The 5 Best Seafood Restaurants in Edmonton

Best Seafood Restaurant in Edmonton

Featured Image Source: Mike Bergmann on Unsplash

By: Ethan Cote

Do you love to eat seafood? You’re on the right page! We’ve got a list of the best seafood restaurants in Edmonton.

This guide will help point you to the direction of locals’ favorite seafood restaurants in the city. You’ll also get to know the bestsellers for each restaurant so you know what to order on your visit.

But before talking about the best restaurants, let’s talk about how much the food at these restaurants typically costs.

How Much Will You Spend at a Seafood Restaurant?

Not a lot of people opt to eat out at seafood restaurants in Edmonton simply because these restaurants tend to be pricey. The reason behind the exorbitant prices of seafood is pretty obvious: Edmonton is not near the coast.

This makes seafood a luxury instead of a common meal item. As a result, people tend to enjoy seafood only on special occasions and with a large group.

To get an idea of how much seafood dishes cost in Edmonton, we’ve listed down some of the prices available from our favorite restaurants. The actual prices may change though, since they depend largely on supply.

SalmonStarts at $22
PrawnsStarts at $19
ScallopStarts at $30
LobsterStarts at $42
Snow CrabStarts at $29

The Best Seafood Restaurants in Edmonton

To be honest, there are a lot of really good restaurants throughout Edmonton, despite seafood’s high cost here. For this list, we focused on picking out our favorite seafood restaurants that also come highly recommended by other locals.

1.   Joey’s Restaurants

Joey's Restaurants' Homepage
PRODUCTSMondays Two for Twenty-Two, All You Can Eat Tuesdays, Share With Friends Wednesdays, $5 Taco Thursdays, Fish & Chips, Tacos, King Cuts, Ocean, Sandwiches, Greens, Soups, Side Dishes
ADDRESS#111-12222 137th Ave, Edmonton, AB T5L 4X5
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: (780) 473-5639
OPERATING HOURSMondays to Sundays: 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM

When it comes to seafood, locals usually name this restaurant — Joey’s. It is probably one of the oldest and largest seafood restaurants to originate in Alberta.

It was founded by Joe Klassen in 1985 as a way for him to share his love of seafood with a friendly dining experience. In 1992, it started franchising and now has 40 locations throughout the country.

If you are craving some seafood dishes, you can head on over to one of the six locations they have in Edmonton. You’ll be greeted with the same casual and welcoming vibe in each of these restaurants.

Some of our favorite dishes include their fish and chips with a serving of halibut. But you can also change that to pollock, cod, or haddock.

They also have a wide selection of salmon, crab, shrimp, and calamari dishes. We really like that they allow us to choose how we want these dishes to be cooked: poached, blackened, lightly fried, or sauteed in lemon.

Our tip: go for the sauteed-in-lemon option. It’s a local favorite!


  • Has 40 locations throughout Canada
  • Kid-friendly
  • Good value


  • Complaints of food taking too long to be served
  • Complaints of dirty tables at specific locations

Customer Reviews

Aside from our own experience, this is what other people had to say about Joey’s Restaurants:

“Food was great , tacos and fries were sooo good. Staff was amazing. Great little joint will definitely be going back.” – Justin Bond

“If I could give 6 stars for the service I received yesterday night, I would! The service was outstanding, and the food was hot and prepared with care. I would like to say to the owner that its always appreciated spending money in a business that actually cares about the customers experience. Kudos! I will certainly be back in the near future.” – Uncle Benz

“We arrived on our anniversary. The staff were wonderful! Treated us so well..

played our favorite music for the whole meal..just so friendly and obliging.

Brought us a lovely dessert to celebrate.

And the food was great! A very nice evening.” – Debra Staples

“The best service I’ve had from a server in a long time! She was so friendly and sincere and did not get rattled when it got busier after I arrived. And the food was top quality and arrived at my table quickly. The coleslaw could have used a little more flavor but other than that, delicious! Definitely will come back next time I’m in town.” – Kevin Hope

2.   Black Pearl Seafood Bar

Black Pearl Seafood Bar's Homepage
PRODUCTSOysters, Salads, Soup, Tacos, Seafood
ADDRESS10132 104 St, Edmonton, AB T5J 0B6
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: (780) 705-7887
Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSTuesdays to Thursdays: 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Fridays to Saturdays: 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Sundays: 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM

The Black Pearl Seafood Bar was established in 2015. Ever since it started, it has become a favorite among locals thanks to its daily serving of cold appetizers.

Their menu changes seasonally, depending on the available seafood. But people generally go to the restaurant for their fresh oysters.

Personally, we love heading to this restaurant because of their $1 Happy Hour every Tuesday to Sunday. Not to mention, they also have a great casual dining experience that lets you be yourself.

One thing to know about The Black Pearl Seafood Bar is that they accept catering for events or parties. You can serve their bestselling dishes during your birthday or a corporate party.

Some of our favorite dishes at this restaurant include their grilled prawns, lobster, and king crab. They also offer a selection of mixed drinks to pair with their dishes.


  • Now accepts delivery
  • Accepts debit cards
  • Offers catering services


  • Moderately noisy
  • Street parking only
  • Closed on Mondays
  • Website is not loading properly

Customer Reviews

This is what people had to say about The Black Pearl Seafood Bar:

“Absolutely amazing. 10/10 would definitely recommend! The clams and mussel appetizers were phenomenal! The King’s platter while seemingly very expensive, fed 4 of us just fine! I cannot say enough about how well we were treated by our server Jillian and our amazing host Shaq!” – Matt Baty

“Amazing place!

If you’re looking for good seafood in downtown Edmonton this is the place, buck a shuck oysters at happy hour are great! The calamari and mussels were amazing as well overall an excellent experience. I’m already planning my next stop here with friends.” – J.V. Arbeau

“In Edmonton from Calgary for the week and tried this place out last night. The oysters are incredible (just need hotter horse radish). Everything was fantastic, and will be going again today! Our waitress (M on her necklace) was super friendly and we had some funny chats! The manager (Shaq) is a true master at his job; very personable, efficient and even helps the waitstaff clear tables when things are busy. He gave us a special shot of a cocktail he made up; it was amazing so we boughta couple full size. It had candied hibiscus flowers in it, and should definitely be on the menu. Never had anything like it!” – Charlie Skinner

3.   The Captain’s Boil

The Captain's Boil's Homepage
PRODUCTSCajun, Seafood Boil
ADDRESS2051 98 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6N 1K2
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: (780) 485-8756
OPERATING HOURSMondays to Thursdays: 12:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Fridays to Sundays: 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM

The Captain’s Boil is one of the best seafood restaurants in Edmonton. We love it because they offer a unique dining experience compared to the other seafood restaurants in the city.

Dining at The Captain’s Boil means you have to be there with your family or friends. This is because they have fresh seafood feasts that are great for sharing among loved ones.

This restaurant specializes in the famous Cajun seafood boil. You get to choose the flavor for the seafood: garlic, lemon pepper, Cajun, or Captain’s Boil.

The next step is to choose the heat (non-spicy, mild, medium, and fire). And lastly, you choose your add-on from the options on their menu.

Our recommendation is to get the Captain’s Boil in medium heat. But if you can stand the heat, go for the fire option.

And did we mention that you have to eat with your hands? That may be a dealbreaker for some, but personally, we love it!


  • Opening a branch in the US soon
  • Open daily
  • Has 9 locations in Canada
  • Has vegetarian options


  • Can get messy
  • Doesn’t accept reservations

Customer Reviews

So what do people think of The Captain’s Boil? Well, read these to find out:

“The food was so good, fun, messy.  Service excellent.  Not fine dining however food makes it an awesome experience.  Not to mention, taking the food would be great.” – Frances Peters

“amazing! The Cajun is delicious, the service very professional and so friendly. We will definitely be back” – Wayne Dicks

“Outstanding food. I ordered to go so I don’t have anything to add about the interior.

I love the Cajun fries. They’re wonderfully spicy and seasoned. I was so surprised how tender the calamari was. I was worried it would have a chewy texture you sometimes find, however is was tender and delicious. The portions are huge; I was stuffed. I definitely recommend the place.” – Jeffrey Pater

“Perfect every single time! Hits the seafood spot.

All the servers are very nice and helpful! A great little place to eat 🙂 highly recommend the sizzling lunch plate!” – Les H.

4.   Red Lobster

Red Lobster's Homepage
PRODUCTSDaily Specials, Family Meal Deals, Starters, Feasts, Bowls & Sandwiches, Lunch Favorites, Classics, Pastas, Soups & Sides, Kids, Biscuits & Extra, Desserts, Party Platters, Beer & Wine
ADDRESS10111 171st St, Edmonton, AB T5S 1S6
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: (780) 484-0660
OPERATING HOURSSundays to Thursdays: 11:30 AM to 9:00 PM
Fridays to Saturdays: 11:30 AM to 9:30 PM

Another seafood restaurant that you should check out is Red Lobster. They started as a family-owned restaurant in Lakeland, Florida in 1968 but has now grown with over 700 locations throughout the world.

This is a really good restaurant that serves fresh seafood. But if you ask us, the main reason you should head to this restaurant is their selection of crab dishes.

If you’re celebrating something, you should definitely get the Ultimate Crabfest Trio. This is a dish that contains three kinds of crab: King Crab, Dungeness, and Bairdi Crab.

Aside from the crab, you definitely need to try their shrimp cocktail and their mussels. And don’t forget, they’re not called Red Lobster for nothing!

So be sure to try their lobsters too. You won’t be disappointed.

Another thing we like about the restaurant is that they have a wide variety of wine, beer, and cocktails to choose from.

Red Lobster also has a mailing list that you can sign up to get a free appetizer or dessert. We’re told they also give away a special treat to diners who are celebrating their birthdays with them!

Overall, dining at Red Lobster brings a good experience. You have to check them out!


  • Free delivery
  • Beer & wine to go
  • Sign up for free appetizer or dessert
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Kid-friendly


  • No reservations
  • No bike parking

Customer Reviews

This is what people had to say about Red Lobster:

“Had an amazing experience. If you go here ask for Simon F as our waiter. He was by far the best server I’ve ever had in my life. You won’t be disappointed.  He made the night remembrable and amazing. He was always on point and made us feel special even during a crazy rush. I will definitely go back because of him!!!” – Jocelyn Fall

“Great service and a very welcoming environment. The drink was exceptional. Endless shrimp deals are definately worth enjoying! Really loved the mussles although it was my first time :)” – Samiha N

“Love this place! The food is good but as with everything the prices are up as well. Ultimate feast covers all my seafood craving and is good value! The dining in experience is great. On your birthday, you get a treat from them. Staff is friendly and service prompt.” – Stella E

“It was great and all except for the service. Our waiter walked away from us for a few minutes while we were still placing our order. When our food arrived, another waiter came and kind of just tossed the plates on the table and we and to and over played of food to the person that ordered that plate. Anyways it was all good. Maybe next time all check out the other locations as this one was kinda pack. Very little social distancing as the waiting room was standing room only.” – David Omeasoo

5.   Bai Wei Seafood Restaurant

Bai Wei Seafood Restaurant's Homepage
PRODUCTSChinese, Asian, Seafood
ADDRESS16049 97 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5X 6E4
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: (780) 457-8833
OPERATING HOURSMondays to Sundays: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Who knew that one of the best seafood restaurants in Edmonton also serves really good Chinese food? This is exactly what Bai Wei Seafood Restaurant does.

They are a local favorite when it comes to Cantonese dishes. When you dine in at the restaurant, you get to experience a friendly atmosphere.

Our favorite dishes from them include the live lobster and live crab that you can have cooked fresh. They also have a very delicious Seafood Hot Pot that is perfect to eat in winter.

Apart from the food, we really like that they have a very easy option to order online so you can pick it up when it’s ready. You simply have to add the menu items you want to your cart without needing to create an account.

The only downside we could think of was that they have a small restaurant space that often feels cramped. And since they’re always crowded, that can be annoying.

Thankfully, they have the online option, which is what we prefer to do during lunch hour.


  • Accepts online orders
  • Accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, cash payment options


  • No delivery
  • Small restaurant space

Customer Reviews

This is what you need to know about Bai Wei Seafood Restaurant, according to others who went there:

“If you would like an authentic Hong Kong / South China style banquet seafood experience, this is the place to go. I don’t think I exaggerate when I say the flavours are perfectly well balanced without being too pronounced nor bland – their sauces just enough corn starch with salt and garlic. A lot of restaurants err on the side of saltiness to their own detriment. This place gets it right. The seafood soups are also a great choice.

Check out their newspaper ad for group dining options or current in-house specials also.

TL;DR – Great service. Cozy restaurant with authentic Guangdong style banquet food as well as takeout options. Price is also on point.” – Anthony Ta

“I was introduced to this restaurant by a friend of mine. Her recommendations are always great. I’ve ordered from here a few times now. The food is fresh and tasty. It is worth the 20 minutes drive one way to get the food. Thanks Bai Wei!” – Ellen Fung

“My family loves eating here and have been ordering takeout consistently throughout the pandemic. The quality is still just as good as always. Highly recommended!” – Anna Tang

Tips for Ordering from a Seafood Restaurant

Ordering food from a seafood restaurant can be quite an experience. If you’ve never eaten at a seafood restaurant before, we have some tips to share:

Choose Food That Is In Season

One important thing you have to remember about eating seafood is that it always has to be fresh. This is when you can enjoy seafood in its best.

When you order seafood that is in season, it will contain more nutrients and even taste better. So make sure you know when items like shrimp, scallops, lobster, and crab are in season so you can order fresh.

Besides, some seafood is also safer eaten when fresh. You certainly don’t want to come near shellfish that’s on the wrong side of that equation, for instance.

Be Careful With Your Allergies

Although seafood is nutritious, it can cause allergies for some people. If you know that you have an allergy to shellfish or other types of seafood, make sure that your server is aware of it.

Even if you avoid the dishes that you are allergic to, they may still be prepared and cooked in the same area as other items. If the restaurant is not careful about this, your allergy could be triggered.

Know The Source

Nowadays, most seafood restaurants are very vocal about where they get their seafood from. And even if this isn’t displayed on their menu, you can ask your server about it.

A good rule to follow is to avoid seafood that has been farm-raised or imported. This is because they are usually of poor quality since they were raised in less-than-ideal conditions.

There are exceptions, of course, but for the most part, this holds true.

Always Ask If Seafood Is Fresh

Most restaurants buy their inventory in stock. They don’t usually get their items delivered every morning, unless they abide by this standard.

If the restaurant doesn’t serve fresh, you may get allergies from the seafood that you ordered.

FAQs About Seafood Restaurants

These are the best seafood restaurants in Edmonton where you’ll have an enjoyable experience with your friends and family. We hope that our guide helps you pick where you should next dine.

If you have other suggestions, feel free to send us a message so we can check them out. You can also check out our list of the best buffets in Edmonton for more ideas.