5 Spring Maintenance Tips for Wood Decks

5 Spring Maintenance Tips for Wood Decks 

Outdoor structures are exposed to daily wear and tear, so they require routine maintenance. 

As winter ends and spring peeks in the corner, many homeowners get their decks ready for the warm weather. 

Forestall costly repairs and renovations and follow these spring maintenance tips for wood decks. 

Clear out the surface. 

Start your spring cleaning routine by giving your deck a thorough wash. Clear off the ice and snow accumulated on your deck’s surface using a shovel. 

This step is vital in preventing potential mold and mildew buildup. If you don’t want to shovel out snow for hours, you can look into the snow removal services we reviewed. 

After that, you can use a sturdy broom or a rake to remove all the dirt, dust, and other debris on your deck’s surface. If stubborn stains are left, we recommend scrubbing the surface off with a stiff-bristled brush and mild cleaner. 

Use a power washer. 

After washing and scrubbing your deck, there can still be stains and splotches left. Well, you can call a cleaning service, but if you decide to take matters into your hand, a power washer can be your best ally. 

Just note that you have to be extra careful with wood decks. Use the lowest pressure setting to avoid damaging the wood fibers of your deck. 

Repair loose nails, boards, or connections. 

No matter how well-built your deck is, there’s still a chance that it will have loose connections throughout the years. Make sure to repair loose nails, shaky floorboards, or screws poking out to avoid serious structural issues in the future. 

We also recommend integrating metal hardware into your deck’s floorboards to make them sturdier and more durable. 

If you plan to change your whole deck, you can check out our listicles on the best flooring companies and landscaping services in Edmonton

Stain and seal your deck. 

Staining your deck can be your best option if you wish to transform your old and worn-out deck without spending much. It can upgrade the look of your deck because it brings out the rich color of your deck’s surface. 

We also recommend using a waterproof and fade-resistant sealant that can help keep water from penetrating your floorboards. Moreover, sealing your deck can prevent other issues such as mold buildup, pest infestation, and wood rot.

It’s better to do this project when the weather is warm because the stain and sealant can dry faster. 

Choose your upgrades. 

Aside from routine maintenance, it’s also good to integrate some upgrades from time to time. 

For example, if your family enjoys lounging on your deck, you can get new upholstery or furniture. Alternatively, you can also install some blinds or carpets to make the space cozier. 

Of course, you can also opt for ornamental upgrades that can make your deck more inviting. Nonetheless, if your deck is badly damaged by hail or snow, we suggest that you consult a renovation contractor.  

Through this, you can understand the extent of the repairs needed or if you require a total replacement.