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The 5 Best Furnace Filters in Edmonton

Best Furnace Filters in Edmonton
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When somebody in your household has allergies, you’re aware of how important it is to maintain the indoor air quality of your home. For most residents in Edmonton, this all begins with a proper furnace filter.

With so many different brands to choose from, we narrowed down our selection of products based on their quality, efficiency in capturing particulates, and customer feedback.

Are you ready to clean up the air inside your home? Then let’s check out our picks for the best furnace filters in Edmonton.

1.   Nordic Pure Pleated MERV 12 AC & Furnace Air Filter

Nordic Pure Pleated MERV 12 AC & Furnace Air Filter
PRICE$ 291.04 (Pack of 12)
FILTER MATERIALSynthetic Pleated Media
FILTER LIFE30-90 days
FILTRATION LEVELComparable to MPR 1500-1900 and FPR 9 ratings
PARTICLES CAPTUREDLint, Dust, Pollen, Bacteria, Pet Dander, Dust Mites, Mold Spores, Smoke Particles, Viruses

Nordic Pure is an American company with humble beginnings as a wholesale distributor, primarily serving commercial clients with heating and air conditioner filters. However, in 2004, it expanded its market base and began offering its products to the average consumer via an online store.

Backed by industry-standard experience and high-quality products, Nordic Pure is one of the best filters you can get for your furnace. Some of their customers include hospitals, which require premium quality air filtration, and this is the same technology that can be available for your home.

In the history of filtration, they are the first manufacturer to produce and sell a pleated carbon filter to the retail market. They’ve also created filters from recyclable materials, paving the way for sustainable and environmentally friendly filters.

Their pleated filters are constructed out of electrostatically charged synthetic materials and this particular product has a MERV 12 rating.

It can collect and trap 90% of 3.0-10.0 micron contaminants and up to 90% of 1.0-3.0 micron contaminants, which include dust, smoke, bacteria, and mold spores, just to name a few.

All of their pleated filters have durable beverage board frames that are moisture-resistant and are reinforced with a metal mesh for added support. Nordic Pure offers a range of sizes that can suit several brands of furnaces, but they can make custom-sized filters as well.

There may be instances when this filter doesn’t fit exactly into your furnace even though the dimensions are correct. If this is the case, you may need to seal it with foam weather stripping or you can call a professional to install it for you.

Due to its higher MERV rating, it’s recommended to check on your filter in as little as 30-90 days to see if it needs to be changed. Since it can trap almost all particulates, the filter can get quite dirty, and should be changed religiously.

In the event you’re not satisfied with their products, they offer a money-back guarantee as well. However, this filter is highly recommended for those who have allergies and earns a spot on our list as one of the top furnace filters in Edmonton.


  • Pioneered the pleated media design
  • Can create custom made filters
  • Offers replacement filters for other popular brands
  • MERV 12 rating
  • Suitable for those with allergies


  • Filter size may be smaller than actual furnace filter
  • Different types of MERV 12 filters can be confusing
  • Can restrict airflow

Customer Reviews

Suzy Katz, a customer, purchased the Nordic Pure MERV 12 and was pleased with the value for money. She shares:

“Overall, this is a great value for air filters of MERV 12, and this item is much less expensive than the major brand of allergen furnace filters. Based on the research I was able to do before purchasing, MERV 12 is roughly equivalent to 1500MPR – the Microparticle Performance Rating of the major brand. Morever, the pleating on the filter is relatively tight, giving it a larger surface area on which to catch particles. The major brand sells for much more, so we are pleased with the purchase from a value standpoint.”

Paul G. Hanson has allergies and bought the Nordic Pure to help keep the air in his home clean. He writes:

“We’ve used these in two homes over the years and really appreciate the quality and results (cleaner, fresher air) when using Nordic Pure Air Filters. They sure help us cut down on the sneezes and seasonal allergy symptoms during the spring an fall. Oh, we have dogs and yet you wouldn’t know it.”

2.   Aprilaire 416 MERV 16 Pleated Air Filter

Aprilaire 416 MERV 16 Pleated Air Filter
FILTER MATERIALPleated Filter Media
FILTER LIFE6-12 Months
FILTRATION LEVELTraps up to 99% of airborne allergy and asthma triggers.
PARTICLES CAPTUREDDust, Pollen, Mold Spores, Bacteria, Pet Dander, Mites, Viruses, and Airborne Particulates Associated with Tobacco Smoke and Smog
OTHER INFOSelf-Seal Technology, Clean-Coil Commitment, Interlock Rail System

Aprilaire is an American company that is known for producing long-lasting filters for HVAC systems. Its MERV 13 and MERV 16 filters were recently recognized in Consumer Reports’ top 2020 Air Filters.

One of the best reasons to choose an Aprilaire filter is because of its shelf life – it can remain efficient for 6 to 12 months and outlasts other manufacturers that usually need to be changed within 3 months.

 This is because their patented 4-inch filters provide a wider area for particulates to be collected and trapped as opposed to the traditional 1-inch filters.

Moreover, Aprilaire’s products have self-seal technology, which essentially guarantees that most, if not all, of the air circulating throughout your home will pass through the filter.

You no longer have to worry about your HVAC system, since it will be performing optimally with this filter keeping the air clean.

For those with allergies and asthma, you’ll want to get their MERV 16 filters, which effectively capture up to an impressive 99% of particles that can trigger your respiratory condition.

What’s more, this filter can also trap up to 96% of virus-size airborne particles thanks to its electrostatically charged filter media.

So whether it’s mold spores, pet dander, dust mite, or pollen, you can rest assured the Aprilaire MERV 16 will collect it all. It can even remove particles from tobacco smoke and smog.

Now, sizes are quite limited for this filter and are generally assembled to fit Aprilaire products only. However, if the size of your current filter matches their products, it should fit correctly, so you’ll need to check if it will effectively work for your furnace.

These filters are also very easy to install thanks to their distinct Interlock Rail System that doesn’t require any additional materials since you can just slide it in smoothly.

Moreover, Aprilaire offers a 10-year “Clean-Coil Commitment”, which guarantees the performance of their filters to keep your home clear of particulates. 


  • Longest shelf life out of furnace filters at 6-12 months
  • Superior MERV 16 rating
  • Can capture almost all particulates
  • Suitable for those with allergies and asthma


  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t make custom-size filters
  • Limited sizes

Customer Reviews

Larry Cowsert bought this filter for his son who has allergies. He highly recommends it since it is effective, as he says:

“Excellent product! My son has extreme allergies and asthma and these filters have given him good sleep and relaxing days, while he is at home. The price seems high…but it is so much more effective and efficient. Moreover, what is the value of your health?”

Alan Jay Weiner summarizes his personal experience with the Aprilaire 416 perfectly as he writes:

“Fits perfectly, easy-peasy installation, will use again and recommend it. TL;DR: I use it. I will buy it again. I recommend it. My 4 stars means ‘great product’.”

3.   FilterBuy Merv8

FilterBuy Merv8
PRICE$50.82 (pack of 6)
FILTRATION LEVELComparable to MPR 300/600 and FPR 5
PARTICLES CAPTUREDDust, Debris, Lint, Pollen, And Pet Dander, Mold

Filterbuy is a family-owned and operated company based in the United States that’s been offering its premium filters since 1958. As a direct-to-consumer business, they can deliver a filter directly from their factory to your doorstep.

However, you may want to buy a larger quantity if ordering from them, since the price increases significantly between single orders and a pack of 12. For example, a single 16x16x1 inch filter will cost $18.04 while ordering a pack of 12 reduces that price significantly to only $5.82 per piece.

Nevertheless, the primary reason FilterBuy earns a spot on our list is because of its vast number of size offerings. With over 160 variations for its 1-inch filters alone, their entire catalog numbers over 600 products.

On the off chance you can’t find the right size (which we highly doubt), they have a dedicated team solely for making custom-sized filters.

Moreover, they also offer brand replacements that are guaranteed to be a perfect fit, with over 35 different names to choose from.

You can conveniently even order your custom size filter online – all you need to do is grab a tape measure and send them the dimensions. You can also set up a regularly scheduled delivery plan from once a month up to once a year.

At Filterbuy, you only have three MERV ratings to choose from, which isn’t bad considering they hit the average benchmark standards. Your selections include a MERV 8, 11, or 13, which provide a good range for the average household.

With 12 pleats per foot, this filter’s electrostatically charged design creates more surface area for particles to be collected in. The frames are made of industrial-strength beverage board with dual wire backings that can withstand temperatures up to 93°C (200° F).

Although they offer products with different MERV ratings, our top-ranked filter from Filterbuy is their MERV 8 offering, which has a good balance between performance and price.

 The MERV 8 synthetic media (comparable with MPR 600 & FPR 5) can trap 90% of airborne particles, including dust, debris, lint, pollen, and pet dander without affecting airflow.

Moreover, all their filters are made from recyclable materials, so you’ll be doing the environment a favor by going with Filterbuy.

It’s recommended that you replace your filter from them every 90 days, but if you have pets or family members with allergies, you should change it more often.


  • Extensive selection of various sizes
  • Can order custom-size filter online
  • Can handle temperatures up to 93°C (200° F)
  • Offers a 90-day refund


  • Does not ship directly to Canada
  • Not suitable to filter out allergens, bacteria, and viruses
  • More expensive for single filter purchases

Customer Reviews

Rigoberto M., one of Filterbuy’s customers, praises the friendly customer service when he encountered a problem as he writes:

“I was extremely pleased with the customer service that I received. I had purchased the wrong size filter and you guys went above and beyond in order to get me the right ones. You’ve got a customer for years to come.”

Shirley O., a verified buyer, was surprised at the quick delivery. She shares:

“Awesome customer service, fast delivery. I will use them whenever I need new filters and will recommend to my friends!”

4.   Filtrete Micro Allergen Defense Electrostatic Pleated Air Filter

Filtrete Micro Allergen Defense Electrostatic Pleated Air Filter
FILTER MATERIALFilter Material  Polyester
BEST FORAllergen Defense
PARTICLES CAPTUREDDust, Dust mite debris, Lint, Mold spores, Pet dander, Pollen, Smog Particles,

Filtrete (a brand under 3M), has been offering its high-quality filters for over 25 years to millions of homes across North America. With its electrostatically charged filters, it helps your home have cleaner indoor air quality.

Filtrete filters are made of 15% fiber and are designed to deliver minimal airflow resistance. This helps the filter capture particles throughout the depth of its material and not just on the surface.

3M Scientists created a now-highly-regarded measurement system called Microparticle Performance Rating (MPR) to indicate how many microscopic particles their products can capture.

This was meant to address where the MERV rating falls short, specifically in rating particles less than a MERV 11.

Now, with a 1000 MPR rating, the Micro Allergen Defense Electrostatic Pleated Air Filter’s performance doesn’t fare well against particles ranging from 0.3 to 1 microns in size, with only a 41% efficiency rate.

This means it’s not as effective against tobacco smoke, metallic fumes, and bacteria such as staphylococcus.

However, this filter is quite effective against particles ranging from 3 to 10 microns in size such as pet dander, household dust, pollen, and mold spores that are known to trigger allergies and asthma.

Anyway, with its MERV 11 rating, this filter is more than enough for the average household, for which it is designed. Once it’s installed, you’ll immediately notice fresher air, while providing you the comfort of cooling and heating.


  • Maintains excellent airflow
  • Best for larger sized particulates
  • Can capture particles at a larger depth through the filter


  • Not suitable against particles 0.3 to 1 microns in size
  • Expensive

Customer Reviews

Mark B is satisfied with his purchase, which was recommended to him by a technician. He shares:

“Great filter. After speaking with the HVAC specialist that services my system I feel comfortable using the 1000 as it balances air flow and cleanliness.”

Stefanie Summer, is a pet owner, and is thankful she installed the Filterete filter in her home. She writes:

“We live in a house that could be described as having too many pets…and trust me, hair and animal dander are a huge problem. Couple that with the fact the man of the house…is allergic to said hair and animal dander and it presents a daunting challenge. The Filtrete Micro Allergen air filters are a godsend…We’ve tried “cheaper” filters but like the cliche, you truly get what you pay for. The Filtrete filters aren’t exorbinant and the small added cost is well worth the investment. I replace ours monthly and we won’t use any other air filter.”

5.   Rheem MERV 8 FPR4 Indoor Air Filters

Rheem MERV 8 FPR4 Indoor Air Filters
PRICE$55.88 (3-pack)
PARTICLES CAPTUREDDust, Lint, Airborne Dust Mite Debris, Pollen, And Pet Dander

Rheem was established in 1925, providing residents of North America innovative products in heating, cooling, and water heating. They are multi-awarded and known to have a family brand of products that offer complete solutions for your home.

Rheem, for the sake of transparency, had their filters tested by a third party using the widely used Home Depot Filter Performance Rating (FPR) System. Their products received a score of 4 or “Good”, meaning it can filter dust, lint, airborne dust mite debris, pollen, and pet dander quite effectively.

Although it scores on the lower spectrum of the FPR system, it has an impressive MERV 8 rating, which means that it is more than suitable for the average household.

Its wire-backed pleated design can effectively capture particulates that may cause allergies. However, the filters are only available in 23 different sizes, ranging from a 10”x 20” to a 24” x 24”, which should suit most furnaces.

The Rheem MERV 8 can provide you protection for up to 90 days or three months, at which point you’ll need to check and replace the filter. When installing your replacement, make sure to be extra careful though because its cardboard frame is not exactly the most durable.

What you get with Rheem is a great budget-friendly filter that doesn’t skimp too much on quality, although those with respiratory conditions might want to look for another brand.

You still get a MERV 8 rating, which is suitable for most households, and while it might not be able to trap smaller particles, it can still work wonders in improving your home’s indoor air quality.


  • One of the most affordable filters
  • Best for larger particulates
  • MERV 8 rating


  • Not suitable for those with allergies
  • Limited sizes
  • Doesn’t make custom-sized filters

Customer Reviews

El Wood has been a loyal customer of Rheem for a number of years and shares with us the reasons for that:

“I’ve been buying the Rheem filters for years, approximately 30 plus years…These filters are basic, not the kind for people with breathing problems perhaps, but I change mine every month as advised and they’ve worked fine. If you can find them well priced they are worth it.”

FAQs about Furnace Filters

We’ve finally come to the end of our list of the top furnace filters in Edmonton. We hope you were able to choose a product to suit your needs!

If we missed your favorite filter or preferred brand, send us a message so we can check it out!

Now on the off chance that you forgot to replace your filters which then caused damage to your furnace, you might want to check out our list of the best furnace repairs in Edmonton.