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Where to Go Ice Fishing in Edmonton  

Where to Go Ice Fishing in Edmonton

The frigid winter months are coming, and ice fishing in Edmonton will again be in full swing! 

If you don’t want to miss this fun and rewarding pastime, here’s a guide to the best fishing spots in and around the city. 

Best Fishing Spots In and Around Edmonton

1. Hermitage Park Pond 

Address2115 Hermitage Rd NW, Edmonton, AB T5A 5H5, Canada
Fish You Can Catch• Rainbow Trout
Fishing Requirements • Alberta Sport Fishing License (for anglers 16 to 65 years old)

• Only non-motorized boats are allowed

Catch Limits• Maximum of 5 trouts per angler

Fishing for some rainbow trout in Hermitage Park Pond in winter is a favorite pastime of many locals in Edmonton. 

However, compared to other lakes and ponds, Hermitage Park Pond is considerably small and is only about 12 feet deep. 

The pond is stocked with 3,000 rainbow trout every year. You can check the stocking schedule to ensure that you’ll have a catch for the day. 

It’s best to go ice fishing before Christmas because the pond is not aerated, so the fish can easily succumb to winter kill. Since the oxygen levels plummet as the temperature decreases, the fish will start swimming closer to the ice.

You can start drilling holes on the shallow bank and the main pond basin. Another technique you can try is to fish in the mid-water column and use small hooks and lines. 

The trouts in the pond are active, but it can be tricky to find what lure they would take. 

Fortunately, local anglers are very willing to share their tips! They recommend using small mealworms, shrimp pieces, wet worms, and dry flies. 

2. Spring Lake 

Spring Lake
Image Source: Spring Lake Ranch 
AddressSpring Lake Village, Parkland County, Edmonton, Canada
Fish You Can Catch• Rainbow Trout

• Brown Trout

• Tiger Trout

• Brook Trout

• Northern Pike

• Yellow Perch

Fishing Requirements• Alberta Sport Fishing License (for anglers 16 to 65 years old)

• Active Wildlife Identification Number (WIN)

Catch Limits • Maximum of five trout per angler

• Maximum of three northern pikes per angler

• Maximum of 15 yellow perches of any size per angler

Spring Lake is set northeast of Grand Prairie near Hyte. It’s an excellent fishing spot throughout the year. 

Once winter settles, the ice in the lake can be more than 14 inches thick. What’s nice about this lake is that it’s aerated in winter. 

Through this, the fish can still survive even in harsh and frigid weather. Moreover, in this area, you can access an RV campground as well as a small ski hill. 

Most of the time, Spring Lake is stocked with brook trout and rainbow trout. Occasionally, anglers catch some yellow perch and northern pike. 

The requirements needed to fish in this lake are a Sport Fishing License and an active Wildlife Identification Number (WIN). The license can be acquired online while the WIN is available on gas stations and retail outlets. 

Residents with private dock access can fish in the lake. On the flip side, you can also utilize these three public access points – Edmonton Trout Fishing Club, Spring Lake RV Resort, and Troll Trail. 

You can access two docking areas if you’re a member of the Edmonton Trout Fishing Club. Besides that, you can also use the facilities and store your fishing equipment and supplies inside. 

Alternatively, Spring Lake RV Resort also offers a membership card that will allow you to use their boat launch and other facilities. 

3. Pigeon Lake 

Pigeon Lake
Image Source: AMA Travel 
AddressLeduc County, Alberta, Canada
Fish You Can Catch• Burbot

• Northern Pike

• Walleye

• Whitefish

• Perch

Fishing Requirementsh• Alberta Sport Fishing License (for anglers 16 to 65 years old)

• Special Walleye License

Catch Limits • Maximum of one burbot per angler

• Maximum of five yellow perches per angler

• Maximum of 10 lake whitefish per angler

Pigeon Lake is one of the fishing hotspots in central Alberta. It’s an expansive lake in Pigeon Lake Provincial Park. 

Its average depth is around 22 to 30 feet. The park‘s concrete boat launch and floating dock are open for public use. 

According to local anglers, one of the best fishing spots in the area is the canal on the west side of the lake. It’s accessible on foot and just off the highway, so you will have no trouble parking your car. 

However, the canal can be a bit crowded and busy, especially during the weekends, so it’s best to go early to find a good spot. 

The recommended lures for catching a walleye are frozen minnow spinners, ball jigs, and lures with fish patterns. 

Just note that the lake is listed under PP2 in the Alberta Fishing Regulations. This means you need a Special Walleye License on top of your Alberta Sport Fishing License to catch a walleye from the lake

Moreover, you can only fish up to one burbot, five yellow perches, or 10 lake whitefish.

Aside from the lake, visitors can also explore Pigeon lake Provincial Park. You can use various amenities in the park, including a campground, hiking trails, washroom facilities, and shower facilities.

4. Wabamun Lake 

Wabamun Lake
Image source: CTV News 
AddressParkland County, Alberta
Fish You Can Catch• Walleye

• Northern Pike

• Burbot

Fishing Requirements• Alberta Sport Fishing License (for anglers 16 to 65 years old)

• Class-C Walleye Special Harvest License

Catch Limits • Maximum of two burbots per angler

• Maximum of five lake whitefish per angler

• Maximum of two walleye per angler

If you want to go ice fishing somewhere near, Wabamun Lake can be a good option. It’s about an hour outside Edmonton. 

It’s within walking distance to Wabamun Lake Provincial Lake and offers panoramic views of a beach and a garden

Wabamun Lake is a popular spot for anglers because it’s over 12 miles (19 kilometers) long and is well-known for its northern pike.

Moreover, you can stay at a lakefront hotel if you plan to go ice fishing for a day or two. The hotel offers various amenities, and there are snowshoe and ski rentals available. 

The park also holds an annual event that lets people of all ages go fishing. The Alberta Family Fishing Weekend is an open fishing season, so you don’t need to have a sport fishing license for this event. 

Plus, you can bring the kiddos with you so they can try their hand at ice fishing!

Note that the lake was originally a catch-and-release lake.  However, in 2021, the fishing regulations were adjusted. 

You can now catch and keep a daily limit of two burbots and five lake whitefish if you have a Sport Fishing License. 

Alternatively, if you’re an Albertan resident with a Class-C Walleye Special Harvest License, you can harvest up to two walleye that are 17 inches (43 centimeters) in length

5. Isle Lake 

Isle Lake
Image Source: Fish Brain
AddressLac Ste. Anne County, Alberta
Fish You Can Catch• Walleye

• Northern Pike

• Yellow Perch

• Lake Whitefish

Fishing Requirements• Alberta Sport Fishing License (for anglers 16 to 65 years old)
Catch Limits • Maximum of one northern pike (catch and release)

• Maximum of one walleye (catch and release)

• Maximum of 10 yellow perch (catch and release)

Isle Lake, also known as Lake Isle, is a 12-mile (20-kilometer) catch-and-release lake in central Alberta. 

The lake’s maximum depth is 25 feet and is connected to the Sturgeon River, so it’s an ideal spot for fishing throughout the year. 

Local anglers confirm that there’s an abundance of northern pike in this lake in winter. Besides that, there are also some walleye, yellow perch, and lake whitefish to be found. 

However, the catch limit in this lake can be a bit strict. With an Alberta Sport Fishing License, you can only catch one northern pike (must be over 63 centimeters), one walleye, or 10 yellow perch

FAQs about Ice Fishing in Edmonton