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The 11 Best Dance Studios in Edmonton

We extensively test and research all services we review. Here's why you can trust us.

If you and your crew need an indoor studio to practice in, then the best dance studios in Edmonton can be of service. Sometimes, practicing in public spaces can cause disruptions, and what we need is a place that’s a little more private.

We’ve looked around for dance studios that have wide, open dance areas and can echo back any sound system you may be using. We also asked dancers — both professionals and hobbyists — which dance studios they frequent.

And that’s how we came up with the ones on this list. Enough chatter — check out our list of the best dance studios in Edmonton!


SERVICES Dance lessons
ADDRESSNorth 12611 – 127 street
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSContact for more information

Image School of Dance prides itself on offering dance classes for every age group, from children to adults, and welcomes all families.

We like that the studio emphasizes creating a welcoming and supportive atmosphere, where dancers feel like they are part of a second family.

With 27 years of experience, Image School of Dance has established itself as a leading provider of dance education in the area. The studio employs kind, patient instructors who prioritize teaching technique in a fun and engaging manner.

We find that their attention to detail and strong technical background ensure that dancers receive high-quality instruction.

We like that Image School of Dance maintains small class sizes, allowing for personalized attention and a supportive learning environment. This ensures that each dancer has the opportunity to grow both as an individual and as a dancer, regardless of their age or skill level.


  • Inclusive Environment
  • Experienced Instructors
  • Small Class Sizes


SERVICES Dancing lessons: Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Pointe, Modern, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Acro​, Musical Theatre, Pre-School Dance​​, Adult Tap, Adult Variety, and Adult Hip Hop.
ADDRESS7619 50 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6B 0E6, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected]

Amanda’s School of Dancing is made up of a hardworking group of people. Despite their diverse experiences and expertise, they all share one goal: to foster a happy, entertaining, and creative environment for our children.

They offer a variety of dancing lessons and each of these dancing lessons have different programs depending on your age group and proficiency on the field.

 For example, people aged 4-5 will be in the future diva program while the ones at the age of 17 and above are grouped in the graduate dance program, recreational program, or all-star program depending on their proficiency. 

With everything they have to offer, we believe that they are one of the few dance studios that are highly recommended if you’re looking for a hobby to spend time with or if you plan on pursuing it further. 


  • Experienced dance teachers
  • High-end studio
  • Affordable rates

3. Rhythms Studio

Rhythms Studio's Logo
BEST FOR    Partner dances
ADDRESS 9430 118 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5G 0N6
CONTACT DETAILS +1 587-589-8525
OPERATING HOURS Sunday – Thursday: 5:45 – 10:00 PM

Rhythms Studios offers spaces for those who want to learn extensively about partner dancing. They offer private, corporate, and wedding partner dancing lessons.

As for spaces for dance practice, you’ll need to call them up and ask for their services and availability. However, keep in mind that they offer rentals to members only.

Their services, as well as dance lessons, makes them one of the best dance studios in Edmonton.


  • Membership only rentals
  • Corporate lessons available
  • Beginner friendly

Customer Reviews

Check out what Cindy H. has to say about this place and their private dance lessons:

“I always have an amazing time going to dance class! Chad makes class super enjoyable, engaging, and most importantly a safe environment. I have been going to Rhythms Studio for almost a year and I’ve met incredible people and learned so much. I 100% recommend!! Also – Side bonus – classes are very affordable!”

Kelly B. talks about how accommodating the studio is:

“Rhythms Studio is truly special, and it’s approach is far from cookie cutter. The studio teaches important technical skills of Latin dance through thoughtful references to kinesiology and musicality, while always encouraging each dancer to express a unique personal flair. The atmosphere provided within the studio is always positive and welcoming. Chad and the Rhythms team are an indispensable part of the Latin dance community.”

4. Mile Zero Dance Society

Mile Zero Dance Society's Logo
BEST FOR    Hourly rentals
ADDRESS 10816 95 St, Edmonton, AB T5H 2E3
CONTACT DETAILS (780) 424–1573
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday: 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Mile Zero Dance Society doesn’t just offer workshops and dance classes but studio rentals as well. They offer weekday, weeknights, full-day, and half day rentals.

They also offer their spaces for both commercial and nonprofit events. However, if you need to cancel a booking, you must inform them at least 48 hours in advance or you’ll be billed a cancellation fee of $25.00.

They allow the sale of alcohol at events but only if you have a license presented. Their wide space and reasonable services make them one of the best dance studios in Edmonton.


  • Garuda lessons
  • Multiple options for rentals
  • 48 hour cancellation timeline

Customer Reviews

Fit-City Guide shares their experiences at this place and why going here is a must:

“This charming studio in the heart of Edmonton’s Little Italy is full of chaotic character. We tried our hands at a contact dance class, which was a definite first and though it didn’t leave us gasping for breath, it absolutely fulfilled
its purpose in connecting mind to body and forcing us to take time to understand how they work in partnership and to the world around us. Also, there was a HUGE test in trusting others – strangers nonetheless – which was a lil’
life reminder unto itself.”

Rebecca R. praises Mile Zero Dance Society in this rave review:

“This is indeed one of the hidden gems of Edmonton and a wonderful member of the arts community.

I like to attend the monthly event the “Dirt Buffet Cabaret”.  It is a show that supports any artist that
needs a stage and an audience to present a work, or a work in progress.  You will see some really great performances, some really strange performances and some really bad performances.  The really great performances make up most of the show.  $10 donation for the evening,
or “pay what you can”.  It is a great night out.

The community of artists here are wonderful people!  The studio is available for rent.

If you are a dancer, or want to learn to dance there are many classes to choose from.  There are also a lot of other
performances to choose from as well.”

5. Marr-Mac Dance & Theatre Arts

Marr-Mac Dance & Theatre Arts' Logo
BEST FOR    Cheap studio rentals
ADDRESS 8627 109 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6G 1E7
CONTACT DETAILS (780) 434-9281
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Thursday: 4:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Saturday: 9:15 AM – 1:30 PM

If you need a good location and cheap rates, then Marr-Mac Dance & Theatre Arts can provide it for you. Their studio rentals have an hourly rate of $30, plus GST.

But if you want more space, you can rent their extra large studio at $35 per hour. They offer sound equipment that’s compatible with CDs and iPods, provided that you bring your own cords.

And if you’re in need of a piano, you can also rent one from them. Their easy way of renting out studios and cheap rates make them one of the best dance studios in Edmonton.


  • Affordable rates
  • Extra space available
  • Piano available

Customer Reviews

Lujia C. has this to say about this studio and the variety of dance lessons they offer:

“Wonderful dance studio; they have many varieties of dance such such as highland, bollywood, and contemporary. They offer adult classes as well. The year end show is always an enjoyable time. I’m not sure about other levels/genres, but at least for the higher levels of ballet, there are numerous occasions for the ballerinas to compete and dance at many functions.”

Jason C. talks about his experience in this dance studio:

“Long-time member of the Edmonton dance and arts community, Marr-Mac offers friendly, quality instruction across a range of dance styles and all ages. Ability to pay month by month is appreciated too.”

6. ETOWN SALSA Latin Dance Studios

ETOWN SALSA Latin Dance Studios' Logo
BEST FOR   Wide range of dance classes
ADDRESS 10575 115 street, Edmonton AB T5H 3K4
CONTACT DETAILS (780) 906-7939
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Thursday: 5:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Sunday: 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Aside from offering Latin dance classes, ETOWN Salsa also offers studio rentals for those who need to practice their moves.

Their fee ranges from $17 to $35 per hour depending on factors like peak hours, short vs. long term agreements, and hours per month. Therefore, it’s best to contact them first for more information.

Once you make a reservation, a 50% deposit is required and must be sent 24 hours prior to studio use. You’ll have to sign a rental agreement before using their spaces.

With a large studio and a wide variety of dance lessons, they’re definitely one of the best dance studios in Edmonton.


  • Studio rentals
  • Wide variety of dance lessons
  • Wide, spacious studio

Customer Reviews

Andrea B. shares her experiences at ETOWN in this review:

“ETOWN is great! It is a great place to start dancing as well as meet people and make some new friends! Alex (the owner and instructor) is a very good teacher and will give you good direction/ encouragement if you are struggling with some patterns! The salsa community is also great! Everyone is so friendly!! I had moved here from Montreal and was looking for a way to make new friends here! Etown was the perfect place for it! Dancing is a very social activity and it’s a great workout! If you are undecided stop overthinking it and just do it! You won’t regret it!”

Take a look at what Cortney D. has to say about ETOWN:

“Love the vibe in the studio. Alex is a great instructor, especially for beginners, focused on not just technique but musicality as well. Been there for 3 years!”

7. Etudes Dance Studio

Etudes Dance Studio's Logo
ADDRESS4608 148 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6H 5N5
CONTACT DETAILS(780) 436 – 5610 | (780) 893 – 7799 | [email protected]

Etudes Dance Studio mostly caters to children, offering dance classes for ballet, hiphop, creative dancing and jazz. But don’t fret, they have some options for adults as well.

They also have a variety of schedules and pricing options that can fit your budget and availability. Currently, they have scheduled Zoom lessons so you don’t miss their dance routines while at home.

With stellar services and good commitment to teaching children the art of dance, they’re a good choice for some of the best dance lessons in Edmonton.


  • Children-centered lessons
  • Adult lessons available
  • Jazz dancing available

Customer Reviews

Tracy King has this to say about the environment in this school when her daughter was taking dance lessons from them:

“My daughter has danced at Etudes for a number of years now and has enjoyed every moment. It’s a supportive, non-competitive environment where dancing for the love of dance is the message. Instructors are top notch and the kids progress through the different levels of the different styles of dance, but without the grade levels being at the forefront. The recital at the end of the year is a wonderful production giving the kids a terrific opportunity to showcase what they have learned throughout the year!”

Paige Tyrlik talks about her experiences in this dance class, citing good lessons:

“I’ve been dancing for Etudes dance studio for about 8 years, through these years I’ve been able to make many friends and enjoy my passion for dance. The teachers at this studio are very welcoming and they share there amazing and outstanding work with us. Etudes offers many dance styles and I’ve had the experience of most of them and they are very fun.”

8. Cheremosh School of Dance

Cheremosh School of Dance's Logo
SERVICES Dance lessons
Dance studios
ADDRESS4005 – 115 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
CanadaT5W 0V5
[email protected] – General Inquiries
[email protected] – Summer Camps Inquiries
[email protected] – Festival Inquirie
[email protected] – Performance Inquiries
OPERATING HOURSMonday 5:30–9:30 PM
Tuesday 5:30–9 PM
Wednesday 5:30–6:30 PM
Thursday 5:30–9:30 PM
Friday 5:30–9:30 PM
Saturday 9:30 AM–12:30 PM

Chester and Luba Kuc started the Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Company in Edmonton, Alberta, in 1969. The company is named after the Cheremosh River which separates the Ukrainian districts of Bukovyna and Halychyna, readily matching the river’s boisterousness and vivacity.

They are the pioneers of Ukrainian dance in Canada wherein they achieved tremendous success as a semi-professional Ukrainian dance company all around the world thanks to their great discipline, tenacity, and creative leadership.

Cheremosh is known for bringing incredible choreography to the stage, taking their audiences on a colorful and exhilarating trip filled with complicated choreography, magnificent costumes, and dramatic music.

Aside from their excellent dance lessons, they also rent their high-end studio space equipped with a 6′ x 53′ mirrors, wall mounted barre & 9 freestanding barres, raised sprung board floor with Vinyl Marely Flooring 37′ x 75′, quality sound system, and many more. 

In addition, you can enjoy their free parking in personal parking lots & street parking, and Wifi throughout the building. They also have a kitchen with a microwave, sink and fridge. 


  • High-end studio
  • Experienced trainers
  • Years of experience

9. Freedom School of Dance

Freedom School of Dance's Logo
SERVICES Dance classes
ADDRESSRooms 186 & 26210045 156 St NW Edmonton, AB T5P 2P7
CONTACT DETAILS(780) 625-2800
[email protected] 
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday, 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Freedom School of Dance provides a variety of dance lessons suitable for people of all ages. They are known for providing kids an opportunity to experience dancing in a safe, professional, and fun environment. 

They are an Edmonton-based non-profit dance studio dedicated to making dancing available to all children, regardless of socioeconomic status.

Their mission is to help all pupils improve not just their dancing but also their self-confidence. FSD not only teaches appropriate dancing methods, but also fosters each child’s confidence, creativity, potential, and spirit!

For kids, they provide kinder acro, mini ballet, mini movers, mini jazzers, and many more. All classes for dancers 8 and over are full-season classes except for Acro 101 and FUNdamentals. Among the sessions they teach to kids, they particularly excel in ballet wherein they establish proper posture, alignment, and technique. 


  • Experienced teachers
  • High-end studio
  • Affordable rates

Customer Reviews

Great school!

“Great school! The Instructor is passionate about what she does and is especially good at teaching each student as an individual. The Acro class offered is another big draw to the studio.” – Jake Sisson

Would highly recommend! 

“Would highly recommend! The instructor is incredibly approachable and passionate about what she does. The classes are a hoot for the kids!”  – Brynn Day

10. Abir Dance Studio

Abir Dance Studio's Logo
SERVICES Level 1 Balle Dance, Level 2 Balle Dance, and Level 3 Balle Dance
ADDRESS20304 47 Eve, Edmonton T6M0A6
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: 7806801450
Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSBy appointment basis only

Our experience with Abir Dance Studio has been nothing short of exceptional. 

From the moment we stepped into their studio, we were greeted with an atmosphere of professionalism and creativity that set the tone for the entire journey.

The range of services offered by Abir Dance Studio is truly impressive. From classical ballet to contemporary hip-hop, they cover every dance genre with finesse.

Their team of experienced instructors brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, ensuring every session is a step towards mastery.

Convenience is a hallmark of Abir Dance Studio. With multiple class timings and flexible schedules, fitting dance into our busy lives became hassle-free. 

Their online booking system simplifies the process, ensuring that signing up for a class is as smooth as executing a flawless pirouette.

The reputation that Abir Dance Studio has garnered is well-deserved. 

Renowned for producing top-notch dancers who exude grace and skill, their name resonates in the dance community. The studio’s performances and showcases are a testament to their dedication to excellence.

Let’s be real, quality often comes at a price. However, Abir Dance Studio offers a value proposition that’s hard to beat.

The investment made in their classes is an investment in oneself, guided by experts who sculpt raw talent into refined artistry.

Every visit to Abir Dance Studio leaves us inspired and energized. The energy that fills the studio is contagious, pushing us to surpass our own limits.

The attention to detail and the focus on technique keeps us on our toes—quite literally!

Sadly, they can get very busy during peak days. We advise booking a slot in their studio ahead of time.


  • Experienced and Skilled Instructors
  • Comprehensive Range of Dance Styles
  • Emphasis on Technique and Form
  • Personalized Attention for Growth

Customer Reviews

“Abir Dance Studio took my passion for dance and turned it into an art form. Their instructors are not only talented but also patient, guiding me to refine my moves.”

“From a complete novice to feeling like a dancer, Abir Dance Studio’s classes have been transformative. The convenience of scheduling and the supportive atmosphere make it a top choice.”

11. Cuban Movements

Cuban Movements' Logo
ADDRESS10110 124 St, Edmonton, AB
CONTACT DETAILSemail: [email protected]
phone: 780-862-2068
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Saturday, 9:00 AM – 7 PM

Cuban Movements Dance Academy, founded in 2013 by Leo Gonzalez, is a professional dance studio located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The academy offers a wide range of dance styles for all levels, from beginner to professional. Leo Gonzalez, a highly skilled professional dancer and choreographer from Havana, Cuba, leads the team of instructors, ensuring a high standard of instruction.

The studio provides a warm and welcoming environment for dancers of all ages and aims to preserve and promote the richness of Cuban arts and culture, with a particular focus on the African roots of Cuban dance. The instructors emphasize historical context and technical precision in their classes, performances, workshops, and productions. Students can explore diverse dance styles such as Afro-Cuban, Rumba, Salsa, Contemporary, and Reggaeton.

Cuban Movements Dance Academy has three separate studio rooms, each equipped with Bluetooth-controlled speakers and mirrors. The main studio, La Havana, is used for Afro-Cuban and partner classes, while Tropicana and La Clave serve as spaces for body movement and private classes, respectively. The academy also incorporates live drumming in some of their Afro-Cuban classes, adding an authentic touch to the learning experience.

The studio follows COVID-19 safety protocols, with masks required in public spaces and optional during classes. They have also made a safe space pledge, ensuring an inclusive and harassment-free environment for all dancers.

Overall, Cuban Movements Dance Academy provides a professional and enriching dance experience, led by highly experienced instructors in a welcoming environment. Whether you’re a beginner looking to explore Cuban dance or a seasoned dancer seeking to refine your skills, this studio offers a range of classes and workshops to meet your needs.


  • Professional dance studio preserving Cuban arts and culture.
  • Diverse dance styles with historical context and precision.
  • Welcoming environment, COVID-19 safety protocols, inclusive space.

Customer Reviews

If you love Latin dance, this is the place to go! 

“If you love Latin dance, this is the place to go! Excellent instructor and great vibe!  You will definitely learn how to dance! I 100% recommend them!” – Myrna Saramago

These are the best dance studios in Edmonton if you want to practice body movement with your crew. If you ever need indoor spaces for dancing, then keep these places in mind.

Are there any other great services that we missed, though? Leave us a comment and we’ll update the article promptly.

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