What type of door is best for an exterior door

What type of door is best for an exterior door?

Exterior doors can be made of various materials from wood, fibreglass, or metal. As the main entrance and exit to your property, it’s important to consider which type is best for your home.

We break down the different types of exterior doors to see the best options for every situation. Check it out below.

Fibreglass Entry Doors

If you want something energy-efficient and highly durable, fibreglass is a good choice. Entry doors made out of fibreglass tend to provide good security.

They also have foam core insulation to keep your home well-heated and cooled. If you’re looking for specific designs, you can find a large variety of options with this material.

At the same time, they require little to no upkeep. You don’t need cleaning services to maintain them for sure.

Simply wipe or dust them off on your next house cleaning or office cleaning and you’re set.

On the flip side, this material tends to be a bit pricey. You also need a contractor or at least a handyman to install fibreglass because DIY is simply not an option.

Sizing may also be a bit of a problem because as versatile as this material is, it’s pretty difficult to trim down to smaller sizes.

Wood Entry Doors

When it comes to home building, you can never really go wrong with wood. This material improves air quality, provides insulation, and is easy to construct and install.

They’re also pretty durable especially if you make sure to seal the material and provide regular maintenance. While real wood tends to be a bit expensive, you can opt for engineered wood to get the same benefits for a fraction of the price.

On the downside, wood doors may rot, warp, or expand when exposed to moisture and weather extremes. We would advise against installing them if you live in an area that experiences severe hot and cold weather.

If you want wooden doors, you can ask a woodworker or carpenter if they’re capable of making you a custom one. 

Metal Entry Doors

If you want maximum security, metal or steel is the absolute best choice. These materials offer the best durability, strength, and energy efficiency so they’re worth the big bucks.

Only, you don’t need to pay the big bucks because they’re not as expensive as you might think. They cost less than fibreglass, but they’re stronger and more energy-efficient.

They will also last you for a long time with little to no upkeep. They also have foam insulation to keep your property comfortable regardless of the weather. 

Finally, they block out noise and are pretty easy to customize. You don’t need to have a boring gray door to have maximum security because they come in a variety of colours and designs.

On the downside, they can be dented or scratched. They are also a bit susceptible to rust.