Why You Need Business Cards

Why You Need Business Cards

Whether you’re just starting out a business venture or building a professional brand, you need a tool to get your name out there. 

While in the current climate technologically-driven contact-sharing may be more appealing, there’s a good reason why you need business cards still.

If you’re wondering why you should invest in business cards in a digitally dominated environment, you’ve come to the right place.

Direct Marketing

You can spend thousands of dollars on a digital marketing campaign to varying results, but there’s nothing quite as foolproof as direct marketing. As long as you get your business card to the right people, you can expect leads to come in.

Even if the person you gave it to ends up not giving you what you need, chances are they can and will forward your card to people they know who may need it.


While sharing your contact details using your phone is a form of convenience in itself, there’s nothing quite as easy as picking a card from a wallet and handing it over. 

You don’t need to remember passwords, tap on apps, or whatever else because it’s right there. At the same time, the person you’re giving it to won’t feel the need to put on any effort in receiving it either. 

They don’t need to pull out their phones, for one, and they can easily slide your card in a pocket or their own wallet.

Provide a Personal Touch

Whoever said that business is nothing personal definitely knows nothing about business. Business in itself is incredibly personal because it requires you to communicate and connect with various people, from employees to your clientele.

Giving out business cards doesn’t only mean you distribute it to people. Often, this interaction involves lots of handshakes and small talk which are vital in creating a friendly environment.

Sharing your contact details personally creates a nice connection with your client or prospective investor. 


Referrals come easy when you have business cards. As long as you have your skills detailed on your card, it will find its way into the hands of people in need of those skills.

Make sure you hire a great design agency and the best printing service to ensure you get a business card that is appealing. 

Shows Your Serious Side

Business cards are also important because they make you appear capable, in a sense. You can meet people in surprising circumstances and having a business card ready makes you appear prepared.

Aside from that, business cards are the only appropriate method of contact-sharing in certain cultures and situations. They are direct to the point and free from any ambiguity, so they’re safe in all situations.

Business cards are a powerful marketing tool that you need in your arsenal, whether you’re starting a business or building a personal brand. 

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