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5 Challenges Drivers Face and How to Overcome Them

5 Challenges Drivers Face and How to Overcome Them

Learning to drive is undoubtedly a good skill to acquire in adulthood. However, various unexpected events can happen on the road. 

Whether it’s a reckless driver going beyond the speed limit or someone switching lanes without minding other cars – there are always risks when driving. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the common challenges drivers face and how to overcome them. 


Whether you just got out of driving school or have been driving for a long time, getting behind the wheel can still be overwhelming. That’s why you should always keep your attention on the road. 

Avoid changing radio stations or checking messages on your phone. You can end up rear-ending another car, motorcycle, or truck within a split second. 

Eating while driving should also be avoided. If you’re busy finishing your breakfast or brunch, you’ll be less attentive to the other vehicles around you. 

Make sure to get everything settled before you go so you can entirely focus on driving. 

Roundabouts and Traffic Circles 

Roundabouts and traffic circles are good ways to move heavy traffic, but they can also create chaos for drivers who don’t follow the rules of the rotary they are in. 

That’s why it’s essential to carefully approach roundabouts and traffic circles. 

Make sure to choose the correct lane and exit before entering. Note that you should always yield to vehicles already within the circle. 

As you approach the exit, don’t forget to give a signal and maintain a safe speed. 

Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is one of the problems young, and beginner drivers face. 

Even if they are your close friends, you should not be swayed when they tell you to step on the gas or recklessly drive, even if you have a few shots of alcohol. 

This problem may sound childish for some, but it’s still one of the leading reasons for road accidents. Negative peer pressure can lead to poor decision-making, so be rational and practice defensive driving. 

Parallel Parking 

Parallel parking is perhaps the most dreaded way to park a vehicle. Many drivers avoid it, but it should be one of your critical skills if you find yourself in a cramped parking space. 

If you decide to parallel park, make sure the space is enough for your vehicle. Always check if other vehicles are around you while you’re backing up, and leave one meter of space between your auto and the auto you’re parking behind. 

Stop when you see that the rear bumper of your car is in line with the rear bumper of the car ahead. 

Bad Weather 

The version of “bad weather” can differ in every place but what’s important is that you can safely navigate the road if you really need to go out. If you have limited visibility, reduce your speed and stay in one lane if possible. 

Keep your vehicle in good shape. Don’t forget to get an all-out car inspection at least twice a year. 

This guarantees that all car parts are working well and vital car repairs are taken care of. Nonetheless, we also suggest that you have the number of a towing service or roadside assistance team in case you experience unexpected road troubles.