A Guide to Choosing the Best Flower Arrangement for Any Occasion

A Guide to Choosing the Best Flower Arrangement for Any Occasion

If you’re planning to send flowers for any occasion, it’s important to keep every element in mind before you deliver them to their doorstep. 

It may be a bit confusing to start. If you’re not sure what flowers to get, check out our guide to choosing the best flower arrangement for any occasion and we’ll show you the way.

Think about colors

Bouquets and single flowers are great gifts for any occasion. However, your flowers will be more meaningful if you get them according to your recipient’s taste.

There are so many different kinds of flowers with various colors. If your recipient has any preference at all, it may be a good idea to find something that fits their taste.

At the same time, you can pick something that will convey the emotions you want them to feel using different colors.

Here’s a simple guide to flower colors and what they may convey:

  • Red can convey passion, love or strength.
  • Orange is a great way to send vibrant energy, happiness, and vitality.
  • Yellow is for happiness, confidence, and hope, but in certain cases they may also convey deceit. 
  • Pink conveys youthfulness, innocence, and joy.
  • Purple is often used to symbolize success and royalty, along with feelings of admiration, uniqueness, and beauty.
  • White flowers can mean reverence and humility, purity or sympathy.

Think about meanings

It’s also important to consider the meanings behind your flower arrangement, because behind every bloom lies a hidden message which may be taken the wrong way if you aren’t careful.

Flower arrangements are like a different kind of language. Learning what each bloom means can help you create better flower arrangements for any occasion.

Flower shops will know best, so if you’re totally clueless asking them to create an arrangement based on what you want to say will work out great.

However, if you’re planning to make your own arrangement, here’s a simple guide on the meanings of the most common roses:

  • White rose: purity and innocence
  • Red rose: I love you
  • Dark crimson rose: mourning
  • Pink rose: grace, gentleness, happiness
  • Yellow rose: jealousy or infidelity
  • Orange rose: desire
  • Lavender rose: love at first sight

For other kinds of flowers, here’s what they may symbolize:

  • Carnation: mother’s love, fascination
  • Chamomile: Patience
  • Pink Camellia: Longing
  • Red Camellia: You’re in my heart
  • White Camellia: You’re adorable
  • Daisy: innocence, loyal love, keeping secrets
  • Gardenia: secret love
  • Lilac: joy of youth
  • Marigold, grief and jealousy
  • Peony: bashfulness, wishes for a happy life, shame
  • Poppy: consolation
  • Sunflower: good fortune, faithfulness
  • Red tulip: declaration of love

There are thousands of different flowers in the world, and sadly we cannot fit them all and their meanings in this article. 

However, a good rule of thumb is if you want to send someone a new flower, try to google their meanings first before contacting your favorite flower delivery service

Think about combinations

If a single kind of flower cannot convey your sentiments, using a combination of different flowers may help. 

Just as fruit baskets contain multiple kinds of fruits, flower bouquets can also contain more than one kind of flower. In fact, most flower shops will create arrangements with different combinations for their aesthetic and meaning.

However, there are certain rules to combining flowers. Some arrangements may look good, but there are flowers that you should never mix together.

This has a lot to do with shelf life. Some flowers such as iris and chrysanthemum have vastly different vase lives so mixing them together will be bad.

Some flowers also tend to be toxic to others when mixed. 

However, another thing you may want to consider when mixing flowers is if they are able to convey the messages you want to say. Mixing red roses, carnations, and orchids, for instance, will send a message to your lover that you think they’re interesting, elegant, and brilliant.

There are a million and one ways to do this. Flower arrangement is an art form, and it may take a while to fully learn. 

However, there’s no need to overthink. A quick google search or an inquiry to a flower shop will tell you what you need in a snap of a finger.

Think about the kind of event

Apart from the color, meaning, and combination of flowers in your arrangement, you also want to consider the kind of event.

Flowers meant for valentine’s day are vastly different from flowers you should send for a funeral. Wedding blooms are also different from flowers you should get on a regular date night

Trends for bouquets also tend to change from year to year, and may also be affected by the season. 

No matter the event or season, we recommend researching the available blooms in your area at a particular time to make sure your flower gifting plans will succeed. 

For larger events, you can also coordinate with event planners who will know exactly what the trends are and what your options will be. 

Explore different options

Flower arrangements are a great choice for gifts no matter the occasion. While it may be a bit confusing, there is really no one way to do this and you’re completely in control.

You can follow trends or create your own magic, nothing is stopping you from exploring different things. As long as your intentions are clear, you won’t go wrong with your arrangements.

Thank you for reading our guide to choosing the best flower arrangement for any occasion. We hope this article has helped you in your flower gifting endeavor.

Keep in mind that it’s always the thought that counts! However, if you’re still feeling pretty stressed about your event, we have a few more articles that may be able to help you. 

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