When Do You Need to See a Psychiatrist in Edmonton

When Do You Need to See a Psychiatrist in Edmonton?

We all have bad days, some worse than others. While it’s perfectly okay to handle things by yourself, sometimes we need a little help.

If your mental health is suffering but you’re not sure if it’s bad enough yet to see a psychiatrist, we’re here to help. Read this article to know when you need to see a psychiatrist in Edmonton.

If you are struggling to deal with problems

Loss is a large part of life, but knowing that it’s inevitable and unchangeable doesn’t make it easier to handle. If you’re going through a painful challenge, whether it’s a major illness, the death of a loved one, a divorce or a breakup, you’re entitled to feel bad.

If you’re experiencing these struggles and can’t handle them, you can always turn to a psychiatrist or a psychologist to help you.

If you have thoughts, emotions, or behaviour that you can’t control

Our brain can sometimes have a mind of its own, and it may be hard to control it. If you’re experiencing thoughts and emotions that are difficult to control, such as too much rage or sadness, a psychiatrist can help you make sense of them.

At the same time, if you’re behaving in a way that is interfering with your life but can’t seem to stop it, a psychiatrist can help you unlearn that behaviour, or at least curb it.

Things like low self-esteem, anger problems, or self-destructive behaviours are valid reasons to need help.

If you’re abusing drugs or alcohol

Substance abuse of any kind is dangerous. Addiction is also something that is hard to battle by yourself.

If you’re abusing drugs or alcohol, you need to seek help. 

If you need the perspective of an unbiased third party

Sometimes we experience thoughts or emotions that are confusing. Talking about these with a psychiatrist may help you unravel what they mean and why they are happening.

A psychiatrist is trained to be clinically objective, so they will not lie or judge you. They will just help you help yourself, and sometimes not even our friends or family can do that.

If you experience suicidal thoughts or ideations

If you feel like life isn’t worth living anymore and that you are hopeless, ask for help. In times of distress, we are not capable of making life or death decisions. 

Seeing a psychiatrist may help you realize that every problem can and will be solved if you just try and solve it.

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You don’t need to be mentally ill or have a diagnosis to see a psychiatrist. Therapy can help everyone. 

There’s no shame in admitting that you need help, and a psychiatrist can help. If you need more guidance, check out the articles below: