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Renting is easy with Edmonton’s 5 best room rentals!

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Are you a student or someone who’s just starting their career? Lucky for you, there are plenty of room rentals offering numerous benefits, like lower rent costs, no maintenance expenses, and the chance to meet new people!

Still, finding a great one can be a daunting task for most people, especially if they are new to the city. Save yourself the trouble and log on to these amazing room rental platforms that operate in Edmonton!

How much does it cost to rent a room in Edmonton?

The average rent for a room in Edmonton is $920 per month. This is as of December 2023, and the price may be subject to change in the future.

How We Chose

Features offered – We picked rental platforms that can offer helpful features that can make searching for rental rooms easier, like AI-powered search and automated 3D virtual tours. 
Ease of use – We also chose those that have user-friendly interfaces and an easily navigable layout that users can access through their desktops and mobile devices.
Software stability – We checked whether these platforms have received any bug reports, like crashes, from their users. We also checked whether they have security measures in place to keep their users’ private information safe.
Customer support – We also looked at whether these platforms have support teams that users can reach out to on most days of the week. We also evaluated whether they respond quickly to calls and emails.
Price fairness – We also considered whether their prices are fair given the unique features they provide and the stability of their platforms.

1. iROOMit


Address: 2165 Workman Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada



Phone number: +1 877-896-1183

Business hours: Available 24/7

Play Store:

App Store:

Founded by Kal Merhi in 2022, iROOMit is a platform that helps you find the perfect roommate and rental property across major cities in Canada and the US. Built to help connect people, this platform uses intuitive features to make the user experience better.

An example is their AI-powered Smart Algorithm feature, which uses factors such as habits, interests, and personality traits to automatically search for the best roommate for you.

They even have a live streaming feature on the app to make it easier for property owners to showcase their rooms to potential renters. It also has automated rent payment and instant notification to reduce cases of missing payments.


  • Has automated rent payment
  • Makes searching for compatible roommates easier with the help of AI technology
  • Offers a live streaming option to showcase room rentals


  • Few reports of app suddenly freezing or not loading properly

Customer Reviews

iROOMit is a game changer in the roommate and room rental market

“The app is very easy to use and has a clean and organized layout. iROOMit is a game changer in the roommate and room rental market 😎”

-Shaffner Martian, Play Store Reviews

Much better than other roommate finder apps out there

“Very secure and trustworthy. Much better than other roommate finder apps out there. Much more listings as well.”

-S.N.AGRAWAL Agrawal, Play Store Reviews




Play Store (myInspections):

App Store (myInspections): is a Canadian-based subsidiary of, a popular room rental platform in the US. Founded by Thomas Clement in 2016, they allow users to view hundreds of rooms for rent and find their ideal roommates for free. 

The platform uses an in-depth filter system where users can search for potential roommates based on a set of lifestyle preferences and factors such as pets, gender, hobbies, and more. also lets its users create personalized profiles similar to those you’ll find on popular social media platforms so users can learn more and socialize with one another.

They even have a mobile app called myInspections that helps property owners and tenants keep track of the current status of a rental property by producing detailed reports with images, videos, and notes included.


  • Users don’t have to pay to list, search, and communicate with other users
  • Has a separate app called myInspections that helps users monitor a rental room’s current condition
  • Offers personalized profiles that users can use to share more about themselves to other people like social media networks


  • Has no customer phone support 
  • Few reports of rude behaviour from email support staff

Customer Reviews

Found quality roommates on Roomies

“I have found quality roommates on Roomies for the last 6 years. What I like about roomies is that you can get detailed information about potential tenants and that you can email them without having to pay $30.00 for a monthly subscription like most other sites.”

-John Mozzi, Trustpilot Reviews

Great site to find a room or roommate

“Great site to find a room or roommate, everyone is looking for 1 room or has 1 room (not multiple), it is not over run with apartment complexes to sort through”

-Wanda Johnson, Trustpilot Reviews

3. Zumper




Business hours: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM PT (MON-SUN)

Play Store:

App Store:

Founded by Antheos Georgiades in 2011, Zumper is a rental platform service that allows users to search, screen, and apply for rental properties in most major cities in Canada and the US. 

Their platform has a built-in search engine that lets users set filters and receive quick notifications when an available property listing suits their preferences. With their real-time inventory updating feature, Zumper wants to make sure that their users will receive the newest rentals available in the city first.

Additionally, they’re also working with TransUnion to provide a credit score checking feature that allows renters to perform an automatic credit check on their accounts and use the report for their rental applications. 

Property owners, too, can use this feature to know if an applicant is fiscally responsible. 


  • Can automatically produce credit score reports for their users
  • Has an automatic notification system that alerts users when a preferred rental room is available
  • Updates their listings in real-time so users will see the newest rentals first


  • Above-average prices
  • Sometimes forgets to respond to calls and emails

Customer Reviews

This site has been extremely helpful

“I am moving from my home of 26+ years. I inputted the location and my price range. I won’t be moving until the first of the year, but being able to see the cost, floor plans, amenities, and speak with the manager are extremely helpful. I haven’t lived on my own in 36 years. I’m looking forward to a new beginning and this site has been extremely helpful.”

-Lauren Seigler, Play Store Reviews

So easy to get started and setup

“It was so easy to get started and setup. I was absolutely brand spanking new to this area and found it so simple to attract potential tenants and track and everything! The ability to not only create an attractive profile that is not just accessible through Zumper but the hook in with the other software like padmapper was a seamless and effective tool. I also liked the fact that every possible option I could think of for items and filters have already been thought off before. Nothing worse than trying some new program and discovering that the product really isn’t finished!!”

-Stephen W., G2 Reviews

4. Zillow


Address: Seattle, Washington, United States



Business hours: 

5:00 AM – 5:00 PM PT (MON-FRI)

6:30 AM – 5:00 PM PT (SAT and SUN)

Play Store:

App Store:

Zillow is an online platform for rental properties founded by Rich Barton in 2006. This platform uses a combination of special features to make searching for and renting a living accommodation easier for its users. 

One such feature they offer is the Zestimate tool, which helps property owners get an estimated market value of their properties based on location, size, and other public data. 

Users can also take advantage of their Premier Agent program, which has a network of real estate agents who can help users find rental rooms in Edmonton that best suit their budget. 

Zillow also has the 3D Home tool, which allows users to examine a room they’re interested in via a virtual tour. 


  • Offers the Zestimate tool which helps owners better gauge the market value of their rentable properties
  • Users can use their 3D Home tool to conduct a virtual tour of a rental room they’re interested in
  • Has the Premier Agent program which connects users to top-rated real estate agents in Edmonton


  • Few reports of slow loading times and crashing on their app
  • Has no customer phone support available for Canadian users

Customer Reviews

The filters make it simple to find exactly what you’re looking for

“It is like a super helpful tool for finding homes. It’s easy to use, and there are lots of houses to choose from. The filters make it simple to find exactly what you’re looking for without any trouble.”

-Zeel P., G2 Reviews

I highly recommend using Zillow to find your next dream living space!

“I LOVE ZILLOW!! I have actually been using this platform since 2018!!!! LOVE how easy it is to use and I also love the different filters you can apply to narrow down the perfect homes/apartments/condos! I have my lease through Zillow and payments are easy and seamless~! My landlord is able to update my lease and payments as well which is super helpful! I highly recommend using Zillow to find your next dream living space!”

-Nicole M., G2 Reviews

5. Liv


Address: 1601 Bayshore Dr. Suite 1A, Vancouver, BC V6G 2V4, Canada



Phone number: +1 604-593-3020

Business hours: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM PT (MON-FRI)

Play Store:

App Store:

Liv is a rental platform that connects renters and property owners across most major cities in Canada. Through their all-in-one platform, you can search and apply for listings, sign leases, and pay rent.

Their website and app allow for instant access to all rental application forms on any device as well as auto-filling these with user data to allow for multiple applications at the same time.

Furthermore, Liv also implements layered security measures that encrypt and protect all their user data from hackers. They also have the “Verified Landlords” system, which pre-screens property owners to reduce the possibility of scams.

They also regularly publish rent reports and neighbourhood guides about Edmonton to educate their users on how to become wiser renters.


  • Can provide instant access to all rental application forms and auto-fill them on both their website and app
  • Has a “Verified Landlords” system to reduce the chances of scams
  • Uses layered security measures to secure their users’ data


  • Few reports of app experiencing freezing and slowdowns
  • Free version locks you out of their special features like custom rent contracts and priority customer support

Customer Reviews

I used for the first time and it’s a wonderful experience

“I used for the first time and it’s a wonderful experience. It’s not just a business to leave you on your own alone, it’s all about support and sharing. Jackie guided us in details, helped to understand the market and compare, it’s not just limited to the time that you need to rent your property but also about extra support which you receive later too, it’s beyond a regular business, with you are always welcome, that was the experience which make it absolutely different and fantastic.”

-Farhad, Google Reviews

100% recommended while finding your next rental

“100% recommended while finding your next rental. Unlike Craigslist, which is full of scammers, Liv has only verified listings and a wide range of filters that allow you to specify pretty much anything you want in a place to live. Liv is the quickest and most useful website to find a rental that I have ever used.”

-Aryan Gupta, Google Reviews