How to Throw the Best Outdoor Party in Edmonton

How to Throw the Best Outdoor Party in Edmonton

Next time you plan a get-together, consider having it outdoors. There are a million and one ways to have a blast out in the sun, and it’s all here.

Here’s how to throw the best outdoor party in Edmonton.

Set Your Guests’ Expectations

Before your event, make sure you set your guests’ expectations on what’s going to happen during your party. 

Whether you’re having it at noon for a luncheon, in the morning for some light brunch, or at night for a fun outdoor cocktail, letting your guests know is your first responsibility as a host.

We recommend sending out invitations that specify the time, date, and venue, along with dress codes or other considerations you may have. 

Sending out invites can also help you get the word out for your event, as well as limit the number of people to your capacity. This will help you plan out menus and tables to fit the number of people you’re expecting to arrive.

Plan Your Menu

Now that you have your guest list, you can plan your menu around them. It helps to know any allergens and meal restrictions if they have any, but if you’re not sure what your guests will prefer we suggest planning a buffet with an assorted selection that will cater to different meal styles.

Set a table for vegan food, a grill for meat lovers, plan out gluten and non-gluten meals. This will make sure everyone will have something to enjoy.

If you’re not sure what meals are good, you can check out these food blogs. They have wonderful tips and recipes that can help you plan out your menu.

If you’re not great at kitchen stuff, you can also order food! You can order seafood, Chinese, or whatever else you may fancy.

If nothing else, you can also try potluck and have your guests come in with their favorite dishes. This way everyone wins!

Drinks Away

While food is an important part of any outdoor party, the beverages are just as vital. You don’t want your guests to be parched for any part of your event.

This is even more important if you’re having a daytime party because the sun is hydration’s worst enemy. You can consider preparing big batches of cocktail and juice beforehand, put them in an aesthetic jar, and have your guests take some in their own glasses.

It also helps to have an icebox ready with bottles of beer or soda around the party area so your guests can easily get to them.

Decorate with Flowers

In this era of social media domination, you want to have a pretty venue. In our opinion, there’s nothing quite as pretty as flowers.

Outdoor parties often happen around spring or summer, so having bright floral arrangements or centerpieces can help brighten up your setup. They’re easy on the eyes, and easy to prepare.

If you have a garden, it’s just a matter of artfully styling your tables around your plants. If you don’t, you can check out these flower delivery services to help you get the best flowers for your party!

Get a Cake (or two, or three…)

Who doesn’t love cake? We can’t think of anyone, and we doubt you can, either. 

No matter the occasion, having cakes or sweets will make people happy. Contact these cake delivery shops today so you can get started. 

Ensure Comfort

Your food and desserts are all ready, now you just need to make sure your guests won’t get antsy during your event.

Having the best set-up is the trickiest part of having an outdoor celebration, but with the right tools you can definitely make sure your guests are having fun even under the sun. 

First, you want to prepare comfortable chairs. They will be spending most of their time there.

You also want to get ahead of bugs to avoid any nasty bites. It helps to have regular pest control to avoid this. 

You may also consider preparing sunscreens for your guests just in case they forget their own. Having large umbrellas to shade them from the sun will help too!

Play Games

Whether your party is for adults or children, setting up some entertainment will go over well. You can plan out some games for your guests to play, with interesting rewards or punishments to keep the party going.

Here are some toy stores you can check out if you need props. 

Serenade Your Guests

Nothing like great music to keep the party going. Whether you’re having an afternoon soiree or an evening cocktail, having the right playlist will ensure your party has the best vibe.

Consider checking out these music stores for all your music needs, whether you want vinyls or CDs.

Prepare a Pretty Set-up

Naturally, you want decorations. It doesn’t have to be over-the-top bridal crazy, but some effort wouldn’t hurt.

You can start with some linen covering for your tables. You can either buy some or find linen rental services

You can also get party supplies if you want a themed gathering. You can get them in the best party supply vendors around Edmonton.

Always Have a Plan B

Now that you’re all set, don’t forget to prepare a Plan B. We hate to say it, but sometimes things just don’t work out as we expect them to. 

So many things can go wrong that are out of our control, so it’s best to have a backup just in case. You can always just have an indoor party in case it rains! 

If your party is too big for your house, make sure you prepare an outdoor tent or canopy on-site. This way you get to party whether it winds or rains.

And there you have it! You’re all set up for the outdoor party of the year. 

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