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The 5 Best Kids Dentists in Edmonton

Best Kids Dentists in Edmonton
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If your tots have some dental concerns, then it’s best to go to one of the best kids dentists in Edmonton. These dentists understand the apprehension your child might have when having teeth checked.

These experts will not only provide your children good oral care, but can also comfort them if they’re nervous with the procedure.

How did we find them? We asked parents which dental services they recommend for kiddos based on their experiences. These were the top choices of plenty of parents for the best kids dentist in Edmonton.

Come check them out!

1.  Avenue Pediatric Dentistry

Avenue Pediatric Dentistry's Logo
BEST FOR  Pediatric Dentistry
ADDRESS 560 First Edmonton Place, 10665 Jasper Ave NW, Edmonton, AB

T5J 3S9

CONTACT DETAILS 780 428-7761 | [email protected]

Avenue Pediatric Dentistry offers some of the best dental healthcare around. They offer an array of dental services to infants, children and teenagers, as well as those of all ages with special needs.

From consultations to emergency care, they will help provide what your kid needs for a healthier mouth. This makes them one of the most recommended choices for the best kids dentists in Edmonton.

Another perk is that booking an appointment from them is really quick and easy!


  • Accepts dental insurance
  • Minor oral surgery available
  • Quickly scheduled appointments

Customer Reviews

Find out why customers enjoy this place:

Nice friendly people, front desk hygienist and dentist. Took time to explain all well. Didnt feel like a money grab. Explained options and procedures. Overall a great experience.

—Icrvan, Google Reviews

We were referred to this office years ago by our local dentist and we love it.  Dr. Parusini is so open and friendly and his office staff are just as lovely.

Their appointments run on time and Dr Parusini will never do any unnecessary work or fillings.

We would highly recommend this clinic to anyone looking for a great dentist for their kids.

—Sarah Oliver, Google Reviews

2.  Childrens Dental Centre

Childrens Dental Centre's Logo
(Source: Yelp)
BEST FOR  Pediatric Dentistry
ADDRESS #210 Circle Square Plaza 11808 Saint Albert Trail Northwest Edmonton, AB
CONTACT DETAILS +1 (780) 428-5437 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Thursday               8:00 – 4:00

Friday                                            8:00 – 3:00

Childrens Dental Centre’s goal is to give your child a healthier, happier smile and to provide good dental health care. They also accept new patients from infancy through the teenage years and early adulthood.

Their staff has specialized training to treat children and comfort them, especially if it’s their first time or they have a fear of the dentist.

With a welcoming, sweet atmosphere to calm children down, and a staff that accommodates patients and their parents, it’s a good place to have a kid’s teeth treated or fixed.

This has made them one of the best kids dentists in Edmonton.


  • Offers treatment to patients up to early adulthood
  • Variety of special services
  • High-tech procedures

Customer Reviews

Find out why customers enjoy this place:

Kind, respectful and professional team. Dr. Rastegari and her assistant were very knowledgeable. They spent a lot of time answering our questions. We didn’t feel rushed at all. They were so kind with our little one, so he had a great experience from his first dentist appointment. Thank you !

—Fateme Bahri, Google Reviews

Very kind staff and made my son and i feel very comfortable. I would recommend this dental office for all children it such a positive environment and they make the children very happy. Love going here

—Chantel Goulet, Google Reviews

3.  Windermere Pediatric Dentistry

Windermere Pediatric Dentistry's Logo
(Source: Windermere Pediatric DentistryYelp)
BEST FOR  Pediatric Dentistry
ADDRESS 316 Windermere Rd NW #201, Edmonton, AB T6W 2Z8
CONTACT DETAILS 780-484-5667

Windermere Pediatric Dentistry is a dental clinic with state-of-the-art technology and the latest research within the pediatric field of oral healthcare. What’s more is that they have been treating children’s first (and last!) baby teeth for over 20 years.

They provide exemplary care for their patients, so it’s no wonder they’re dubbed some of the best kids dentists in Edmonton. They have treatment under general anesthesia at an outside (certified) surgical suite.

They have different services for your kid’s dental health and to make sure kids’ teeth are well-cared for.


  • Latest tech
  • Provides emergency services
  • Certified anesthesiologists on site.

Customer Reviews

Find out why customers enjoy this place:

This doctor is the best i have ever had always helping me keep my teeth as best as u could ever think because i have had her for 13 years if u think she is a bad doctor u do not know what a bad doctor is just because u so not know where her place is i would not trade her for nobody else and she pays for movie so thats all kids get to have a nice time while she fixes your teeth all she wants when u come to her place is for u to be happy. And u have made a bad choice if u don’t have this doctor for your little children i feel a little bit bad.

—Matiwos Ande, Google Reviews

My 6 year old daughter had to have a large surgery done.  10 teeth were pulled out, amongst some other work.  Dr Diab was so reassuring to us, to our daughter, and followed up with a phone call after the surgery.  I would recommend her for any dental surgery required for your kids!

—Janice Bannink, Google Reviews

4.  City Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry

City Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry's Logo
(Source: City Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry)
BEST FOR  Pediatric Dentistry
ADDRESS 102-4222 Gateway Blvd NW, Edmonton, AB T6J 7K1
CONTACT DETAILS +1 780-757-1001

City Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry is one of the best kids dentists in Edmonton. To start with, they offer free orthodontic virtual consultation.

Their experts in pediatric dentistry can also help your child establish healthy habits as well as provide him or her with the best in oral health care. Treatment outcomes are dependent on each individual case.

This place even makes your kids feel at ease by using child-friendly language and behavior management skills. It’s really no shock that so many recommended it to us.


  • Behavioral management skills used by staff
  • No referral necessary
  • Emergency care services

Customer Reviews

Find out why customers enjoy this place:

This place is awesome. the staff is super friendly. My kid absolutely love going there. They get to watch their favorite shows in the decorated rooms and treats at the end if they sat good, which they always do. Its very relaxing for the kids. I only wish they had a place like this when I was a kid then maybe I wouldn’t have such anxiety at the dentist. I highly recommend it.

—Sheylla Doell, Google Reviews

The staff is always very friendly and helpful! Dr. Al-Daghreer is a very knowledgeable, personable orthodontist which makes the experience for my son Easton enjoyable.  I would highly recommend City Orthodontics!

—Melissa Johns, Google Reviews


5.  Gateway Pediatric Dentistry

Gateway Pediatric Dentistry's Logo
(Source: Gateway Pediatric Dentistry)
BEST FOR  Pediatric Dentistry
ADDRESS 2920 Calgary Trail NW #215, Edmonton, AB T6J 2G8
CONTACT DETAILS +1 780-705-5437

This clinic provides children a comfortable and fun experience to ease their anxieties when getting a routine check up. Along with dental services, they have new techniques, the latest products, and the newest equipment that a modern pediatric dental office can offer.

They also offer both disease care and dental care, and make sure your kid’s dental health is maintained. This makes them one of the best kids dentists in Edmonton, especially given the effort they put into ensuring a positive experience for patients.


  • Registered pediatric dentists
  • Safety first
  • Positive experiences by patients

Customer Reviews 

Find out why customers enjoy this place:

My son has been going to Dr Palmer for 4 years, he is always amazing! He is very calm, quick and soft spoken which puts nervous patients like my son at ease. Today our hygienist was Casey, and she was incredible! She explained everything thoroughly and was the exact right combination of funny and sweet that kids respond to. My son really liked her and told her she was nice at the end of the appointment, which really means something because he never gives compliments!! We really love and appreciate Gateway Pediatric Dentistry!

—Amanda Derksen, Google Reviews

Dr. Lam is amazing with kids. He always answers all my questions and is very kind and knowledgeable. Karla is a wonderful dental hygienist. She is helpful, kind, and so great with kids too! She made my young daughter feel so comfortable and helped me with flossing her teeth. We had a great dentist visit. It was very organized and clean and we felt safe being there. Thanks so much!

—Tanis Haylett, Google Reviews

And that concludes our list of the best kid dentists in Edmonton! We hope you’ll get the best dental care at our recommended clinics, as well as ease your kids into visiting the dentist to better their oral health.

Did we miss some quality services from this list? Tell us if so, because we’d like to review them and see if they deserve to be in this list!

And if you need your teeth in tiptop shape, try checking our list of the best cosmetic dentists in Edmonton.