested in the dental profession, the University of Alberta offers five main programs: dentistry, dental hygiene, graduate studies, dental residency programs, and continuing education for dental professionals.

To acquire their Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree, applicants need at least two pre-professional years of education to be eligible for this four-year or 11-term undergraduate program.

The first two years of the DDS program involve studying the basics of dental anatomy with numerous physiology lectures. Clinical practice, laboratories, and interaction at actual clinics will be integrated in the final two years.

Now, if you’ve already graduated from another school with a dental program that’s not accredited by the Commission of Dental Accreditation for Canada (CDAC) or the Commission of Dental Accreditation for the United States (CODA), you’ll be put in their Advanced Placement program.

For you to qualify in this particular course, you need to have four years of dental school and must pass the Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge (AFK) Examination sponsored by the National Dental Examining Board of Canada (NDEB). If your application is accepted, you’ll enter the dental program in the second year.

Other requirements include proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent residency and passing results from an English proficiency exam. Once you’ve been accepted, a $1,000 non-refundable deposit is needed to secure your slot, which will be deducted from your tuition fees.

Should you want to further your studies, the University of Alberta also offers a Master’s and Doctoral degree (Ph.D.) in dentistry. These include programs in oral biology, orthodontics, and periodontology.

If you need to complete a residency requirement, they offer a postgraduate Dental General Practice Residency Program, which lasts for one year. Take note that only four positions per year are handed out, which makes it one of the most coveted in Alberta.

Other postgraduate studies include certifications and courses for those who are already working as professionals in the dentistry field. This helps them stay current, expand their knowledge, and can allow them to further expand their repertoire of skills.


  • Offers residency and graduate studies programs
  • Comprehensive clinical practice and residency
  • State-of-the-art learning facilities and equipment


  • Graduates of non-accredited schools must take 3-year program
  • Only four residency slots per year
  • Expensive tuition

2.   Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)'s Homepage
PROGRAMSDental Assisting Technology Diploma Program, Dental Technology Diploma Program, Denturist Technology Diploma Program
ADDRESS11762-106th Street, Edmonton, AB T5G 2R1
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: (780) 471-8930
Fax: (780) 491-3149
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday: 9:00am – 5:00pm

The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) offers a 3-year Denturist Technology diploma program that teaches students how to evaluate, create, and install complete and partial dentures. Theories and technical training take place over the first two years, while the last year involves practical lessons in a simulated clinic.

Graduates of the denturist program, however, might still need to complete a one or two-year residency and take additional examinations as specified by the local regulatory body of where they want to practice.

NAIT also offers a 2-year Dental Technology diploma program that teaches students how to create corrective devices used for teeth. They’ll learn how to make full or partial dentures, fix crowns, bridges, and other orthodontic devices.

Lastly, NAIT also has a Dental Assisting Technology diploma program that enables the students with the skills to provide support to dentists and hygienists. Whether it’s dental sciences, administration, or preventing oral infections, the program prepares its graduates thoroughly.

With a special focus on training and hands-on skills, NAIT’s dentistry program features around 1,730 hours of education in a small-group setting. Students’ weekly schedules will consist of around 28-30 hours a week in classes and 15 hours a week for studies and school work.

This school accepts open studies, international students, and advanced credit, so transferees or those who have obtained education elsewhere will integrate nicely into their curriculum. Graduates from NAIT’s dentistry programs will be eligible for the National Board Examination, which must be completed to be certified in Canada.

Their CDAC-certified programs will help graduates with employment in general dentistry, specialty practices, or community health care units, just to name a few. We like the programs here at NAIT because of the flexible scheduling and the ability to take some of the classes online.


  • Accepts international students
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Wide variety of programs available


  • Requires tuition deposit to secure slot
  • LImited scholarships available

3.   CDI College

CDI College's Homepage
PROGRAMSDental Assisting Diploma Program
ADDRESSEdmonton City Centre Campus 200 – 10004 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, AB T5J 1R3
CONTACT DETAILSToll Free: 1-800-675-4392
Email: [email protected]
Monday to Thursday: 8:00am – 7:00pm
Friday: 8:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am – 2:00pm
Sunday: Closed

CDI College has been providing training and education for the past 5 decades, helping students attain their chosen career paths. Known as one of Canada’s leading training institutions, they offer a wide range of programs covering a diverse array of careers.

Their sole offering is a Dental Assisting diploma program, which is a 45-week course that educates its students with in-depth lectures and practical training. Upon graduation, they’ll be fully equipped to compete for a career in the dental industry.

Students will be taught in-patient prep, radiograph processing, infection control systems, and other administrative responsibilities, just to name a few. Other topics covered will include environmental health and safety, oral-facial science, and other basic subjects on dentistry.

The dental program here is accredited by the Commission of Dental Accreditation of Canada (CDAC), granting eligibility to apply for the National Dental Assisting Examination Board (NDAEB) Certification Exam. Graduates can seek careers as certified dental assistants in dental offices, dental laboratories, or dental distribution and manufacturing companies.

A 140-hour required practicum is also part of the course, wherein students will work alongside a privately practicing dentist. This non-paid on-the-job training is required for receiving the diploma.

The requirements are not particularly strict for the Dental Assisting course –  only a Grade 12 diploma transcript, police clearance, and an immunization report are needed. For more mature students, they’ll need to present certified transcripts with at least 33 credits to an Albertan high school diploma, with at least a 50% grade in English or Math.

We like CDI College because you can choose either a daytime schedule or evening classes which is ideal for those who have other commitments and responsibilities. Financial assistance is also offered for those who are eligible and meet the required criteria.


  • Fast-paced course can be completed in less than a year
  • Requirements for admission are easy to obtain
  • Specialized course in dental assisting


  • Does not accept international students
  • Does not accept credits from other dental schools

4.   KDM Dental College

KDM Dental College's Homepage
PROGRAMDental Assistant Program
ADDRESS2101, 10104 – 103 Avenue, Edmonton, AB T5J 0H8
CONTACT DETAILSToll Free:1-800-463-9201
Phone: (780) 423-6863
Fax: (780) 423-6892
Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday through Friday (except holidays) 7:30am – 3:00pm.

KDM Dental College is a licensed vocational institution and is the only exclusively dental school in the Edmonton area. They provide training in theory and practical knowledge, enabling students to become successful and productive members of any dental team.

They offer a highly accelerated 28-week or 7-month Dental Assistant program, with approximately 2-3 hours of in-person classes each day. For those that are looking to start working in the field as soon as possible, this fast-paced course will suit their needs.

The practical clinical training in this program occurs during the last 12 weeks which includes practice, evaluation, and demonstrations. Patient clinics are scheduled for the last two weeks of the program, which then takes up a full day from 7:30 am – 4:00 pm.

KDM Dental College also requires students to complete on-the-job training with a total of 150 hours. This unpaid practicum is a requirement for completion of the dental assistant program.

A grade 12 high school transcript is required for undergraduates while mature students need only at least a grade 10 level. However, both will need to complete an admissions test with a score of at least 75% to be eligible for admission to KDM Dental College.

Students who finish the program are eligible to apply for the NDAEB theoretical examination. Once they pass the exam, they’ll still need to register with the College of Alberta Dental Assistants to procure their license to work as a Registered Dental Assistant in the province.

Moreover, what makes KDM Dental College unique is they also function as a placement agency for those who are looking for work, whether domestic or overseas. Potential employers can also post job listings for any of the school’s alumni, which makes this college a great choice for those who want to work right away.


  • Has its own job placement agency
  • Offers fast-paced accelerated program


  • Only offers one program
  • Doesn’t accept international applicants

5.   Norquest College

Norquest College's Homepage
PROGRAMSDental Office Assistant
ADDRESS10215 108 Street NW Edmonton, Alberta, T5J 1L6
CONTACT DETAILSCollege Directory
Toll Free: 1-866-534-7218
Phone: (780) 644-6000
Email: [email protected]
Student Recruiters:
Phone: (780) 644-5927
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday: 10:00am – 7:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am – 4:00pm

NorQuest College aims to provide its students with the necessary skills and education to give them new career opportunities, provide for their families, and contribute to the world. They offer post-secondary diploma and certificate programs that can lead to jobs in the health, community, and business sectors.

Their fast-paced 12-week certificate program teaches students the administrative role in a dental practice. The course will include lectures on dental terminology, procedures, and the operation of dental computer software.

This program is for those who want to experience working in the healthcare industry, particularly in a dental clinic. Applicants are required to have intermediate computer knowledge and can type at least 40 words a minute.

With a required unpaid 150-hour practicum, students may opt to have it near their residence or within their community. However, they will have no control over the schedule assigned to them, which may include evening shifts, weekends, and holidays.

Due to its short duration, international students are not advised to take up this program because the work permit for the practicum may not be issued in time.

Moreover, those who take this certificate course will be required to complete two additional classes to qualify for completion costing $40 each. The first is a class on dealing with hazardous materials in the workplace while the other is the Human Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure course.

However, these two additional classes can be completed in one week, lasting only 4-6 hours in length. To make it even more convenient,  they can be taken online from the comfort of your home.

Take note though that NorQuest requires students to have their own computer for this course with specifications that must meet the school’s recommended requirements. Using Mac laptops is not recommended since students are required to use Microsoft 365 and other programs that only work with Windows 10 systems.


  • Accelerated 12-week course
  • Can choose where to take practicum
  • Affordable tuition fees


  • High English proficiency requirements
  • Requires 40 words/minute typing speed
  • Need Windows laptop and Microsoft 365

FAQs about Dental Schools in Edmonton

This concludes our list of the best dental schools in Edmonton. We hope you were able to find a school from this list that suits your needs!

Did we miss any dental schools that should be added to our list? If so, send us a message so we can check it out.

Now, if all this talk about dentists has started to make you think about your own oral health, we’ve got you covered. Go ahead and read this list of the best dentists in Edmonton to have your pearly whites checked.