Things to Do on Victoria Day in Edmonton

Things to Do on Victoria Day in Edmonton

Victoria Day isn’t just a day to celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday, it’s also a loud signal to the start of summer. Naturally, there’s a lot to celebrate!

Edmonton offers a lot of activities you can enjoy on Victoria Day. If you’re wondering how to enjoy this holiday, read more to learn what you can do to celebrate Victoria Day in Edmonton.

Go on a garden picnic

The long weekend is a great opportunity to go outside and have a picnic with your family and friends. You can have it in your own garden or you can visit the best gardens Edmonton has to offer.

You can also ditch the picnic and just go enjoy the botanical garden scene. Nature in all its glory is a gorgeous place to be, and Edmonton has some great gardening activities offered.

You can try planting, take pictures, volunteer, and, yeah, have a picnic.

Enjoy high tea

Since we’re celebrating a British queen’s birthday, it’s perfectly apt to celebrate with high tea, correct? 

Edmonton has a great crop of places offering high tea, and we even made a list of the best places with high tea we could think of. You can enjoy in-house specialties and baked goods, and bring out your inner English gentleman or lady.

Listen to some music

Aside from scenery and high tea, Edmonton has a great music scene that you can enjoy over the long weekend.

You can try checking out the best music venues around town or buy some instruments in the most recommended music stores

You can also try joining a few great music lessons, to really bring out your inner bard. 

Go camping

If you’re feeling outdoorsy, Edmonton can also regale you with some fun outdoor activities. Camping is top of the list if you really want to get in touch with nature.

There are plenty of camping grounds you can find around Edmonton. You can also find trailer rentals if you want to camp out in style.

Order in.

Outdoor activities are fun, but just because it’s a holiday doesn’t mean you’re required to go out. You can also spend the long weekend lounging on your couch watching Netflix and playing with your cat.

To make it cozier, you can just ditch cooking and order from some of the best restaurants in Edmonton. You can have a lazy weekend while enjoying great food and isn’t that the ideal holiday anyway?

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Victoria Day is always fun to celebrate in Edmonton. However, you don’t need a long weekend or a national holiday to truly enjoy what Edmonton has to offer.

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