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The Best Activities to Do in Edmonton in the Fall

The Best Activities to Do in Edmonton in the Fall

With temperatures starting to drop and the leaves starting to turn, nature is starting to slow down. Everyone will soon be in sweaters, hiding from the winter cold.

As such, fall is the best season to make the most of the remaining light. Use this time to make memories to look back on while inside all winter!

Fall is probably the coziest and prettiest season ever. People can either be compelled to keep warm indoors, or take in the gorgeous scenery.

Either way, here are the best things to do in Edmonton during the fall!

1. Have a fall photoshoot

 The best way to preserve the beauty of fall is to of course have a photoshoot! With the golden leaves all around, this activity is a must.

You can get real creative with your shots. Pose on top of leaf piles, snap away while everyone’s carving pumpkins.

Or better yet, hire a photographer so you’ll actually get to be in frame. 

2. Go horseback riding

Horseback riding is such a good way to take in the fiery hues of fall foliage. It’s a fun way to get around as you gaze at the picturesque evening.

The good news is that there are a handful of ranches in Edmonton, so get on that horse and enjoy the ride.

3. Go biking

Another good way to take in nature’s beauty during fall. Not only do you get to see nature in all its glory, you also get a good workout.

Go biking around tree-lined paths with loved ones. Because how else could you enjoy fall without sight-seeing and leaf-gazing?

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4. Start a backyard bonfire

You don’t have to get cold in the frigid outside air. With the help of a good conversation among friends and a nice fire, you’ll feel all warm inside and out.

Go ahead and stack up the firewood and get the fire going! Gather in a circle, exchange stories, or share a few beers–things couldn’t be any better.

5. Go on a camping trip

While camping could also be done in summer, camping in the fall has its benefits. Other than the pretty foliage, there are less insects out and the cooler air is more crisp and fresh.

Hitch up your RV (there are also used RV dealers or trailer rentals for the budget-conscious) and enjoy some time in the woods. This is the perfect chance to get away from the city noise.

And who says you have to go far for a camping trip? You can pitch a tent in your yard and have some fun with your family, even without leaving home.

6. Enjoy the fireplace

As it gets cooler towards the end of the year, the more you get to use that beloved fireplace. Now’s a great chance to have some alone time in front of the crackling fire.

Read that book you’ve picked up recently, or enjoy a cup of coffee with a pastry from your favorite bakery. Or even better, put on some music and cozy up with a loved one to make the most out of the moment.

And because it definitely is getting colder, your fireplace has its work cut out for it. Don’t forget to get it checked to keep it in working condition well into winter.