Fun Things to Do in Edmonton in Winter

Fun Things to Do in Edmonton in Winter

When winter finally comes, nature grinds to a halt and everything is muted by a blanket of snow. While all of nature seems to be hibernating for the season, don’t think that there’s nothing left to do.

There are a lot of indoor activities to keep you warm. And in fact, there are also outdoor activities to let you enjoy the snow.

Check out the best things to do in Edmonton during winter right here!

1. Enjoy the ice and the snow

Make the most of the winter by having fun in the snow. There are a lot of things to do once there is enough snow buildup in your yard or at the park.

You can go sledding, ice skating, or skiing to take advantage of the season. You could also challenge your friends to a snowball fight, or build a snow fort. 

2. Plan a getaway

If you’ve gotten quite enough of frolicking in the snow, why not head back inside and dream of the warmer days ahead?

You can take this as an opportunity to start booking your travel getaways once it finally gets warm again. Contact any of these travel agencies to help you plan that dream vacation by the beach!

3. Take an art class

Winter is the great chance to pick up a new passion. Everyone has a lot of time to themselves indoors, so this could be the perfect chance to try something new.

You can sign up for an art class so you can still be productive while being cooped up indoors. You also get to hone your skills in the process!

4. Watch a play

With the booming local theater scene, it’s always fun to keep track of the new productions coming this season.

Nothing beats catching a play with your closest friends. And if you even want to take being a theater fan further, you could brush up on your acting or improv skills too!

A lot of Edmonton theaters also offer various levels of drama classes year-round. Do check them out if you want to keep busy during winter!

5. Learn ballroom dance

Now’s the perfect chance for you or your significant other to learn a new skill together. Like we’ve mentioned, winter is a great season for any indoor activity, and this involves picking up a new craft.

Not only do you get to have a fun time with your partner, both of you get into a good workout. Perfect to burn those holiday calories away!

Go ahead and sign up for dance classes in one of these schools!

6. Go bowling

Since there’s probably not much left to do outside with a bunch of friends, you should probably try out fun and casual indoor sports such as bowling.

It doesn’t matter if you’re skilled or not; in fact, that’s just where the fun begins! Strike or not, you’ll surely have a great time.

7. Consider home improvement projects

Who says you have to be stuck at home doing nothing? 

Winter may be a great time to lounge around, but it is also the best time to finally begin with that home improvement project you’ve been putting off all year. 

It doesn’t have to be the biggest, most complex project ever (you can leave those to contractors and handymen), so just start small. Like repainting your room, or even just organizing your kitchen cabinets.

And after all that work, go ahead and fix yourself some hot chocolate and sit by the fire. You deserve it!