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Best Korean Restaurants in Edmonton

The 6 Best Korean Restaurants in Edmonton

By Noah Murray

Korean cuisine is great for those days when the standard fare isn’t really doing it for you. These best Korean restaurants in Edmonton will satisfy your hunger for delicacies with mouth-watering samgyeopsal-gui, street fare tteokbokki, or some bite-sized jumeokbap.

We’ve asked people who frequent K-restaurants as well as locals with a taste for Korean cuisine which ones are deserving enough to be put in this list. So now, check out the best Korean restaurants in Edmonton!

1.  Dookbaeki Korean Restaurant

Dookbaeki Korean Restaurant Dish
(Source:Dookbaeki Korean Restaurant)
BEST FOR  Korean Cuisine
PRODUCTS http://www.dookbaeki.ca
WEBSITE http://www.dookbaeki.ca
ADDRESS 2872 Calgary Trail NW, Edmonton, AB T6J 6V7
CONTACT DETAILS +1 587-524-4336

Dookbaeki Korean Restaurant is a no-frills place whose offerings are mostly hearty Korean soups served on stone bowls. From dwaeji gukbap, to gamja tang, to their own recipe of bulgogi, they have sour soups, broths, and more.

The secret to their tasty, rich soup is that they boil it for over 2 days to steep the bones and meat carefully and get all the marrow and collagen to stew well. If you want traditional soups or very healthy beef and pork soups, they’re a good place to order from.

They also have pork belly and hock, and some offerings of Korean-style sausages as well as naengchae jokbal, which braised pig’s feet.

Given their reputation for good food and services among customers, it’s no doubt they have a place in this list of the best Korean restaurants in Edmonton.


  • Skipthedishes delivery
  • Rustic interiors
  • Wide selection of soups

Customer Reviews

Find out why customers enjoy this place:

I always enjoy having a meal here. Although the restaurant is small I have never had to wait and service is always great. The seafood pancake is the best that I’ve had in the city. They have a variety of soups which are all delicious. I don’t normally eat spicy but this is just the right amount. Also, their pork belly is amazing. If you don’t know how to wrap they’re always happy to help! Would recommend and for sure will be returning again

—Alexandra Chang, Google Reviews

Another great Korean restaurant in the city. We were so pleased about the food quality. Some Korean restaurants tend to cheap out on the ingredient such as meat, seafood…but they put a good portion of meat, seafood, egg and tofu.. The service was very decent, I love that they refill side dishes as well. (Again, some places charge extra for them) downside was…maybe the restaurant room temperature was a little colder side..(maybe that was for some spicy food! Lol) and the background music was a little too loud..:)

Otherwise, it was a VERY positive first visit, and definitely will go back for some yummy Korean dishes   (price was okay, too, I guess)

—Tatsuya Goto, Google Reviews


2.  Nongbu Korean Eatery

Nongbu Korean Eatery Dish
(Source: Nongbu Korean Eatery)
BEST FOR  Korean Cuisine
PRODUCTS https://www.nongbu.ca
WEBSITE https://www.nongbu.ca
ADDRESS 8115 104 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 4E4
CONTACT DETAILS +1 780-989-0997 | [email protected]

Nongbu Korean Eatery is a hidden gem for Korean cuisine in Edmonton. If you want to take your date somewhere secluded and low-key, or you’re just not up to places that have too much traffic, then this is a great option.

They offer great Korean fare like tteokbokki, bibimbap, and seafood pajeon. Another thing is that they have Korean beverages such as the deliciously satisfying Lotte Milkis and Soju.

This place has been an awardee for multiple accolades by many magazines such as Avenue and Vue Weekly, so you know they pack a punch in flavor. This immediately places them here as one of the best Korean restaurants in Edmonton.


  • Huge selection of traditional Korean food
  • Delivery through Skipthedishes
  • Soju available

Customer Reviews

Check out what makes them so beloved to customers:

Really Really Good.  Wanted Korean Food, Put Korean Food into Google, Found this Place, Was Completely Satisfied.  Flavours were on Point, Server was on Point, Price was on Point.  Will be Back Again to Try Other Tasty Dishes.

—Travis Mason, Google Reviews

Korean street food is all about sharing and variety.  I wouldn’t say that the portions were big enough, especially for the price, but it’s a decent amount of food.  From the free side dishes to the main plates, everything had a good amount of flavour – chili paste was not over bearing or too spicy to handle, not overly salty, nice char on some of the vegetables etc.  The fried DdukBboKki had a nice crisp, and chewy inside.  For our pork belly, we added lettuce and rice for an extra cost, but it was definitely better in a lettuce wrap than by itself.  The cucumbers, and lettuce added some freshness to the pork belly.  The customer service was also very good.  Waitress was very mindful of us at all times.  The only problem we had was the sticky table.  Not sure if there was a spill beforehand, or the wood finish was degrading, but it made our experience slightly uncomfortable.  Other than that, recommended..

—Nathanael Trinh, Google Reviews


3. Gangnam Street Food

(Source: Gangnam Street Food)

BEST FOR  Authentic Korean street food
PRODUCTS https://gangnamstreetfood.com/
WEBSITE https://gangnamstreetfood.com/

9261 34 Ave NW #15 Edmonton, AB

West Edmoton Mall:

8882 170 St NW #1606 Edmonton, AB


Unit FC05, 1-Londonderry Mall NW Edmonton, AB

CONTACT DETAILS (780) 244-0148 | [email protected]

Mon to Sun: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm

West Edmoton Mall

Mon to Sat: 11:00am – 9pm

Sun: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm 


Mon to Fri: 10:00 am – 9:00 pm

Sat:  10: 00 am to 5:30 am

Sun: 12:00pm to 5:00pm

Gangnam Street Food perfectly captures the taste of Korea through dishes like kimbabs, dduckbokki, and ramen. They promote a very casual atmosphere giving customers the choice to either have food to go or to stay and eat in the restaurant. 

Moreover, their vast menu makes them the perfect place to hang out to quench Korean street food cravings or maybe to try something new.  Why travel to Korea when you can just go to Gangnam Street Food?

Learn more about one of their chefs here: http://culinaryteamcanada2020.ca/


  • Affordable, authentic Korean street food
  • Perfect balance of spicy and cheese flavours
  • Good number of dishe to choose from

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Gangnam Street Food’s clients:

“No doubt you’re spoiled with choice when it comes to Korean restaurants in south side Edmonton, but none are doing it quite like Gangnam.” 

Here’s another one:

“Gangnam Street Food has become an actual obsession for me. You can’t beat the flavor & quality of food along with their low prices.”


4.  DAORE Korean Restaurant

DAORE Korean Restaurant Dish
(Source:DAORE Korean Restaurant)
BEST FOR  Korean Cuisine
PRODUCTS http://www.daore.ca
WEBSITE http://www.daore.ca
ADDRESS 9332 34 Ave., Edmonton, AB T6E 5X8
CONTACT DETAILS +1 780-433-0526 | IG:Daore Edmonton

Dab-smack in the middle of Strathcona Square, DAORE Korean Restaurant is a great place for no-frills classic Korean dishes. They also offer hearty Korean comfort food such as japchae, tteokbokki, bibim-naengmyeon, and haemul-pajeon.

They also have the best fried chicken around. They achieve the flavorful taste of dishes like these by marinating them in spices for a whole day.

With their selection of hearty food and great services, they’re one of our picks for the best Korean restaurants in Edmonton.


  • Skipthedishes and Ubereats delivery
  • Good dining spot
  • Great fried chicken

Customer Reviews

Find out why customers enjoy this place:

Okay so I know the owners, they’re long time family friends from when I went to Junior high. INCREDIBLE, AUTHENTIC AND DIVERSE menu the three brothers and there parents run this place incredibly well. Always adapting and changing the menu incorporating new Mexican flavours and updating it to the newest trends in Mexico. I could go on and on, try the tacos! Try the enchiladas and they definitely make the best tortilla soup I’ve ever had. Love this place and their workers ! Highly recommend!

—Cole Robinson , Google Reviews

First time at this restaurant, we didn’t know what to expect & we loved it!  Food is fantastic!  Service is great!  Decor is warm & inviting.  I asked our server to surprise me with a dessert & she did just that!  The plantain dessert was absolutely amazing!  DEFINITELY going back for more!

—Tanis Lowry, Google Reviews


5.  Baekjeong Korean BBQ House

Baekjeong Korean BBQ House Dish
(Source:Baekjeong Korean BBQ House)
BEST FOR  Korean Cuisine
PRODUCTS http://www.baekjeong.ca
WEBSITE http://www.baekjeong.ca
ADDRESS 2874 Calgary Trail NW, Edmonton, AB T6J 6V7
CONTACT DETAILS +1 587-524-4335

Baekjeong Korean BBQ House is a gem for samgyeopsal-gui. If you want authentic Korean barbecue, then this is the place to be.

They use Sterling Silver Premium Beef for their meat choices, ensuring you get the best-quality barbecue.

With their slew of combos, you’ll enjoy their offers for any price range, filling your belly with great meat and accompanying lettuce sets, sausages, and sides.

With their great ambiance, delectable food, and overall recommendation, it’s only natural that they’re on the list of the best Korean restaurants in Edmonton.


  • Premium beef
  • Casual atmosphere
  • Wide selection of combo items

Customer Reviews

Take a look at what people are saying about their service:

This is a good place for Korean BBQ.

The staff is kind and helpful. Even we impressed our server, my Brother and I finished BBQ set for 3-4 people.

Basically it is something like hot plate where you cook your food on griddle but the meat is already marinated in house sauce. It is a good thing they added instructions when the meat is done as you place the meat on top of the onions to avoid burning or drying out the meat.  I did not know about it as other Korean BBQ restaurant do not mention this and we were confused as to why they gave large sliced onions, thus the cooked meat gets burnt to a crisp. Then you place the meat in your lettuce and add whatever condiments provided. Except for the meat, most of the side dishes are unlimited even condiments.

The soup was really good as it has been a long time since I ate this dish. Buy Korean spirits as that is the way to go as we ordered apple flavoured. Dessert is good as well and cleanse the palate after eating BBQ meat. I would come back again!!

—Kadi, Google Reviews

Ate here for valentines day and they were packed! Fortunately, we made reservations beforehand and were sat at our table immediately. This is the most authentic Korean BBQ I have ever eaten in alberta, and their service is A+. Every server that helped us was prompt and always smiling which was appreciated. Other than the very good mood and atmosphere in here, the meat is great quality. It is a bit pricey but my partner and I ended up very full and even took home a bunch of food. Their Valentine’s Day Combo also included a vinaigrette salad, 2 drinks, and 2 desserts. It was a fun experience and I would definitely come back on special occasions. On our way out, we were also given 2 Yakult yogurt drinks and a stuffed animal, so that was the cherry on top of a splendid night. Thank you for your hospitality 🙂

—Koryxne, Google Reviews


6.  Hansik Korean Cuisine

Hansik Korean Cuisine Dish
BEST FOR  Korean Cuisine
PRODUCTS https://m.facebook.com/hansikedmonton/
WEBSITE https://m.facebook.com/hansikedmonton/
ADDRESS 13727 127 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6V 1A8
CONTACT DETAILS +1 587-881-1702 | 13727 127 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6V 1A8

Next on our list of the best Korean restaurants in Edmonton is Hansik Korean Cuisine.

If you want the solid taste of authentic and traditional Korean fare, then coming here is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

The place is a good casual dining spot that many Edmontonians enjoy coming back to. They have big servings of classics such as bibimbap, veggie dumplings, jjampong, and more.

They have welcoming staff, great atmosphere and large portions at a fair price — what more could you ask for? This is the perfect place to go when you want a good, home-cooked meal Korean-style.


  • Large portions
  • Delivers through Ubereats, Skipthedishes, Doordash
  • Good dining spot

Customer Reviews

Take a look at what people are saying about their service:

First time trying authentic Korean food and I really enjoyed it! My favourite hands down was Jjambbong (Spicy Noodle Soup). Although there wasn’t a ton of seafood, I thought that the variety (mussels, crab, squid, shrimp) and large portion size was a great value for the price. Tteok-Bokki was spicier and the rice cakes were chewy. Kimchi tasted fresh and delicious! Staff were wearing masks and hand sanitizer was available.

—Nicole Haverstock, Google Reviews

A delicious north side Korean eatery. A nice little restaurant with great quality authentic food. Very friendly staff serving up food and a handy little button on the table to call staff if needed. We will definitely be back for more. They had a lunch time deal too with complimentary coffee, bonus!

—Kelsey Chow, Google Reviews


And our list for the best Korean restaurants in Edmonton ends there! Whether you want to eat samgyeopsal or drink shots of Yakult Soju, these best Korean restaurants in Edmonton definitely bring you the goods.

Are there any other great options that we missed, though? Send us a message and we’ll update the article promptly.

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