The Best Summer Activities in Edmonton

The Best Summer Activities in Edmonton

The sun is shining brighter than ever, the birds are chirping, and the warm atmosphere is laden with sounds of insects buzzing about. It’s finally summer!

Whether you like to enjoy your time in the sun as much as possible, or just want to keep things cool in the shade, there’s always a fun activity for you in Edmonton during the summer. 

Read on for the best activities to keep you busy in summer!

1. Build a shed in your yard

Like we’ve said, summer is the perfect season for outdoor activities. One such activity that could be a fun activity for you and your family would be to build your own shed.

Relaxing in a shed can be the perfect way to get out of the house, but still get a lot of the comforts of being at home. And it’s even more special if it was a DIY project!

There are some shops that offer kits for DIY sheds. But if you prefer to sit back and wait, there are also companies who can build the shed for you.

Either way, summer calls for sheds, so go ahead and get one!

2. Organize a backyard cookout

Cool summer evenings call for cookouts! So gather your closest to sit around in your backyard and share the best meals ever.

Nothing beats the laughter and conversation of friends and family gathered around great food. 

If you’re not feeling up to the task of preparing the food yourself, enlist the help of a personal chef to whip up a dinner you’ll never forget. You can find some great ones here.

3. Remodel your porch or patio

Summer is the season for lounging around. If you want to spend your time in the shade instead, you’ll often think of stretching out on your porch, sipping a lemonade.

To kick things up a notch, consider having your porch or patio remodeled. Who knows, you might finally get that porch swing you’ve been wanting for so long.

4. Go on a bike ride

Imagine: the wind blowing in your face, the sound of summer insects in the cool evening breeze, and the rustling of leaves as you ride past. It’s the perfect evening for a bike ride.

Biking around not only lets you enjoy nature, but it’s also good exercise. Pick up a bike in one of these shops so you can start riding and get the most out of summer!

5. Go on an RV road trip

Summer is the best time to head out and drive across the country to take in various sights. It’s even better if you’re with your closest friends or your family.

There are a lot of RV dealers in Edmonton worth checking out. If you’re sticking to a budget, there are also some used RV dealers you can consider.

6. Have fun in an amusement park

Summer is all about having fun, and amusement parks are what many consider to be the perfect destination for families with kids, or even a group of grown up friends.

So if you’re seeking the thrill of a roller coaster drop, or looking to goof around with your buddies on bumper cars, head down to the nearest amusement park. Luckily, there are a lot in Edmonton that are just a drive away!

And once you’re all done, why not replenish your energy in these restaurants, too? You’ll get to enjoy seasonal menu items summer has to offer.