The Best Benefits of Pilates

The Best Benefits of Pilates

Pilates has been called the one-and-done workout, and for good reason. Not only does it inspire a long, lean and sculpted aesthetic, but it also provides a wide variety of health benefits.

Find out what Pilates can do for you below. 

Improve Muscle Tone

Pilates is a workout that strengthens and stretches your limbs in one go which leaves the body more compressed, tense and tight. This is why it often results in long, lean muscles.

If you want the benefits of going to the gym but aren’t interested in lifting weights or running ] in particular, Pilates is a good workout for you.


Another important benefit of Pilates is the improved flexibility. Many dancers like Pilates because it strengthens and stretches but leaves your muscles loose and flexible. 

A Pilates practice keeps you moving between precise and slow, controlled movements which improve strength, flexibility and mobility.

Better Posture

If you have the tendency to slouch, Pilates can help you improve your posture. This workout focuses on full-body alignment and mobility.

It also helps you become more aware of your body so you can strengthen neglected postural muscles. This in turn can help you get fewer headaches, and shoulder or back pain. 

Core Strength 

If the goal is fitness, you can never go wrong with Pilates. One of the most well-known moves in Pilates requires 100 beats of the arms made while the legs are extended and the shoulders off the mat.

This move and plenty of others specifically target the abs and require you to keep proper alignments. This challenges your stability and balance so your core is all fired up.

Boost Mental Health

Aside from physical benefits, Pilates is also known for its healthy helping of mental health benefits, not the least of which is the added energy boost.

Pilates is a low-impact workout so it rarely leaves you fatigued. At the same time, it stimulates feel-good hormones, blood flow and proper circulation so you can feel more energetic after.

It also helps people become more aware of the sensations in their body such as comfort or pain, emotions and the surrounding environment. Awareness of the environment and nature as a whole is important to most Pilates practitioners. 

At the same time, Pilates decreases stress and improves cognitive functioning, mood, sleep, motivation, and even your sex life. 

Prevent Injuries

Pilates is often used in rehabilitative science as a way of regaining strength, flexibility and mobility. Enhancing your body awareness, coordination, and mental concentration can also help you prevent injuries related to muscle imbalances and muskoskeletal injuries.

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