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Best Edmonton Community Centres

The 9 Best Edmonton Community Centres

By Noah Murray

If you’re looking for places to spend some time during the weekends, then the best Edmonton community centres have a variety of activities weekly.

These places double as gymnasiums and hold seminars: they offer different activities as well.  We asked different residents of Edmonton to come up with this list of community centres.

Most of these are run by the government, but others are run by private sectors. But whether it’s government owned or not, these best Edmonton community centres can provide you a spacious place for any event you need.

Take a look at our picks!

1.  Whitemud Creek Community Centre

Whitemud Creek Community Centre
(Source: Whitemud Creek Community Centre)
BEST FOR  Community Centers
PRODUCTS http://whitemudcreek.ca/whitemud-creek-community-centre
WEBSITE http://whitemudcreek.ca/whitemud-creek-community-centre
ADDRESS 951 Ogilvie Blvd NW, Edmonton, AB T6R 1K8
CONTACT DETAILS +1 780-430-7660 | [email protected]

First on our list of the best Edmonton community centres is Whitemud Creek Community Centre. From small functions to large celebrations, they offer spacious places for whatever event you may be having.

The place can fit around 140 guests, making it a good space to host weddings or seminars. However, they do not guarantee that the fountain will open at times.

Still, it’s a good venue for mass gatherings and activities. That’s why people often refer to them when talking about the best Edmonton community centres.


  • Large venue
  • Fits 140 people
  • Prompt services

Customer Reviews

Find out why customers enjoy this place:

Went to a friends wedding here, it is an underrated location, its stunning inside the way the beams are set inside, the view from the small balcony, and the pond make it extremely lovely no matter what event you are choosing to host here. It was the perfect size for 80+ guests at their wedding, a photobooth, DJ and catering. I would recommend it if you’re looking for quaint and peaceful with a gorgeous setting. Sorry for blurry images, my phone is broken and not taking photos as well as it could.

—Selina Streahorn, Google Reviews

Nice place good beautifully placed very good community nice environment good customer service staff

—faisal gillani, Google Reviews


2.  Eastwood Community League & Centre

Eastwood Community League & Centre
(Source:Eastwood Community League & Centre)
BEST FOR  Community centre
PRODUCTS https://www.eastwoodcommunity.org
WEBSITE https://www.eastwoodcommunity.org
ADDRESS 11803 86 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5B 3J9
CONTACT DETAILS 1 780-438-1222 | [email protected]

Eastwood Community League & Centre is a place that often hosts markets and other private and public functions. Other than offering hall rentals, they also have skating events and offer memberships.

The halls can be rented out from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. every day. The rentals can be as cheap as $50 to as high as $200, depending on the function room to be used.

Their easy-to-understand process and accessible areas make them one of the best Edmonton community centres.


  • Membership available
  • Hourly and daily rates
  • Skating available

Customer Reviews

Find out why customers enjoy this place:

Great community venue, nice Kitchen and bathrooms very clean.

—Alice Siwiec, Google Reviews

Nice place good beautifully placed very good community nice environment good customer service staff

—Jody Craig, Google Reviews

3.  West Meadowlark Community League

West Meadowlark Community League
(Source:West Meadowlark Community League)
BEST FOR  Community centres
PRODUCTS https://sites.google.com/view/westmeadowlarkcl/
WEBSITE https://sites.google.com/view/westmeadowlarkcl/
ADDRESS 9311 165 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5R 2S5
CONTACT DETAILS +1 780-484-6132 | [email protected]

Another great Edmonton community centre, West Meadowlark Community offers an array of recreational and sports activities.

They currently house a fully accessible playground (no sand), basketball court, shaded picnic structures, spray park, and a hockey rink as well as a social skating rink in the winter.

They have different programs for all ages, whether it’s for the kiddos or for adults who want to find something to do on the weekends. They also rent out their halls for conventions and seminars.

Although pricier than most, it’s worth the space and well-maintained function halls. Though they usually rent it to past renters with good standing and WMCL members, so keep that in mind.

With their staff’s great dedication to maintaining this centre, they’re one of the best Edmonton community centres.


  • Seasonal activities available
  • Well-maintained
  • Spacious halls

Customer Reviews

Find out why customers enjoy this place:

Great playground and spry park on summer and awesome ice ring and little hill for tobogganing on winter! Love this please with the kids only con (4 stars) is because they don’t have a washroom on the site really inconvenient for the little kids!

—Paola Palomares, Google Reviews

Always a fun park for the kids. There is a picnic area, spray park with a cool Canada/Alberta theme and a variety of climbing structures for different ages. The washroom is across the field in the fitness centre. It can be hard for little kids to make it all the way there if they waited too long. Otherwise, a lovely playground!

—Amanda Woodworth, Google Reviews

4.  Millbourne Community Life Centre

Millbourne Community Life Centre
(Source:Millbourne Community Life Centre)
BEST FOR  Community centre
PRODUCTS https://millbournelife.ca
WEBSITE https://millbournelife.ca
ADDRESS 2101 Millbourne Road West Edmonton AB T6K 0Y3
CONTACT DETAILS 780-462-2575 | [email protected]

A Christian-based community centre, they have plenty of partnerships with Edmonton Food Bank, WECAN, Youth Unlimited, Community Food Pantry, Summer sports camp for kids, and Millwoods Friendship Center (ESL).

They offer plenty of services, programs, and events that anyone can participate in. Their facilities in particular make them one of the best Edmonton community centres.

They also have a calendar of events, so go check that out if you’ve decided to join any of their programs.


  • Partners with surrounding associations
  • Wide array of programs
  • Superb quality

Customer Reviews

Find out why customers enjoy this place:

Took a friend to the food bank there. Boxes were filled and ready.

—Bruce Kerr, Google Reviews

Good place with really good people. The free English classes offered are really good for new immigrants. Likewise conversation classes over the weekend are also good.

—Abdul Hameed, Google Reviews

5.  South Edmonton Sejong Multicultural Centre

South Edmonton Sejong Multicultural Centre
(Source:South Edmonton Sejong Multicultural Centre)
BEST FOR  Community centres
PRODUCTS https://www.sejongedmonton.ca/?cat=24
WEBSITE https://www.sejongedmonton.ca/?cat=24
ADDRESS 2503 Ellwood Dr SW, Edmonton, AB T6X 0P7
CONTACT DETAILS 780-246-9464 | [email protected]

Offering an amazing venue for multicultural activities, Sejong Multicultural Centre is a place that you can count on. This is a place that has available daycares, grassroots English programs, taekwondo lessons and the like.

This venue also has a spot for seminars, although you’ll need to reserve it ASAP since they have many bookings. They’re a pretty popular spot for Montessori-based learning and have a good reputation among residents.

They’re one of the best Edmonton community centres for those looking to host important seminars. That said, do know they have plenty of requirements before rentals — but at least that assures you that management looks after the place properly.


  • Multiple halls
  • Renter’s requirements need to be filled.
  • Large spaces

Customer Reviews

Find out why customers enjoy this place:

We came here to go to Capital City Baptist Church in Edmonton. They have ample parking, nice clean  building, plenty of rooms for all your needs.

CCBC is a great place, and I highly encourage anyone that’s looking for a wonderful church to come and join them.

—Anthony Yaseyko Google Reviews

A nice and big space for celebrating big event. Employees are very helpful. Place is very clean and net.

—Rajeeb Sikder, Google Reviews

6. Leefield Community League

BEST FOR  Community centers and event hall rentals
PRODUCTS http://www.leefield.ca/hall-rental-information.html
WEBSITE http://www.leefield.ca/
ADDRESS 7910 – 36 Avenue Edmonton, Alberta T6K 1H7
CONTACT DETAILS 780-463-2456

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURS Wednesday 9am–12:30pm, 6–8:30pm

Thursday 9am–12:30pm

Friday 9am–12:30pm

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed

Monday 9am–12:30pm

Tuesday 9am–12:30pm

Leefield Community League provides a clean, safe and welcoming space for any event. They have a ​Main Hall Banquet Room which can accommodate up to 250 people, and a lovely Fireside Room for 60 people. They continue to operate under Covid restrictions and have adjusted the capacity for the social distancing requirements.

Leefield Community League also hosts other events in their place like ​ballroom & latin dance classes, bingos, outdoor community rink, outdoor movie nights and numerous volunteer activities. By being a member of the Leefield Community League, you gain free entrances and discounts to recreation activities, and also opportunities to have better integration in the community.


  • Membership available – Memberships can be purchased for $25 and is valid from September 1 to August 31 but can be purchased any time during the year. 
  • Large Venue – The halls could cater to a large capacity for any event you may need, while still following COVID protocols.

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Leefield Community League’s clients:

We had our wedding here, the location does not have A/C but, we did not find that an issue even though it was a somewhat hot day. The fans are well powered and keep the air circulating nicely. The Fireside Room is a fantastic choice add-on we took advantage of for placing our Bar, with the added bonus of a pool table and shuffleboard for the guests.

The main venue itself is quite well sized and we found the price to be very fair and competitive to similarly accommodating venues. One of the big things for us was having a fair sized dance floor without sacrificing seating or needing to move tables which Leefield provided. The full sized professional kitchen makes it easy to arrange for catering that doesn’t get carted in but done on site. We would use the venue again.

Here’s another one:

“Great venue for weddings, family reunions, birthdays, etc. All the volunteers put on amazing events, such as movies, arts and crafts, Halloween parties, and the list goes on and on. Highly recommend thus community hall.”

7. Lynnwood Community Hall

BEST FOR  Hall Rentals
PRODUCTS Hall and Facilities Rental
WEBSITE https://lynnwoodcommunity.com/membership/our-hall/
ADDRESS 15525 84 Ave NW, Edmonton AB T5R 3Y1
CONTACT DETAILS (780) 484-4893
OPERATING HOURS Contact their phone number for more information

Lynnwood Community League allows its halls open for members in the Lynnwood Community. An estimate of 120 people can be accommodated by the hall that Lynnwood Community League offers. 

Aside from its spacious hall, Lynnwood Community League also provides sound system and television for rent. For more information and bookings, you may visit their website https://lynnwoodcommunity.com/membership/our-hall/ and follow the instructions posted.


  • Non-smoking facility
  • Sound system and Television rental

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Lynnwood Community Hall’s clients:

“I was in the Lynnwood Community Hall a number of years ago to attend a church service with a friend. His church divides the city into cell groups, and each groups meets in a different location, usually a hall of some kind. This was the west end meeting. The hall is a very straight-forward facility with a large meeting area, washrooms, a kitchen, and is situated on a small park. There is ample parking, and the main area seated around 100 people. The hall can be rented out for functions and also hosts community events. If you need to host an event in the west end and need a hall, it is definitely worth checking out to get current rates and details.” – Paula K.

8. Lorelei-Beaumaris Community League

BEST FOR  Hall Rentals
PRODUCTS Hall and Facilities Rental, Programs, and Memberships
WEBSITE http://lbcl.ca/
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Contact for more information

Lorelei-Beaumaris community is bordered by 97th Street to the East and 113 A Street to the West, and is bordered by 153 Avenue to the South and 167 Avenue to the North. With access to major thoroughfares it can be a quick drive to many parts of the city including downtown. Their community contains a mix of single-family dwellings, town homes, low-rise apartments, duplexes and condominiums.

They have several small commercial areas with many businesses to serve our residents including grocery stores, eye care, dental care, fast food, sit down restaurants, medical care, hair salons, fitness centres and more. They are across the street from the Castle Downs Recreation Centre and the YMCA. They also have two elementary schools (Lorelei and Bishop Savaryn) and one junior high school (Mary Butterworth) within their boundaries, and the Castle Downs branch of the Edmonton Public Library is located at Lakeside Landing.


  • Warm and friendly community
  • Active members

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Lorelei-Beaumaris Community League ’s clients:

“The guy running the rink is super cool, and always has the ice perfect. Stays open when other rinks don’t. Awesome place.”

9. Alberta Avenue Community League

BEST FOR  Community Centre
PRODUCTS Community Events, Rentals
WEBSITE http://www.albertaave.org/
ADDRESS 9210 118 Avenue, Edmonton, AB T5G 0N2
CONTACT DETAILS 780-477-2773
OPERATING HOURS Contact for an appointment

Alberta Avenue Community League has a great facility to accommodate various events. They are known for hosting great and fun events in Alberta.

Their spaces for rent are clean, functional, and affordable. Parking will not be a problem since they have enough for their guests. Their staff is polite and highly accommodating which adds to the great atmosphere of the place.

There are great parks, restaurants, and local businesses in the neighborhood as well. Overall, the place is great enough to host events and is well maintained.


  • No parking fees
  • Friendly environment
  • Great events

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Alberta Avenue Community League’s clients:

“Great facility for community events. I have been here many times over the years for different events, during winter, spring and summer. My wife and I were here this time for that blooming garden and art show. We have also been here for the Byzantine winter festival and also the summer art festival. Just a good facility to anchor these festivals. It’s a bit older but still in good shape. September 13, 2019. Alberta Avenue hosts several festivals during the year. Just went to the Kaleido Family Arts Festival and thoroughly enjoyed it. Lots of activities for the family. Awesome live entertainment and music. It’s an outdoor festival so the weather can be a problem sometimes but tonight it was great. If it’s a bit cold then there are several fire pits spaced throughout the festival area. This is a great festival to come to and enjoy.” -Kirk Dewhurst

Here’s another one:

“Lots of great community events, including kaleido fest, annual pottery guild sale and winter fest! Very busy community league.” -Meglore Manglore

If you need a space for a seminar or a meeting, or just want to join a community program available, then go to any one of these best Edmonton community centres. They’re welcoming, and will address your queries in a snap.

Are there any great places that we missed, though? Send us a message and we’ll update the article promptly.

Oh, and if you’re here because you’re looking for someone to plan an event, you’ll also need a great event planner in Edmonton! Check out the ones we think to be the best!