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10 Best and Safest Neighborhoods in Edmonton

Best Safest Neighborhoods

Thinking of relocating to Edmonton but not sure which neigborhood to pick? 

While you may have various criteria in mind for neighborhood selection, you very likely have safety as a top concern, in which case we can help. Today we answer this question: “Which are the safest neighborhoods in Edmonton?”

The safest neighborhoods in Edmonton are currently Hazeldean, Ambleside, Mill Woods, Garneau, Aspen Gardens, Mckernan, Bonnie Doon, Ritchie, Oliver, and Westmount. Based on data from Statistics Canada, your chance of becoming a victim of crime in these areas is no higher than 7.69%.

Let’s look at each of them in detail to learn more about why these neighborhoods are so safe.

1. Aspen Gardens 

Aspen Gardens

Image Source: Canada 247

Chance of Becoming a Victim of Crime 2.44%
Average Price Range for Properties$104,900 - $1,295,000
Annual Median Household Income$162,114
In-Labour Force68.30%

Aspen Gardens is a quiet and exclusive neighborhood that overlooks the Whitemud Ravine. 

It was established in the 1960s. It is said to be designed for individuals and families searching for a serene and affluent residential area. 

Here you can find large houses, roads lined with mature trees, and various pathways for pedestrians and bikers. 

It’s a popular choice for families because of its proximity to major amenities. In Aspen Gardens, you can access the Edmonton Public Library, Crossroads Shopping Centre, Petrolia Mall, Riverbend Square Shopping Centre, University of Alberta, and South Park Centre. 

Aside from that, it’s also nestled along the scenic Whitemud Creek Ravine. You can visit various outdoor recreation venues, such as a network of wooded biking and walking trails, open green spaces, a ski hill, and a golf course.

Moreover, many people are drawn to this community because of the well-rated schools surrounding this neighborhood. Here are some of them:

Public Schools 

  • Westbrook School (Kindergarten-Grade 6)
  • Vernon Barford School (Grade 7 – Grade 9)
  • Harry Ainlay School (Grade 10 -Grade 12)

Catholic Schools

  • St. Boniface School (Kindergarten – Grade 6)
  • Louis St. Laurent Junior High School (Grade 7 – Grade 9)
  • Louis St. Laurent High School (Grade 10 – Grade 12)

The main difference between Aspen Gardens and other older neighborhoods is that it has a smaller population and larger-sized lots for luxury estates. 

The Aspen Gardens Community League represents the residential area. It’s run by volunteers and provides social events, sports opportunities, and various programs for the whole community. 

Throughout the years, Aspen Gardens has maintained its reputation as a semi-secluded estate community. The only downside to this is that it’s a highly sought-after residential area in the city.

This means that the area has a high occupancy rate, so it’s hard to buy a property in Aspen Gardens. The houses offered here don’t stay long on the market, so if you want to live here, it’s best to schedule a private home showing with a real estate agent as soon as you can.

2. Ambleside 


Image Source: HomeEd

Chance of Becoming a Victim of Crime 4.55%
Average Price Range for Properties$400,000 - $750,000
Annual Median Household Income$114,134
In-Labour Force84.00%

Ambleside is one of the young neighborhoods in the city, and it features paths and parks, which makes it a walkable community.

In contrast, it’s not the typical suburban area you’d expect because Ambleside is not peppered with rows and rows of family homes.

We think the major retailers in the area are a big plus for people who want to find everything they need in one place. You see, Ambleside has access to Home Depot, London Drugs, Walmart, Staples, Canadian Time, and Cabelas.

Moreover, there’s a bus service established on Route 324 by the Edmonton Transit System. This offers easy access to Century Park Station’s Light Rail Transit (LRT) mainline.

Through this, you can easily travel to downtown Edmonton as well as other parts of the city. The airport is also close to Ambleside.

Just note that commuting to the southern parts of the city can still be a bit frustrating because the bus routes in that area are still being established.

When it comes to housing, you’ll also have a variety of choices. The residential area is mostly composed of single-family homes and duplexes, but you can also spot several apartment-style condos and townhouses.

This setup is ideal for small families or those looking for a simple, well-established neighborhood.

Apart from that, the area is also lined with walkways, parks, ponds, and recreational spaces, so it’s like a city within a city!

3. Mckernan 


Image Source: McKernan Community League 

Chance of Becoming a Victim of Crime 5.26%
Average Price Range for Properties$124,900 - $1,150,000
Annual Median Household Income$75,961
In-Labour Force78.30%

The neighborhood of McKernan is named after John Mckernan. He was a prominent businessman in the City of Strathcona before. 

This area is lined with American Elms and has the majestic North Saskatchewan River as its backdrop. 

McKernan is one of the two residential areas served by the Mckernan/Belgravia LRT Station. However, we still think a car is more of a necessity in this neighborhood.

This neighborhood has three parks – McKernan Park, Gawan Park, and Charles Simmonds Park. Kids and kids at heart can enjoy and play at the spray park, mini skate park, open spaces, picnic gazebos, and playgrounds. 

Aside from that, you can also visit Pocket Park. Here you can install or donate plants in your free time.

4. Bonnie Doon 

Bonnie Doon

Image Source: Morguard 

Chance of Becoming a Victim of Crime 5.56%
Average Price Range for Properties$149,900 - $4,700,000
Annual Median Household Income$80,931
In-Labour Force76.70%

Bonnie Doon is the heart of the Franco-Albertan Community in Edmonton. It’s known for its French heritage and culture.

The community hosts the only Francophone University (French Campus) in the city, which is the Campus Saint-Jean of the University of Alberta.

Besides that, there are two schools in this neighborhood – Rutherford Elementary School and Ecolé Maurice Lavalleé. 

The neighborhood is represented by the Bonnie Doon Community League, which offers various activity times for recreational activities. Here you can access a public swimming pool, running track, and tennis courts. 

Bonnie Doon is home to one of the city’s earliest shopping malls – Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre. 

Since it’s situated along Whyte Avenue (82 Avenue), you can easily commute to famous shopping centers and nightlife destinations. 

Moreover, the area is fairly accessible by bus and car, and it’s just 15 minutes away from downtown Edmonton.

5. Westmount 


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons 

Chance of Becoming a Victim of Crime 5.88%
Average Price Range for Properties$150,000 - $830,000
Annual Median Household Income$75,893
In-Labour Force80.50%

Westmount was developed in the early 1900s as a professional neighborhood that caters to young people. 

However, the majority of the people living there now are families living in apartments and single-family homes. 

It’s a tight-knit community served by a number of preschools and schools. Here’s a short list of schools in and around the area:

  • Discovery Time Preschool (Parent-Cooperative School)
  • Westglen Elementary School (Public School)
  • Westmount Junior High School
  • West Minister Junior High School
  • Russ Shepard High School 
  • University of Alberta 

Besides that, it’s situated along 124 Street and 102 Avenue, so you can access several shopping centers as well as art, retail, and commercial districts. 

If you want to be more active, you can visit Westmount Park. Here you can enjoy three blocks of recreational space.

Moreover, you can access a fitness center, spray park, outdoor hockey rink, baseball diamonds, soccer fields, and playgrounds.

6. Ritchie 


Image Source: Carlson Construction 

Chance of Becoming a Victim of Crime 6.25%
Average Price Range for Properties$65,000 - $3,266,000
Annual Median Household Income$75,648
In-Labour Force80.20%

Ritchie is a good pick for long-time residents and young families. You see, there are plenty of housing choices in this neighborhood.

You can choose from vintage and historic homes or brand-new housing developments such as condos, duplexes, and townhomes. 

It may seem like a very small community, but there are locally owned shops sprinkled around the area. 

One of the favorite stops of locals is the Ritchie Market. It’s a central hub that offers a brewery, bakery, meat market, and other shops and products. 

Besides that, it’s a popular pick for young professionals and students because it’s accessible and near various schools and universities. 

There are three schools in Ritchie – Escuela Mill Creek School, a Spanish international academy, Ecolé Joseph-Moreau School, a French Catholic junior high school, and The Learning Store, an Edmonton public school.

7. Hazeldean


Image Source: Family Fun Edmonton

Chance of Becoming a Victim of Crime 6.67%
Average Price Range for Properties$338,900 - $869,000
Annual Median Household Income$82,620
In-Labour Force79.20%

The residential neighborhood of Hazeldean is nestled in southeast Edmonton. It overlooks the Mill Creek Ravine. 

The area is represented by the Hazeldean Community League. It’s open to all residents of the Hazeldean area, so if you want to become a member, you just have to drop by and pay the membership fee. 

It’s $10 for individuals and $20 for families. 

The neighborhood has two schools – Hazeldean Elementary School, under Edmonton Public School System, and Ecole J.H. Picard School, under Edmonton Catholic School System. 

For recreation, the neighborhood also has a playground that features a child-friendly facility and play area. Moreover, it has a mini-mall and access to pedestrian and bike trails. 

Fortunately, the area is surrounded by light industrial buildings, small businesses, and small offices. That’s why it’s not that noisy compared to larger residential areas.

8. Garneau 


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons 

Chance of Becoming a Victim of Crime 7.14%
Average Price Range for Properties$149,900 - $4,900,000
Annual Median Household Income$46,403
In-Labour Force63.80%

Garneau is one of the oldest residential areas in Edmonton. It was part of the City of Strathcona until 1912. 

Many residents say that the neighborhood is like an outdoor museum because of the vintage Canadian architecture and structure throughout Garneau. 

However, for the most part of the neighborhood, you’ll see single-family homes, row housing, and other residential developments. 

Furthermore, there are independent cafes, shops, grocery stores, banks, and pharmacies that line its main streets. 

This neighborhood overlooks the picturesque North Saskatchewan River Valley. Moreover, below Garneau’s river valley are other recreational spots, including Kinsmen Park, Kinsmen Sports Centre, and John Walter Museum. 

This place is also good for children who love to explore and play because Garneau is home to three playgrounds. One of them is specifically designed for toddlers and preschoolers. 

The typical dwellings you can find in Garneau are high-rise condominiums and low-rise apartment buildings. For this reason, many students of the University of Alberta reside here. 

Several bus routes are running in this neighborhood, and it’s close to Whyte Avenue, so it’s fairly accessible. Also, it’s best to know that cycling is the usual form of transport here because the parking fees are quite expensive.

Protected bike lanes are installed along 83 Avenue up to 96 Street in the Mill Creek neighborhood. Nonetheless, the area is pretty quiet at night due to the low volume of traffic.

9. Oliver


Image Source: CTV News Edmonton 

Chance of Becoming a Victim of Crime 7.14%
Average Price Range for Properties$60,000 - $2,240,000
Annual Median Household Income$67,704
In-Labour Force78.30%

Oliver is the most densely populated neighborhood in the city. One of the reasons for this is that it’s set right at the heart of Edmonton.

It offers walkable and accessible transit because there are major LRT stops, bus routes, and bike lanes in the area. 

Since it’s also one of the oldest residential areas, you can spot an abundant amount of classic and vintage architecture around. 

The majority of the people here live in apartments and condominiums. Oliver offers many condos, so it’s ideal for first-time home buyers and young professionals who prefer urban living. 

Alternatively, the neighborhood also boasts a massive parkland and green spaces. Plus, it offers scenic views of the river valley. 

Apart from that, you can visit many artist-run centers, commercial art galleries, as well as music and entertainment venues in this community. 

If you’re more of a night owl, you can also find bustling bars. Moreover, there are a few LGBTQIA-friendly bars in the area. 

The only issue we have with this neighborhood is that there is no adequate space for parking due to its high-density population.

10. Mill Woods

Mill Woods

Image Source: Flickr 

Chance of Becoming a Victim of Crime 7.69%
Average Price Range for Properties$68,900 - $739,000
Annual Median Household Income$48,649
In-Labour Force59.40%

Mill Woods is adjacent to three other neighborhoods, including The Meadows, Ellerslie, and Anthony Henday Drive.

It was named after Mill Creek, which is a creek that bisects the northeast portion and the formerly wooded part of the neighborhood.

What we like most about Mill Woods is its close to modern conveniences, facilities, and recreational venues. It has a major shopping mall – Mill Woods Town Centre, the Grey Nuns Community Hospital, the Edmonton Fire Service Station, and the Southeast Division of the Edmonton Police Service.

Moreover, it also has access to Mill Woods Park and Mill Woods Golf Course.

Even if it’s a small community, there are 21 public elementary schools, 11 Catholic elementary schools, 4 public junior high schools, and 3 Catholic junior high schools. 

In addition to that, there are two high schools in the neighborhood – J. Percy Page High School and Holy Trinity Catholic High School.

The community of Mill Woods celebrates Canada Day in Mill Woods Park. It features free family entertainment such as musical performances, petting zoos, fireworks displays, and other activities.

Besides that, you can also visit Mill Woods Recreation Centre, which features indoor recreational facilities and outdoor sports fields.

This neighborhood also offers locational convenience because it offers easy access to many amenities in downtown Edmonton and South Commons Shopping Centre in southeast Edmonton.

If you have a car, it will be a breeze to travel from one place to another because the area is connected by two freeways and arterial ring roads, such as Whitemud and Anthony Henday Drive.

For those who commute, it’s best to know that there are two Edmonton Transit Service bus terminals in the area – Lakewood Transit Centre and Mill Woods Transit Centre.