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Where to Get the Best Soundproofing in Edmonton

Best Soundproofing in Edmonton
We extensively test and research all services we review. Here's why you can trust us.

Installing insulation and soundproofing for your home or a larger space? We’ve sifted through the noise to bring you the best soundproofing specialists in Edmonton!

Whether you want to keep outside noise from getting into your house, or want to improve the acoustics of a large space, the stores in our list provide the best soundproofing materials or services that’ll do the job. 

Also, we’ve answered some common questions regarding soundproofing you may have, so read on!

How much do soundproofing materials cost in Edmonton?

There is a wide variety of soundproofing materials out there, and you’d most likely encounter baffles, wall panels, or insulation materials.

Acoustic ceiling baffles are installed in the ceilings of large enclosed spaces that typically suffer from too much echoing, like theaters, school gymnasiums, or pools. They cost around $89 to $259, depending on size.

Acoustic wall panels are installed onto walls of studios or theaters for the purpose of absorbing sound. They come at $50 to $149 each, depending on size and thickness.

Ceiling panels share the same function as wall panels. They cost around $60 to $159 depending on thickness and size.

Insulation materials are usually used for homes. They are used typically for weatherproofing, or maintaining optimal temperature in the house.

They also provide soundproofing as they absorb impact and airborne noises. They are filled into the walls, floors, or ceilings of the house during construction. 

The best insulation materials for soundproofing are fiberglass, cellulose, or foam. Prices vary between these types, as well as between the various square footage offered.

There are various brands available, but Rockwool and Johns Manville are frequently mentioned and are highly-rated. 

Rockwool comes at around $45 to $84 depending on the variant and square footage. Following the same pattern, Johns Manville ranges from $48 to $122.

Top Picks for Soundproofing Specialists in Edmonton

The following stores have been chosen carefully based on:

Product offerings – The stores each carry a wide array of brands and materials for insulation and soundproofing.
Range of services – Other than quality products, some of the stores also offer installation and much more.
Additional information and resources – Their websites are informative and provide resources filled with details you must know before picking a certain material for whatever purpose or need.

Each of the following stores has been reviewed for their strengths and weaknesses. We’re sure you’ll find the one for your needs right from this list, so go ahead and check it out!

1. Dryco Building Supplies Inc.

Dryco Building Supplies Inc.'s Homepage
SERVICESAcoustical wall and ceiling systems, architectural trims, FRP, gypsum board and supplies, steel framing, insulation, tools and hardware
ADDRESS7350 – 68th Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T6B 0A1
CONTACT NUMBER780-434-9481 (Phone)
780-437-7380 (Fax)
1-866-44-DRYCO (Toll)

If you’re looking for the full range of acoustic and soundproofing materials, Dryco has them all. Their product range is focused on soundproofing, so they’re the experts to call if you intend to improve the acoustics of a large enclosed space such as a hall, or even your home. 

With over 40 years of experience, we can definitely see the expertise they provide through supplying insulation and soundproofing materials not only to customers, but to contractors as well. Customers also like how Dryco has the best prices for the products they carry. 

What we also like about Dryco is that they carry the top brands. This is ideal if you are a contractor in the soundproofing business, because you’ll be sure that you will be able to deliver quality results to your clients.

They provide supplies for acoustical walls and ceilings, architectural trims, FRP panels, gypsum boards, steel framing, and insulation sourced from companies like CGC, Tectum, Sound Concepts, 3M, and Irwin Tools, just to name a few. 

For the average homeowner, it would be easy to feel overwhelmed with the concepts behind soundproofing and the corresponding products. As such, it’s good that they provide a host of resources covering various topics. 

Their website even has a section dedicated entirely to DIY videos for homeowners, which we think is really helpful for anyone if they decide to go ahead with their projects themselves. 

With this in mind, they don’t offer installation services themselves. So for anyone looking to source their soundproofing products here, you must book a contractor to take care of the construction or installation. 


  • Experience as soundproofing material supplier
  • Wide range of products focused on soundproofing and insulation
  • Carries top brands of supplies and tools
  • Good for contractors


  • Prices not available on website
  • Installation services not provided

Customer Reviews

Quick service

“Great quality building materials! Friendly people around! Great, quick service! It’s always a pleasure dealing with you guys! Thanks to every single person at Dryco for being awesome! Cheers, “THE IMPECCABLES TEAM”! Keep up the good work!”––Impeccable Interiors, Google Reviews

Deals one-on-one with customer

“A bunch of great guys here. They actually deal one-on-one with you, and work with you to make sure you can reach your goals in building.”––David Aschenmeier, Google Reviews

2. RONA Edmonton

RONA Edmonton's Homepage
SERVICESHome construction products, installation services, appliances, landscaping supplies, hardware
ADDRESS9115-51st Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, T6E 6J3
CONTACT NUMBER(780) 438-0006
OPERATING HOURSBusiness hours:
Mon-Fri: 6AM-9PM
Saturdays: 7AM-9PM
Sundays: 8AM-8PM

Contractor desk:
Mon-Fri: 7AM-5PM

When it comes to home construction materials, RONA’s Edmonton branch covers all departments, and even offers installation services for every corner of the house. 

Their online store is filled with many different supplies that’ll surely solve all home renovation or construction needs. If you have a specific brand in mind, it’s easy to look it up on their site.

If you’re more of a DIY person, we think you’ll appreciate these offerings because of the range they provide. Every room in the house is covered, so it’s easy to find whatever it is you need, from outdoor materials like stone blocks, to kitchen and bathroom, or even various tools and equipment.

With their extensive catalog, it’s no wonder that they cover a lot of choices of insulating and soundproofing supplies. They carry brands like Rockwool, Johns Manfield, and BP Canada, with a lot of variants for every specific soundproofing need. 

While we do think that their store is a DIY person’s dream, the installation services they offer are done by RONA-certified and professional installers and come with a minimum of one-year labor warranty. If you’re thinking of getting started, you can book an online estimate all week.

You’ll also like their weekly and clearance sales on a lot of items. You can also filter the items so that you can see those included in the Everyday Low Prices section to save you even more money.

And because the holidays are coming, there is also festive decor available on their site. They have a blog as well, filled with guides and tips for construction around the house.

Take note that some items might be displayed as ‘out of stock’ in the Edmonton stores, so be sure to contact them directly. However, we do like that you can have the item delivered from their other branches throughout the province. 

However, while they do carry acoustic insulation materials, it should be known that they don’t offer special soundproofing supplies like acoustic ceiling and wall panels, or acoustic baffles. With this in mind, we think that RONA is best for home projects. 


  • Carries top acoustic insulation brands
  • Wide array of construction materials
  • Offers professional installation services with labor warranty
  • Discounts and deals available
  • Two branches in Edmonton


  • Acoustic panels and baffles are not offered
  • Great only for small-scale or home projects 

Customer Reviews

Helpful and friendly crew

“It’s always nice to receive help in a hardware/building supply store and this Rona does not disappoint. Someone is always checking up on you and the crew at the order desk are super helpful and friendly. The gentlemen in the yard are also friendly and pleasant, even in this sweltering heat. Prices are also competitive compared to other suppliers.”––Trinh Phan, Google Reviews

Greatest customer service

“I don’t usually post reviews, but this needed to be said. Greatest customer service I’ve had in these types of places. Every single worker there that saw me always asked if I needed help. They go above and beyond which made my shopping a lot easier. I highly recommend going to this RONA if you can.”––Kyle Joseph, Google Reviews

3. Foundation Building Materials

Foundation Building Materials' Homepage
SERVICESDrywalls, drywall tools and accessories, steel studs, track, and framing, acoustical ceilings, stucco, plaster and metal lath, EIFS, FRP, insulation, power tools, fasteners, commercial doors, frames and hardware
ADDRESS10841 Winterburn Road NW, Edmonton, AB T5S 2A9
CONTACT NUMBER780-447-3326 (Phone)
780-447-3726 (Fax)
[email protected] 

Foundation Building Materials supplies various construction supplies and tools, including insulation and acoustical ceilings. Their service does not only cover Edmonton but all of North America as well, so you know that they are trusted by customers all over.

If you’re considering sourcing your soundproofing materials from FBM, it’s good to know that they stock only the top brands. These are CertainTeed, Rockwool, Dow Building Solutions, Johns Manville, and Owens Corning, to name a few.

And the full range of insulation materials fit for soundproofing are also available, like fiberglass, foam board panels, mineral wool insulation, and spray foam insulators. Accompanying this list is a host of information that describes each type and what they’re good for. 

The acoustical ceiling supplies they carry are also sourced from top vendors like Armstrong, USG, CertainTeed, and Rockfon. This ensures that builders and contractors are using the best materials only for projects such as professional, retail, or office buildings.

FMB underlines the importance of the good quality acoustical ceilings they provide, as they provide effective sound management, and are certified through sound tests. The products they carry are sure to provide the quietness needed for office buildings, classrooms.

They also offer product expertise and optimization, which shows their experience and knowledge with a wide array of products and systems. We think this is good for clients who need assistance or are looking for a specific type of product. 

It’s also noteworthy that they offer commercial credit options that will help their customers’ business. They can also help with stocking the products they deliver anywhere in the country.


  • Stocks leading manufacturers and vendors
  • Offers commercial credit options to qualifying clients
  • Perfect for contractors and builders
  • Variety of insulating materials
  • Wide array of tools and construction materials


  • May not work for small scale customers’ projects
  • Focus is on contractors and business owners

Customer reviews

Great supply

“Super helpful service. Great store and supply.”––Graham Audenart, Google Reviews

Lowest price

“Always the lowest price. Great Staff!”––Jackson Dells, Google Reviews

4. Western Noise Control

Western Noise Control's Homepage
SERVICESAcoustic panels, acoustic baffles, acoustic felt panels, acoustic wood art slats/panel systems, acoustic foam, acoustic masonry blocks, cementitious wood wool, acoustic ceiling tiles, sound masking systems
ADDRESS2510 84 Ave, Edmonton, AB T6P 1K3, Canada
CONTACT NUMBER1-800-661-7241

If you’re looking for expertise from a company focused solely on delivering great and modern soundproofing solutions, we think Western Noise Control is perfect for the job. With their experience, we can definitely see how serious they are with the services they have provided.

Like the others on this list, we appreciate how they explain the concepts and factors that influence indoor noise pollution and how to alleviate them. What we think sets Western Noise Control is how refined their approach is.

They offer solutions tailor-made for large enclosed spaces, such as commercial buildings, gymnasiums, halls, pools, and even tight spaces such as office washrooms. 

For their sound quality and soundproofing solutions, they carry out their service using materials from top manufacturers like Tectum and Soundblox. 

We appreciate that they also employ modern sound masking solutions for office spaces to improve conversation privacy. This approach is great for tight spaces where putting in panels or other soundproofing materials is unlikely.

 We must mention, though, that the company doesn’t offer its service to residential or private clients. They only take on projects meant for large, complex public spaces. 


  • Engineers approaches for each specific project
  • Uses materials from top manufacturers
  • Offers sound masking technology


  • Doesn’t accept private and residential clients
  • Shorter operating hours than others

5. Advanced Insulation Systems Ltd.

Advanced Insulation Systems Ltd.'s Homepage
SERVICESResidential, commercial, or agricultural insulation, spray foam, insulation replacements, installations
ADDRESS101-17881 106A Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T5S 1V8
CONTACT NUMBER780-486-0359 (Phone)
780-443-0799 (Fax)
[email protected] 

Advanced Insulation Systems is a family-run business that has been operating since 1957. That gives them a fairly good pedigree in the local soundproofing industry.

It’s good to know that while being focused on residential and private properties, they only work with installers who are at least 25 years into the business. With that much experience, we think you’ll be confident that you’ll get great results.

Now, a cursory glance at their offerings may make you think they only do traditional insulation. But their insulation products are viable for soundproofing as well.

Interestingly enough, they seem to work on quite a few older homes. They offer to replace any outdated insulation products to make sure that houses built even before 1990 are still well-insulated. 

They can even show you the signs that your home may not be well-insulated. With that, they open up discussion on what specific needs must be addressed. 

They also cater to new constructions, though, so don’t worry if you’re soundproofing a new build. Finally, note that they have premium brands such as Weathershield Cellulose Insulation, WallBAR Insulation, and WALLTITE Insulation. 


  • Good for residential, agricultural, and commercial insulation
  • Years of experience in installation
  • Only works with experienced installers


  • Focus is mainly on insulation
  • Doesn’t offer specific soundproofing materials such as acoustic baffles and panels

Customer Reviews

Excellent customer service and value

“These guys have done work on a couple properties for me and I continue to recommend them to friends and clients. Excellent customer service and value. Keep up the great work!”––Angie Resendes, Google Reviews

Genuine desire for a good job

“I had Advanced Insulation insulate my brand new home because of the family owned company with a genuine desire for a good job. I had an inspection company come by afterwards and it was an excellent job!”––Kerry Pfannmuller, Google Reviews

FAQs about soundproofing in Edmonton

They are typically used in offices or other similar settings in order to effectively mask noise and improve conversation privacy. They are used in place of baffles or panels when it is impossible to install them due to space constraints. 

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