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5 Best Coffee Shops Perfect for Studying 

5 Best Coffee Shops Perfect for Studying

Everyone has different preferences and habits when it comes to studying. Some people prefer doing their tasks at home while others are more productive when they bring their work outdoors. 

If you’re part of the latter, walking into a cafe with a stable internet connection, electrical outlets, and quiet surroundings is ideal. 

Fortunately, you won’t have a shortage of choices for this type of place in Edmonton. Here are the best coffee shops perfect for studying and getting work done. 

Where are the best study spots in Edmonton? 

1. Block 1912 Cafe & Bakery 

Block 1912 Cafe & Bakery

Image Source: Block 1912 Cafe & Bakery 

Best forEspresso
Address10361 82 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 1Z9, Canada
Operating HoursMonday-Friday 10 AM - 9 PM

Saturday 10 AM - 10 PM

Block 1912 Cafe & Bakery is a European-style cafe. It’s situated in Hulbert Block, a historic site built in 1912. 

It was established in 1992, and since then, it has become a popular cafe in the Old Strathcona community. 

Since it has high ceilings, airy space, and a cozy patio, it’s a hot spot for students, especially during exam season. After all, getting a dose of coffee and sweets is a nice reward after a long day of studying. 

The Block 1912 serves coffee, desserts, gelatos, sandwiches, soups, wines, and cocktails. Moreover, they are now offering a breakfast menu, so you can drop by if you want to grab a quick bite. 

Besides that, they are also an advocate of the city’s art and music scene. That’s why every Monday, you can jive to jazz music, and on Thursday nights, you can witness live bands and local art displays. 

If you plan to bring a date or family to this cafe, note that they don’t accept reservations through email. Just call them to reserve a table. 

2. Credo


Image Source: Zomato 

Best forChai Latte
Address10134 104 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 1A7, Canada
Operating HoursMonday - Friday 7 AM - 5 PM

Saturday 8 AM - 5 PM

Sunday 9 AM - 4 PM

One of the features of an efficient working space is free Wi-Fi, and fortunately, Credo fits that bill. In addition to that, it’s open all days of the week!

That’s why Credo can be your go-to place if you’re looking for a quaint place with good music where you can squeeze in some studying in between or after classes. 

Credo sources their beans every season to ensure they can offer the best possible standard in every cup of coffee they serve.

Aside from their best-selling chai latte and espresso, you can also browse through a range of beverages such as hot chocolate, kombucha, fresh-pressed juice, root beer, and more.  

The coffee shop has branches across the city – one on 104th Street, 124th Street, and Enbridge Centre. This makes it convenient for students that are always on the go and need a good space where they can study or write some emails.  

3. Transcend Coffee and Roastery 

Transcend Coffee and Roastery

Image Source: Transcend Coffee and Roastery

Best forEspresso
Address9570 76 Ave NW Suite 100, Edmonton, AB T6C 0K2, Canada
Operating HoursMonday - Sunday 8 AM - 5 PM

Staying productive is essential, especially during a busy semester. However, finding a good setup where you can study and be at ease can be hard. 

If you need a casual meeting place with your classmates or groupmates, Transcend Coffee and Roastery can be a great choice. It has a unique indoor market vibe and patio seating on three sides of the building. 

It was established in 2006. Since then, it has become one of the leading coffee shops in Edmonton. 

You see, it started as a simple roastery and espresso bar, but now it has roasting facilities and three branches around the city. 

The beans they use are all ethically and locally sourced, so you can appreciate a variety of options. Even the syrups they use in beverages are homemade, so you can savor the distinct flavors of their maple spice, lavender, chai, and more. 

Besides that, you can also enjoy a bunch of sweet treats such as baked goods, milkshakes, and gelato. 

4. Mandolin Books and Coffee Company 

Mandolin Books and Coffee Company

Image Source: Mandolin Books and Coffee Company 

Best forBrewed Coffee
Address6419 112 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5W 0N9, Canada
Operating HoursMonday - Friday 8 AM - 9 PM

Saturday - Sunday 9 AM - 6 PM

Mandolin Books and Coffee Company is a charming bookstore-type coffee shop. It’s a locally owned business in the commercial district of 112th Avenue. 

It’s a go-to spot for students looking for a chill atmosphere and a cozy nook with free Wi-Fi. 

What’s nice about this shop is that its beverages and food are largely sourced from local suppliers. Moreover, they offer dairy-free and gluten-free options, and if you bring your own mug, you can get a 50 cents discount on your coffee. 

You can also see an array of artworks and displays from different artists from Edmonton every month. 

Furthermore, they have a range of books that are good for casual reading while enjoying a steaming cup of brewed coffee or tea

If you want to browse through their collection in all sorts of genres, you can get good deals because they offer gently used fiction and non-fiction books at discounted prices. 

Just note that Mandolin is situated on a fairly busy street, so finding a parking space can be difficult. Nonetheless, you can go around the block or to the back of the building to find a space.

5. Square 1 Coffee

Square 1 Coffee

Image Source: Square 1 Coffee 

Best forCappuccino
Address15 Fairway Dr. NW, Edmonton, AB T6J 2S6, Canada
Operating HoursMonday - Friday 7 AM - 9:30 PM

Saturday 8 AM - 9:30 PM

Sunday 8 AM - 5 PM

Co-working spaces are a treat for busy bodies such as students, freelancers, and employees with flexible hours. 

Square 1 Coffee’s goal is to give customers a place like home where they can settle down to work or study. It has a rustic and cozy vibe and is tucked away on the city’s south side, so if you want to study somewhere secluded, you can consider this coffee shop. 

It is spacious enough for groups and individuals who want to relax while sipping a nice drink. It has outlets for laptops and other gadgets, couches for lounging, and large tables where groups can study. 

During summer, they also set up picnic tables outside so you can enjoy your drinks and snacks while taking in the beautiful view around you. 

Aside from a wide variety of coffee brews, they also offer craft beer and specialty wines. 

Moreover, if you want to watch some live music events, you can check the shop’s official social media accounts for the date and time of their open mic nights.