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All You Need to Know about Edmonton Regional Helicopter Tours 

All You Need to Know about Edmonton Regional Helicopter Tours

There’s no better way to see Edmonton’s scenic views and landscape than a thrilling helicopter ride. This sky-high adventure can give you a spectacular bird’s eye view of some of the city’s iconic landmarks and destinations. 

But first things first. Where can you get a helicopter tour in Edmonton?

Edmonton Regional Helicopter Tours is one of the top providers of helicopter services and charter operations in the city. It is a privately owned company established in 2010. 

They offer services throughout the year, and you can hire them for aerial work, air taxi, and VIP air chauffeur. 

If you want to explore the Edmonton and Alberta region by air, here’s all you need to know about Edmonton Regional Helicopter Tours. 

What are the services offered by Edmonton Regional Helicopter? 

Aerial Work

Aerial Work

Image Source: Edmonton Regional Helicopters 

A helicopter makes aerial work easier and more convenient. Since it can stay at a lower altitude and can be easily maneuvered, you can use it to get close to a specific location, building, or landmarks

For example, if you need to spray insecticides or treatments on crops on a large tract of land, using a helicopter can be a great advantage. Through the aerial application, you can cover large areas in a short time. 

At Edmonton Regional Helicopters, you can rent the entire aircraft as well as hire the crew to perform the job or task for you. Here are some of the aerial work and services they handle. 

  • Pipeline inspection
  • Hotshot service
  • Property inspection 
  • Aerial Photography
  • Fish and wildlife surveys
  • Forestry support 

Air Taxi 

Air Taxi 

Image Source: Edmonton Regional Helicopters 

The stress brought by traffic congestion can be overwhelming, especially if you must be at a specific place at a specific time. For this reason, some people are exploring choices beyond the usual ground transportation. 

One of the possible transportation options you can use is an air taxi service. This might cost you a high-ticket fare, but if you are in desperate need of faster and more flexible point-to-point transportation, it’s your best choice. 

Edmonton Regional Helicopters’ main base is in the city’s International Airport (CYEG), and it has a private lounge at Signature Flight Support (YEG). Here are the air taxi services they offer. 

  • Point-to-point air taxi
  • YEG outbound to destination 
  • Regional charters 

VIP Air Chauffeur 

VIP Air Chauffeur

Image Source: Edmonton Regional Helicopters 

Do you have an urgent event to attend and don’t want the risks of canceled flights and delays?

The VIP air charter services offered by Edmonton Regional Helicopters are excellent alternatives if you don’t want to endure the crowded airports and limited facilities of commercial flights. 

For your comfort, their helicopters have heat and air conditioning systems. Moreover, you can customize your itinerary to meet your schedule and specific requirements.  

If you or your company needs a VIP air chauffeur, here are Edmonton Regional Helicopters’ services that are worth checking out. 

  • Corporate VIP shuttle 
  • Celebrity transportation
  • Weddings/Anniversaries shuttle
  • Special occasion gifting 

What are the helicopter tours they offer? 

River Valley Tour 

River Valley Tour 

Image Source: Edmonton Regional Helicopters 

This 45-minute sky-high exploration is a unique experience and a bucket list item you can check off your list. 

If you book the River Valley Tour, you can explore the North Saskatchewan River route. Through this trip, you can take in the city’s highlights and landmarks. You can get up close and personal to these popular spots:

Rocky Mountain Tour 

Rocky Mountain Tour

Image Source: Edmonton Regional Helicopters 

If you want to experience traveling like a celebrity or enjoy a date with your special someone, check out Edmonton Regional Helicopters’ Rocky Mountain Tour. 

They offer custom helicopter tours and packages for various events and celebrations. For example, if you avail of the private picnic package, you can have a cozy and quaint picnic in a wood preserve. 

The helicopter will land on a sandbar in the middle of the river. After that, you can enjoy the farm-to-table gourmet picnic at the Prairie Gardens. 

Alternatively, you can also opt for an early morning or sunset flight which is a good setting for birthday surprises and proposals. 

You can plan the route and set up a romantic evening to pop the question on board. Besides that, they can also help you with various events such as dinner or picnic by the lake, bachelor and bachelorette parties, as well as corporate events. 

Note that the tours’ availability and schedules depend on several factors, including weather conditions, pilot availability, and other conditions that may affect the flight’s safety. 

How much is the cost per flight at Edmonton Regional Helicopter? 

Here are the costs per flight at Edmonton Regional Helicopter. The following rates include the GST or value-added tax for their services.  

City Tour (River Valley Tour/ Rocky Mountain Tour)25 minutes (flight)$470
30 minutes (flight)$567
40 minutes (flight)$756
50 minutes (flight)$861
Riber Valley Tour40 minutes (flight)$756
City Tour with Private Picnic30 minutes (flight)

60-90 minutes (picnic)

$1,019 + cost of food and beverages
City Tour with Picnic in the Woods50 minutes (flight)

90 minutes (picnic)

$1,134 + cost of food and beverages
Corporate FlightMinimum of 1 hour$945
Corporate Flight (fleet with no passengers or cargo)1 hour$840

Note that the total cost per flight is based on flight time and running time, not per person. However, each flight can only accommodate up to three passengers, and the overall weight should be 500 lbs (227 kg) or a maximum of 300 lbs (136 kg) per seat. 

We recommend making a reservation at least seven days before the flight so you can avail yourself of the 15% discount. 

You can get a full refund if the flight is canceled due to unscheduled maintenance, pilot availability, or weather restrictions. 

Alternatively, if you decide to cancel the reservation 48 hours prior to the departure time and date, you can get a 50% refund. 

Remember that late arrival or no-show is a total no-no, and you will not get any refund for this circumstance. For inquiries, you can reach them by calling this number: 780-890-7788.